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    Our unique styleThe "style" of our political organization is completely different from that of other political forces.

    We have often seen, in our articles, the huge differences between DirectDemocracyS, which is innovative, and alternative, and all the old politics, or whatever is out there.

    Talking about “style” may seem strange to some. How strange many of our behaviors and ways of communicating may seem. In fact, some people consider us: too presumptuous, sometimes rude, sometimes "aggressive".

    Don't be surprised by these assessments, which are dictated by various factors, including the envy of some, who wish they had thought of our great innovation. After all, some of our basic concepts are relatively simple, even if a very complicated method is needed to make them work. But also, the big mistake, which almost all those who begin to know us make, is not to have an open mind, and not to recognize the innovation, and the uniqueness, of our political organization. When they start reading our articles, they think of us, as they would think, of a traditional political force. They don't even recognize the enormous potential of our political project. They struggle to understand what they read, even if we almost always try to explain everything in the best and easy to understand way.

    Let us give you a simple example.

    We were joined by policy experts from around the world in late 2022. Seeing a preview, in the political groups, the articles that we would publish, they said to us: are you crazy? You don't talk like that. You must not post certain questions, which may cause you to lose consent, or may cause some people not to join us. And above all: you don't have to answer every question, "uncomfortable", making those who try to criticize you look bad.

    do you see it? If political experts, at an international level, raise problems, for our "style", it means that many "non-expert" people will find it very difficult to understand us.

    But no, paradoxically, we are more easily understood by those who are not experts in politics, even if by almost everyone we are considered "quite strange".

    The old politics tends to speak with great attention, possibly avoiding things that could make it lose support, therefore votes, wealth, and consequently, power.

    If we refused to answer some legitimate questions that could "put us in trouble", we would be equal to the old policy. And we are not, and will never be, not even in the slightest, similar, or comparable, to the rest of politics.

    Since 282 people have worked for over 14 years to create DirectDemocracyS, with these precise, detailed rules, these working methods, and this style, don't worry, we have all the answers, to all possible questions. We have also, all the solutions, not only to solve every possible problem, but also to prevent, all problems.

    But not only that, after June 21, 2021, our 282 members have increased, incredibly, and each new user brings with him his ideas, his projects, his proposals, and his constructive criticisms. Each person, working with us, also analyzes the various scenarios, often finding other possible problems, and the relative solutions, always to prevent, and obviously resolve, any possible unforeseen situation, working in Forecasting Groups, and other Analysis Groups and Solutions, all connected. Predicting the unexpected seems impossible, however, thanks to anyone who joins us, we manage to do it.

    This method of ours is "unnerving" for some, because we always have all the answers to every possible question. We have had some of these answers ready for many years, others for a short time, and others we find, in the very short time that passes between the moment in which we are asked a question and the time to give an answer.

    For some, it has become a sport to look for defects in our "creature". For many, it has become another sport, that of giving us advice and teaching us how to do politics, or to teach us more “productive” methods of communication and work. If we were 2 or 3 people, even experts, and we had started working together now, so many questions could actually put us in difficulty. But being so many, and working together for a long time, the only "offense" they find for us is that we are presumptuous.

    But have you read, all that we are doing? Because ours is no longer the project, based on the hard work and ideas of 282 "loser" members. We are growing, incredible, in fact, many do not believe it. Just do a test: register, and see how long it takes for your profile to be activated by our administrators. Because our system, puts everyone in line, in a well-configured order. With the exceptions of the experts, selected and invited, according to our regulation. From immediate activations, we have gone from January 2022 to a few hours, a day, a week, two weeks, and more than a month of waiting. This is due to the many people who register, in a short time, not for our slowness in promoting new administrators, to activate and verify new users, but to the real invasion, which if on the one hand gives us enormous pleasure, also puts us in a pleasant difficulty. We will solve everything soon, blocking, for a long time, all free registrations, and continuing the registration, only on the basis of invitations, according to our needs.

    Even on the previous sentence, many people accuse us of discriminating against users. We receive offensive phrases such as: you, who boast that you don't discriminate against anyone, don't allow anyone to register, how and when they want. Obviously, we are sorry if some users will have to wait their turn calmly and patiently, but we have written it several times, in dozens of articles. For DirectDemocracyS, it is essential to bring in the right people, at the right time, to have the right roles, and to welcome each user with the care and importance they deserve.

    The only discrimination here is choosing to let only good people in, and preventing bad ones from registering. But also, of course, putting the right people in the right place. In a short time, we will be able to welcome more people, and registrations will be free and fast again, as they once were.

    Let it be clear, we do not consider bad people, all users, indeed, all these requests, are for us all, the demonstration that our political organization is on the right track. Users are vital to us to make our huge mechanism work. But let's be clear and sincere: only hypocritical people can condemn us for this selective and time-limited method of registration. Those who "condemn" us, in our place, would make exactly the same choices.

    Leaving everything free, and letting anyone do what they like, accepting everyone, and immediately, and following our strict but fair rules, only in part, not respecting the agreements, would be wonderful, and very simple. And it would make us exactly like the old politics, which we rightly criticize.

    Many will try to make similar projects, partially or completely copying our innovative project. By doing it, perhaps free, without rules, or, with "flexible" rules. In addition to the complaints, for unfair competition, and for copyright infringements, the "guilty" will find themselves, an unmanageable project, not having all our rules, and all our method, but above all, not having our first fundamental users, carefully selected, and placed exactly, in the right roles, to prevent, any possible problem.

    We have published, all on the net, in a public way for many years, and registered everything, always for many years, in the name of a commercial company, of which each of our official members, up to date with the payment of the annual fee, receives a single action, non-cumulative, and non-transferable. We are a joint stock company, of which each of our members is the owner, also to defend ourselves from any attempts to steal or distort our assets.

    And guess what, in case some people copy us, who will the voters choose? The original, with a project that has rules, and a method, respected by all, that works, or they will choose the fake, which will first of all have to defend itself in court, where we will ask for incalculable moral and material damages, name of each of our members. And more than half of our users are already our members, and own, their individual, non-cumulative, and non-transferable share of our joint-stock company. We will never be listed on the stock exchange, because we are, like a cooperative.

    Some "old foxes" of the old politics will accuse us: are you crazy? Politics is a serious matter, and you don't do it with a joint stock company. And we, as always, answer: it is the only method to give our members, and our constituents, physical and intellectual ownership of all our activities. In fact, for the first time in the world, anyone who joins a political force, a website, becomes its owner. It is also the only method, to be able to claim, from those who copy us, compensation for unfair competition, and receive compensation for damages, both moral and material, as well as obviously, for violation of the Laws, on copyright, and on intellectual protection. Furthermore, with the joint stock company, and with the right of ownership, of each of our members, we will avoid internal struggles, and divisions, because for everyone, being the owner, what counts is only to make DirectDemocracyS work, in the best way. Finally, the joint-stock company gives us a "power" of greater conviction, and infinite possibilities, to be able to punish, and demand compensation, from any of our political representatives, or users, who will not respect all our rules.

    Many experts, and even our detractors, will tell us: there is no political organization, commercial company, much less a politician, which is also a joint stock company. In fact, it didn't exist before us, it does exist now. We are innovative, and alternative, and we often say it, and this characteristic of ours is also the confirmation.

    We were 5 friends who were in politics together, after a party, now we are hundreds of thousands of friends who are in politics together, soon we will be millions of friends who will be in politics together, and then later, we will be billions of friends, who will do politics together. And thanks to various financial, economic, all kinds of projects, we were 5 friends, doing business together, after a party, now we are hundreds of thousands of friends, doing business together, soon we will be millions of friends, doing business together, and then, after that, we will be billions of friends, doing business together. We do everything together, obviously, starting with politics, and then, on a voluntary basis, other activities as well, all with the same innovative and alternative rules. We are a universe of projects, all of which start from politics. Some deals have already started, others will start soon.

    Unlike the old politics, which often makes Laws for the interests of a few, we will make Laws for all, without favoring, only our business, and we challenge anyone to say, demonstrating it, with the necessary evidence, the opposite. We will prove it with facts, that we are different, and better, than all the old politics.

    Therefore, our style is truly innovative, and alternative, to traditional and old-fashioned politics, finance, and economics.

    You will have noticed that we do not give any member the possibility of having more than one individual action, therefore those few who accuse us of wanting to have political, economic and financial power will have to change their minds. By the way, we will have all the powers, of all kinds, that those who join us will want to have, together with us. All divided equally.

    And guess what, we'll do it, without touching anything, without causing any nuisance, without any confrontation, with the existing politics, finance, and economy.

    We only create innovative ways, certainly better, and fairer, completely alternative to everything that already exists. We will simply have a healthy, fair, and above all legal, competition.

    Obviously, we will annoy, they will try to slow us down and stop us by any means, but good, right, ethically impeccable ideas cannot be slowed down and stopped.

    Each person will be able to freely choose whether to join us, and make politics with us.

    Each person will be able to freely choose whether to join us, and do business with us.

    We present, as a world premiere, our activity, which not everyone knows about: DirectDemocracyS Foundation, which for the first time in the world, invests in concrete aid, research, health, education, culture, sport, and free time. To concretely improve the lives of all people in difficulty. With only one, small difference, compared to existing NGOs and foundations. Anyone who helps us financially has total control over how their money is invested and spent. Therefore, anyone can control and manage all of our activities on the basis of concrete and documented projects. Guess what, whose foundation will our foundation be, who will run it, and who will control it? Anyone who decides to make a donation, and finance it. We're really set on this rule of giving control, all control, to whoever joins us. Let's not judge what exists, such as foundations, or NGOs, some of them do an excellent job, others, on the other hand, we are not sure, that they are very honest. But it's not up to us, but to the Judiciary, to investigate, and every now and then, they do, and they discover, even things, not very legal.

    To conclude, this short article, on our right, correct, unique, innovative, alternative, and registered style, let's talk about money.

    In a couple of our articles, we have mentioned that over time, the first 5 members, and then the next 277 members, will be rewarded, and will receive, a fair reward. Our sentence, in effect, has not escaped some of our "critics". They find the phrase “they will, over time, become filthy rich” inappropriate at the very least. Some accuse us: don't be ashamed, with the current crisis, you will make the person who conceived all this become “filthy rich”. And they add: you did it only for the money, for the wealth, and for the power, you are exactly like the others. And others begin with insults and threats, which we do not publish here, they are too vulgar, even for us.

    Not only do we confirm what is written, but we add that many of our members will also become disgustingly rich, who will do their job, together with us, obtaining concrete results. So, a lot of people, our members, will become "filthy rich" over time.

    And now, we explain exactly how.

    In many of our articles, we have said that the first users to join us will have advantages and facilities, and it is obvious that whoever enters first, or among the first, will be able to make the various steps, from a type of user, to the other, in a simpler, more direct and faster way, obtaining roles of greater responsibility, being able to choose which activities to do.

    In other articles, we have explained that equality and meritocracy are put into practice here.

    And in other articles we have explained that we will reward our best users with money, goods and services, or who will obtain the best results.

    Early adopters also have the advantage that by working together for longer with us, they will have a lot of work done, to be evaluated, and judged, by our Evaluation Groups, of the Work of Our Users.

    The first 5 users, who had the idea, with the next 277 users, who were added in a short time, have been working, about a couple of hours a day, all together, for many, many years, and they work excellently, even at this moment. They have invested, a lot of time, and a lot of hard work, into creating all of our projects. Although it is not a pyramid system, DirectDemocracyS has a moral and material obligation to reward, in a concrete way, whoever had the idea, and whoever worked, and works hard, to make our whole mechanism work.

    Furthermore, the first 282 have invested much of their time and donated important sums, based on their economic possibilities, to start our business. Therefore, an acknowledgment, not requested by them, but decided by subsequent users, is mandatory. We know that many of the 282 come from lower middle classes, therefore, an important prize, in money, goods, and services, would make them suddenly become "filthy rich", compared to their previous condition.

    To make you understand better, we give you the example of our technicians and our IT specialists, who are based in Bangladesh. The minimum salary in that country is around 30 dollars a month, and some of our very good technicians get around 1,000 dollars, and the best ones, up to 4,500-5,000 dollars a month. Compared to their fellow citizens, who make minimum wages, our wonderful technicians are disgustingly rich, and we can guarantee you, that everyone deserves every single dollar.

    If among the 282, and among the subsequent members, there are people who will be hired, in their spare time, or with fixed-term and subsequently indefinite-term employment contracts, or who will receive just rewards, in money, goods, and services, starting from working conditions, minimal as in Bangladesh, or in other countries, we are sure, that compared to the starting economic conditions, they will become "filthy rich". Rest assured, that no one would have created a project, with our rules, if they had thought only of becoming rich and powerful. They did it, to change and improve the world, and we will surely succeed, all together. Rewarding them seems logical to us, and a due, normal, common sense and mutual respect action of all people, therefore perfectly in line with all our rules. We are certain that if some of them are in the medium-high income bracket, they will be able to freely decide to help other people with the money, prizes and services received.

    Social envy, or jealousy, for those who are rewarded, or for those who get rich, with merit, is not part of our style and our working method.

    Just as hypocrisy or the fact of hiding such news, which seems normal to all of us, is not part of our style. By saying things first, and clearly, explaining all the reasons, it will also prevent us from receiving criticism in the future, on things, which we have explained, and justified, in such detail.

    Every dollar that enters, or that goes out, is never the decision of a single, or even of a single group, but of dozens of groups, with hundreds, and in some cases thousands of users each, who verify, check, propose, they discuss, decide, and vote, every entry, and every exit.

    So, if by chance, you don't want to join us, because you don't want to reward merit, we'll get over it, you can always get into the old politics, where in many cases, the situation is different, and certainly, almost everywhere, it is worse than ours.

    As always, the choice is yours.

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