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    I think with my headOur strict rules, our unique style, our immense innovation, and our winning mentality are often misunderstood.

    Although we have been clear from the beginning about what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we are doing it, many people, even many of those, who have joined us, find it very difficult to know and understand , all that we explain.

    We have already explained, several times, why we are so detailed, and we owe you one more explanation. Often we are forced to give you a few details, so as not to have to write articles that are really too long. In addition to a good bookmark, to read the longer ones, you need a lot of patience, an open mind, and a lot of good will, to know and understand many fundamental aspects of our innovative political project. Very often, we invite you to read, even many times, all of our articles, knowing that understanding our enormous potential is not simple, or even immediate, to understand.

    You only see, the tip of the iceberg, why hundreds of working groups, made up of hundreds, or often thousands of people, for almost a year, have been carrying out what 5 people at the beginning, and 282 people, for over 15 years, they created, with a lot of work, immense. And every person who joins us, or who will, in the future, will make their own contribution, with their own ideas, and with their own projects, to achieve everything together.

    For some months, we have even created a working group, made up of almost 200 people, to summarize, the various concepts, and select, the definitive things to publish, which actively collaborates, with the analysis group, of the work of the groups ( present since the beginning of our activities), currently made up of thousands of people. 2 groups, and thousands of members, just to analyze, and summarize, the work, of hundreds of working groups, all made up of hundreds, and often thousands of people.

    At first glance, anyone who analyzes our website may believe that we are very detailed, but basically our concepts are presented in a synthetic way, as if to hide something. We do not hide absolutely anything, but we guarantee each of our users the possibility of working anonymously, respecting all the privacy settings chosen by anyone who joins us.

    We have already talked about the various theories, even strange about us, that are circulating, to which our group of analyzes of falsehoods will promptly respond. Don't be surprised, for the existence of such a group, we have one, also to respond, to conspiracy theories, because we know, what awaits us. They will invent strange theories. We will always try to respond promptly, with facts, and with the truth, to the falsehoods that they will say about us. Preventing, and responding to, any attempt to discredit us is the job of our prediction-and-response groups. You will have understood, in a few sentences, how we work, and how we like to anticipate and solve all possible sabotage activities.

    To those who accuse us, that we are constantly concerned about safety, and to prevent all possible sabotage, we simply say, that it is normal, having foreseen everything. It is certainly not victimhood, but realism.

    We often like to say that we are practically perfect, because we have a working group, to look for any defects, and other groups to correct them, but also other working groups, to maintain our values, ideals, and principles. And even groups, to connect and inform the various groups. In a nutshell, we have created a mechanism that works, thanks to the huge number of people who, in working groups, make us unassailable. This method is the only one that can make such a large project fit together and work perfectly. Each person, and each group, is doing exactly and only their job. They are free and independent, but they make up one huge mechanism. Obviously, there are users, who participate in multiple groups, we initially recommend a maximum of 3 groups, to then increase, or reduce, their contribution, and the numbers of work groups, based on free time, and to your own will.

    These other phrases are to demonstrate what each of us knows, that is , that we are all free, and that the obligations are very few, and bearable. One of our obligations is to promise to do only the work that can be done, and to do it in the best possible way, respecting all our rules, with the aim of being useful to our projects, and to the entire population.

    Making you understand, our mechanism, is essential, not so much to justify our every behavior, but to introduce the theme of this article. The mentality.

    One of the most recurring phrases on social networks, on websites, and even among people who chat on the street is: trust me, I think with my head! Anyone who says this sentence is a liar. Anyone who believes it is delusional. While anyone who has, at least 2 functioning neurons, to hear it, can only laugh.

    I think with my head, it's the most beautiful, comical, false, and surreal, joke, and affirmation, in the history of man.

    All the inhabitants of the earth are influenced, in each of their decisions, by external factors, and by internal factors. Recent studies, confirmed by our experts, tell us, demonstrating it clearly, that less than 2% of what we decide comes from our reasoning. We could make a book of hundreds of pages of examples that confirm our statement. Just think of all the philosophical and psychological aspects that determine one's character and way of thinking, all influenced by various factors, often one a consequence of another, also based on random decisions. Open-minded insiders will understand what we are talking about in a "shameful" (as short and superficial) summary of fundamental concepts.

    Simply put, everything we do, everything we say, is dictated by the various situations we find ourselves in. If something goes well for us, we make choices and affirmations of a certain type, if instead something goes wrong, in an understandable way, we try to find the culprits, which are usually not ourselves.

    So let's blame politics, forgetting that politics is the exact mirror of society and of the voters who vote. And those, who do not express themselves, abstain, because they do not identify themselves, in any political force, and in any political representative, are twice losers, the first, because they leave to others the right to decide for their own place, the second, because they don't know how to choose, the "lesser evil".

    We also like to blame those who are rich and famous, almost with a morbid hope that things will go wrong for them, and they will lose both fame and wealth, which they have, and we don't have. We do it, with social hatred, spewing on social networks, our frustrations, our insults, our threats. Sometimes with tragic outcomes, or with convictions, by justice.

    We like to blame the political, financial and economic system, which despite having many faults, survives only thanks to each of us, individually and in groups, divided and often divisive. So we organize ourselves, all together, in projects on social networks, destined to fail, to fight and defeat the old system in a head-on collision, lost from the start. We, at DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, are truly brilliant, because we knew we could not change and improve the political, financial, and economic system by being part of it, or by colliding directly with it. They have centuries, often millennia of history, in which they have made themselves unbeatable. Our winning idea is to create everything, from the ground up, to then offer everyone credible, just, real, and ethically correct alternatives to what exists. In this way, each person will choose the best of the various possibilities.

    And we couldn't do it, with their own rules, with their means, and with their style. We had to innovate, and recreate everything. And we have done it well, and we will continue to do so.

    Above all, we had to have our mentality, new, just, based on logic, common sense, truth, and for the first time in the world, allowing each person to be able to decide and count for something in politics , finance, and in the economy. Being masters, and decisive, in all our choices, is a prerogative of anyone who joins us.

    Finally, we like to conveniently blame all of the world's ills on the majority of the population, whom we deem stupid, ignorant, misinformed, and guilty, of all the ills of the earth, including, our own personal failures. Our representatives, on social networks, to those who insult someone, with phrases such as: you are a sheep, follow the herd, or, let yourself be manipulated, they brainwash you, ask: but where do you get information, what do you know all the truths? Do you know what they answer? Nothing, because they know that they, too, are exactly manipulated, and undergo the same brainwashing, as the people just accused. All of us, we inform ourselves only, where they tell us, all the things we like to hear, only in places, which confirm, our frustrations, but also in places where, conspiracies, and theories, without real basis, confirm the our crazy theories. As one of our creators says: we drink only in the sources from which our ignorance and our possibility of verbal revenge flow.

    There are political forces that survive, only thanks to these psychological factors, and that gather consensus, and votes, only thanks to this serious pathology, the idea of having understood everything, of knowing everything, and of having all the information right, compared to the falsehoods, and the lies that follow, the less informed. But whoever considers, other uninformed people, ask themselves, where do the certainties of the things they know come from?

    Information, the press and modern communication do not help us, being often biased and rooting for one or another political force, and rarely for the truth. However, I contribute to the worldwide brainwashing of having so many people divided, and never a unitary project.

    Many political forces exploit the media and controlled information to carry out a real brainwashing, making fragile minds, especially those in difficulty, believe that they are offering them the "absolute truth", throwing wood on the fire , of one's hatred, for others, especially against, the luckier ones.

    We, will never exploit, credulity, ignorance, fragility, and stupidity, popular. We will never use these tricks to gain consensus. We will not tell lies, making promises or gifts to get votes. But we have already talked about these aspects, political style, and various ethical aspects, and will talk about them in the future, in detail, because it is important to understand, how we behave, that we are innovative, compared to the old politics, which almost always manipulates, deceives, betrays, lies, and does not respect the "agreements" with its constituents.

    Since we have search engines, we think we have all the truths, because we just need to do a little research, and we find a lot of information, which confirms, all those we select, our mental discomfort, and feeds our hatred. We have said it several times, on the net you can find everything, from the truth, to lies, passing through half-truths, and half-lies. Usually the results that satisfy us are only those that confirm what we think, and we tend to consider all the lies we read to be absolute truth. With so much information, we no longer know how to distinguish the true from the false, and with the hate they teach us, we no longer even know how to distinguish good from evil, what is right from what is wrong.

    All this essential speech, to make everyone understand, that in the world, no one thinks, with their own head, but that each of us chooses which truth is closest to our own way of being, and of thinking. Ascertained, that we all think, with the mind of others, and that we are all manipulated, and influenced, in our every decision, we must choose, with great attention, by whom we prefer, to be manipulated.

    You must note that we do not tell you: choose us, because we will not manipulate you, and we will make you think, finally with your own heads. It would be false, and to lie to one's potential voters, one's potential members, would be shameful for us, and it would rightly make us compare ourselves to the old, bankruptcy policy.

    For DirectDemocracyS, and for all related projects, there is only one truth, there must be no lies, and falsehoods.

    Even if involuntarily, by reading our articles and respecting our rules, you will all be manipulated and influenced by our method and our innovations.

    But there are 2 types of manipulations, those with the sole purpose of determining your choices, thus a voluntary manipulation, and our unintentional manipulation. The first, therefore theirs, the old one, is aimed at offering the political, financial, and economic forces, power, wealth, and control. The second, ours, innovation, the new one, was born, and will live forever, to give all people, united, in diversity, power, wealth, and control.

    You will have noticed, the huge difference, and the ultimate purpose, between what is now, and what will soon be, with us.

    You can choose to have a mentality, completely wrong, determined to make others rich and feel good, the usual ones, who have controlled you, and control you now. Or, you can choose the new, innovative, alternative path, in which every choice, every control, every decision, and therefore every wealth, and all the power, belongs to you.

    We conclude this article with an anecdote.

    A few days ago, we were joined by a university professor, from a famous and important university, who has written many books, an expert, on a world level of politics, whom we officially invited to join us. We invited him, offering him many advantages, and facilitations, on a meritocratic basis, with our methodology, to have the best join us, above all, in the early stages, to always be better. As soon as he joined some of our political working groups, in addition to complimenting us on the excellent organization, and showering us with compliments, he also saw some of our future texts, articles, current events, but also instructions and information, over U.S.

    After having read, analyzed and studied them, he asked us: will they be published in the future?

    One of our collaborators replied: soon, they will be published.

    And he replied: it is a very serious mistake, the articles all contain true statements, but if we make them public, they will make us lose a lot of consensus, we must be very careful, to attract as many people as possible. Hiding certain information can make us win the various elections sooner and more easily.

    Here, dear friends, is the proof that we are innovative and have our own original mentality.

    We answer them publicly.

    Dear professor, we will win the elections, all over the world, with enormous percentages, only and exclusively, because we are not interested in losing consensus, in order to publish the truth. By maintaining this conduct, telling the truth, even unpleasant, all people will be able to trust us, and the trust, of their constituents, who are almost all of us, our official members, therefore all are part of our immense family , will allow us, to always be credible, appreciated, and voted for, on an ongoing basis.

    If a university professor, an expert in politics, with a glorious past, while reading all our information, has not understood our mentality, and has not been able to fully understand our methodology, it means that we are truly original and innovative . Therefore, we shouldn't be surprised if less experienced people will struggle enormously to understand our immense potential. You ask yourself: does this mean that we are destined not to be understood? Are we doomed to defeat? Our answer, based on precise calculations, is that by dint of reading our articles, sooner or later everyone will understand us, and that we are doomed to win, but that victory will never be easy, and it will take a long time, and hard work, by everyone.

    So, in summary, you, who have read this whole article, have you already understood and decided who you want to be manipulated by? Do you want to be protagonist, owner, and master, with us, or do you want to be powerless, succubus, and servant, with the old politics? Perhaps, thanks to these explanations, even the least optimistic of us have understood that thanks to our work, all united, there is not even a tiny possibility of failing.

    We advise you to read the article, which will explain how we influence people's way of thinking, with what methods, and above all with what purposes. Because you can bet, no one thinks with their own head, but just choose the best head, from which to be positively influenced, and everything will be fine.

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