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We and Wikipedia

Some of our users, in 2022 and 2023 (exactly on April 8), decided to create a simple page on the famous Wikipedia.

In 2022, we had created a user from them, with the name DirectDemocracyS. They made us change our user name, and we did, it's their home, and they decide.

On April 8, 2023, we took the liberty of writing a draft page, with a short presentation (very few lines, with the basic rules), of DirectDemocracyS, to let those who visit their website know about our existence.

Their answer was: that we advertise ourselves.

Their response: “Welcome to Wikipedia. Please do not add promotional material to your articles, as you did on the DirectDemocracyS page. Wikipedia is not an advertising medium. If you want to know how you can contribute to our encyclopedia, take a look at the welcome page. Also, if you have a commercial interest in your modifications, you have some additional obligations. Thank you! Pafsanias (speech) April 8, 2023 7:16 pm (EEST).”

And they deleted, our draft page.

Our response: “Thank you, but I'm very disappointed. There is no advertising. It is a new political organization. If we take it this way, they are all advertisements, for all the other political forces on Wikipedia. The others are fine, and we are not, right? I thought that here (on Wikipedia ed ) there were no political preferences and that there was pluralism. I officially ask for more opinions, and I expect them to be published. PoliticalStrategy (debate) April 9, 2023 08:58 (EEST).”

Certain behaviors are truly incredible, and without a minimum of logic on their part.

All other political forces, large or small, of all kinds are fine. The other political forces are present with photos, logos, details, external links, and all the necessary information, and all the details.

The only political organization, which is not accepted, is DirectDemocracyS.

Let's hope they tell us soon, what their motivations are, if any exist.

Maybe it's a matter of simple dislike towards us.

We repeat, it is their home, and they decide.

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