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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions 29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

Category: Fundamental questions 21 Jan 2023

Who finances you?

Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Official meeting 1 results

On Wednesday 09 November 2022, at 20.00 (GMT), the first international meeting of the official representatives of all the countries of the world was organized for communications, and to organize the activities at the international level, of DirectDemocracyS, and of all related projects. Each country presented a maximum of 6 representatives, one of which had to know the English language.

Agenda: official communications, responses to official communications, official proposals, responses to some official proposals, proposals from participants, selection of the most urgent proposals, 15-minute break, general discussion, various and any.

There were over 200 countries and territories, with 6 representatives, for each country, therefore almost an average of 1200 participants.

At the end of the meeting, some official positions of DirectDemocracyS and all related projects were decided on some fundamental issues.

We present some of the decisions that have been made. For all our official representatives, links with complete videos of the entire meeting are available in the various groups on our official website. We are working on the translation, in 54 languages, of the entire meeting, both with subtitles, by Friday 11 November, and with the translation by voice, ready by Thursday 17 November. We thank the translation groups, and the dubbing groups, for the good work, done in a short time.

As with all our rules, or voting, 3 votes were held, if necessary, in which the majority of those entitled to vote won, and from the 4th vote, the majority of voters was enough.

DirectDemocracyS, is against the death penalty, for any kind of crime, but for prison sentences, even very harsh ones, for those who do not respect the law. 95% voted against the death penalty, and 5% in favor, no one undecided, no one abstained.

We have decided to maintain the current type of users, based on hierarchies, on a merit-based basis, which starts from: simple visitors, guests, registered users, verified users, official members (in compliance with the annual fee, always valid 1 year from the date of payment), official representatives, administrators, super administrators. In favor 98%, against 1%, undecided 0.9%, abstained 0.1%. In this regard, we remind you that some users had proposed very complicated rules and types of users, which were all rejected. However, we have decided, in case of need, to add other types of users to the existing types.

We have decided to keep the maximum age of the candidates for the selection of our users, to a maximum of 60 years, not to be completed, before the selection of the candidates. But to give selection groups the possibility of welcoming people over 60 years of age (without age limit), only if proposed, by the geographical and numerical groups to which they belong, with a majority vote, of those entitled (and as always by a majority of voters, from the 4th vote), and only if after this vote, the representatives of the special groups, will allow access to the selections, of these deserving people, with work done on the website, for the political organization, considered of fundamental importance, and with a respectful behavior of all our rules. 72% in favor, 12% against, 5% undecided, 1% abstentions. We have decided to create a regulation, to allow the right exceptions (provided for by our regulation), for those over 60 years old, but who demonstrate, working on our website, that they deserve to participate, in the selection of our candidates, of the our online primary elections.

For the management of all our activities, and therefore of our political organization, and of all our groups, at all levels, you must be 18 years old, and the maximum age has no limit, as required by our rules. 89% in favor, 10% against, 0.7% undecided, 0.3% abstentions.

We have decided to allow, to cast their vote, (and not participation, as candidates, which remains at 18), in the online primaries, for all our groups, even to young people aged 16, with the authorization of parents. 92% in favor, 6% against, 1% undecided, 1% abstentions.

We have decided to make equal, for each of our territorial organizations, in addition to all our ideals, values, and principles, also all our rules, and the first parts of all our Statutes. We entrust territorial organizations with the ability to customize the last part of our Statutes, to make it compliant with the laws of each country, state, or geographical area. 91% in favor, 2% against, 6% undecided, 1% abstentions.

We have decided to eliminate the word political party to define ourselves, remaining only the name of political organization, at every level, with the exception of countries, or states, in which it is mandatory to call oneself a political party, in order to participate in real elections. 97% in favor, none against, 3% undecided, no abstentions.

We have decided to reduce, and make more rare, our information, and our updates, on social networks, and on other websites. It is necessary, in order to work and make our website perfect, to anticipate, if possible, the phase of making our political project known to all the population of the earth, while remaining possible, to start in different areas , at different times, based on the decisions we will make in the future, in the working groups. 95% in favor, 4% against, 1% undecided.

All other news, detailed, only and exclusively, on our website, in the groups of official representatives, in the various geographical and numerical groups.

DirectDemocracyS, together with all our users, will respect the decisions, of our official representatives, creating detailed rules, through the management groups, of our official regulation.

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