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    Published: 14 January 2022

    DirectDemocracyS International Political Organization.


    The human being is a strange animal. Because if in nature, all animals seek only 4 important things in life, to have water, to have to eat, to remain in full health, to reproduce, the human being has the fifth, and most dangerous, greed. We are never satisfied with what we have, because we think we have to take what our neighbor also has. Instead of working, to create more wealth, and to share it with those who have less, to make everyone feel good, it is easier to use violence, and try to take what is owned by others. From the beginning of mankind, the powerful, through those who govern, always done, making the weaker, less important ones do the riskiest work. Violence is done through war, fought by soldiers, and always with the loss of innocent civilians. Children, the elderly, women, often used as human shields, hoping to be able to stop the enemy with their bare hands. To make wars, however, greed is not enough, they had to invent themselves, a reason to be able to do them forever. So they came up with something, to always have a reason to continue, to make innocent people sacrifice. Religions. Before anyone who reads this message of ours, stop, and stop reading, because wounded in the pride of believing that his religion is peace, love and brotherhood, we tell you that, almost all religions have parts in which we speak of peace, love and brotherhood, but if you read the sacred texts carefully, you will find parts that are not very clear, questions without answers, and in some cases sentences or paragraphs with atrocities and revenge, which have nothing to do with living civilly. If I say: God exists. No man of science can, and never will, demonstrate clearly, and without a shadow of a doubt, that God does not exist. Like any religion, it cannot demonstrate, with clarity and firm evidence, the actual existence of God, or other otherworldly beings, who created the universe. We do not tell you what to believe, or what not to believe, but with the belief, in something higher, for which it is worth living, or dying, or killing to force everyone to believe, in what others believe, they are screwing you. , or rather they have been screwing us, for millennia. And we continue to wage wars of religion, thinking we are right, to subdue those who do not think like us. Instead we do it for the greed of others. Who are these strong powers, who use religion, to get us killed among ourselves? Some call them "strong powers", we call them heartless people. But we at DirectDemocracyS, and all the subscribers on, truly hope that one God, or more Gods, exist, and that for eternity they will suffer, and repent, for all the evil they have done. How do they put into practice, all this damn program, these characters without a soul? Through characters, nominated by them, financed and corrupted, to tell us, together with religions, a lot of lies. Who are the characters who can lie, steal, and then in their free time make laws, for the interests of a few? You understood this very well. The politicians, of whom everyone, including us. they speak badly, but they are the best subjects to keep going: bad (for us), and good (for them), the existence of the human being on earth. At this point, those who have had the patience to read this long, but perhaps interesting, and certainly true and undeniable premise, will ask themselves: how can we solve all this forever? Simple, through our innovative solutions, which are very detailed, but above all effective, and lasting.

    The creation of the international political movement DirectDemocracyS (direct democracy).

    There are few political movements and parties present in several countries, if we exclude communism and fascism, which were 2 dictatorships, and a few others, present in one or two countries, only we will be present in all countries of the world. We are working, with many difficulties, to create an online space, which can accommodate all people, from all countries of the world. It is very nice, safe, and with all the potential, to carry out all the activities and to become our and your big home. It's called is free, and above all independent. Why not use other platforms, which already exist? Many ask us, the answer is simple: we are and will be forever, independent from the big giants of the web, that if they exist, and are "tolerated" it is because, in one way or another, they are subject to certain powers strong. And also because a Social Network will never let you do something so innovative.

    Political premise.

    Ancient Greece had direct democracy in some cities, in which in addition to the normal elections (of political representatives), the citizens decided, in a binding way, on all the main political decisions and laws. They voted by inserting a small pebble into an urn. And then they counted, and the majority won. The minority complied. Many people have asked us: why has direct democracy not reached our days? Because of the corruption and greed of some politicians, who gave birth to representative democracy. Which was, in those days, easier to manage, they voted, and the one elected did what he wanted in the name of the one who had elected him. All right, but once elected, who's interested in a politician? In 99.99% of cases it is only in its own interests, and those who "finance" it or even "corrupt" it better. So simple people, weak, but who keep the world economy on their feet, work and submit to those who hold the destinies of the world in their hands.

    Our solutions.

    Returning to direct democracy can be done on the internet, and the new urn, in which all the people of the world will decide on the future of the world, without having to submit, to those who have reduced our planet in these conditions, is already ready, active and functional. Just go to, already thousands of people from all countries of the world are signing up, to change and improve the lives of all good people. Because here people are divided only into 2 categories: good or bad. The good ones can enter (through many filters, in a somewhat complicated way), but the good ones with us all enter (however please be patient). Once all the good people have signed up, we will create an international political party, in which we will all unite, and then work together to create the various national political parties, with regional and local phases as well. All with our main ideal: mutual respect for all the people of the world, and also our regulations. Because it takes clear rules, shared, and respected by all. For this reason we are organizing a security system, not only IT, but above all for the management of our activities, in order not to risk anarchy, or to keep under control any people who may infiltrate to try to destroy us. In the web portal that we have created for now in 32 languages ​​(but with the collaboration of all our users we will translate them into all the languages ​​of the world), there are already our contacts, for anyone who has questions, even if, we cannot answer all in a short time, therefore, before asking us other questions, read all our regulations, and our articles, which explain what we want to do. We are forced to make an appeal, to everyone, do not ask us unnecessary questions (because you will not receive any answer), only if, after reading absolutely everything, you still have doubts, use the contact forms on our web portal. From 14 May 2021, only on receive our information, none of our users are not authorized to give information in other places. We do not do it out of malice, but because our founders, and our collaborators, have been receiving pressure for some months, and often more or less direct threats, which obviously do not scare us, because we are already spread all over the world, so we do not they will never stop. We are not a violent political movement, so you must not be in a hurry to improve the world, we must do it together, using peaceful but very concrete means.

    There are countries where power is held by people or parties that use dictatorial means, we ask you not to organize civil war actions, which can create risks for the population, but also for the military. You will see that all united, we will be able to change things, but it will take some time. We also want to reassure rich and well-off people, or other giants of the economy, and of the web, we do not intend to favor actions that can make those who already have it lose wealth. But we want to increase, from this moment, the wealth of those who do not have it, or do not have enough, and perhaps in the future to increase that of the many rich people who have achieved their economic results, in an honest, clean way. for the environment, and without the exploitation of less wealthy people.

    The time has finally come, to go back to giving the word to good people, who will have to make politicians do exactly what the political role requires. In fact, whoever is elected in our political movement must be an honest person, incorruptible, but with superior skills and knowledge of various subjects. We do not want candidates who do not have the humility, in addition to the obligation, to always ask their constituents what the best decision is, for the good of all. We will never see politicians who promise without keeping. Because before running for election, they decide the program online with their voters. And during their work, they will always ask for the opinion, binding, of those who elected them. Join us now and share. Thank you.



    DirectDemocracyS, is an international political movement, and a political party, with local, regional, national, and international activities.
    Our policy.
    All DirectDemocracyS projects, and all our activities, have values, and ideals, which are detailed in our articles, and in our official regulations.
    Before registering, and creating your personal profile, on, read carefully, our official regulation, our regulation and privacy settings, the details can be found in the main menu.
    We have respected, we respect, and will always respect, all the rights of all people, individual and collective freedom, the right to private property, democracy.
    We promote policies, for peace, for the mutual respect of all people, for the respect of the planet we live in, for ecological culture, for the fight against climate change, for the protection of animals, for the protection of forests and plants, for collaboration between all countries of the world, for the fight against corruption, for the fight against mafias, in general the fight against organized crime, fight against arms trafficking, fight against drug trafficking, for the help of people in difficulty. We promote meritocracy, scientific research, policies for helping people in difficulty, for the sick, for the elderly, but also to help young people build a peaceful and happy future.
    Those who do not fully share our policies, in addition to our values, and our regulations, avoid registering on our web portal, creating a personal profile.
    We have respected, we respect, and will always respect, all the laws and rules of the various countries.
    Those who join us, registering, and creating a personal profile on, according to our regulations, will carry out all activities related to our policy, and to all DirectDemocracyS projects, online, only on our official web portal, which is It will not discuss, promote, disclose, or denigrate, all of our projects, without the authorization of our administrators.
    By joining our big family, you agree to live in our big house, which is and will forever be
    We always insist, on confidentiality, and on the single "home", because our projects are vast, varied, very complicated, and detailed, and are more easily managed, by all our registered users, on a single web portal, albeit divided as needed.
    The qualities for carrying out political activity, both as registered users and political candidates, for online elections (before), and real elections (once officially candidates, by our administrators, after online voting), are many, and all essential, for correct functioning, and to obtain the best results.
    First, the mutual respect of all people.
    In 1976 the columnist Robert Borden wrote, “If voting could change anything it would be made illegal!”
    Voting is a power that we believe we have, but we think, that it is just an illusion.
    In the election campaign, but often much earlier, all political parties, and all party representatives, compete for consensus, and therefore for our vote.
    Everyone makes statements, promises, plans, meets people, is always available, and tries to get noticed as much as possible.
    So far everything normal, each of us votes, for what he believes is the best, with the best program, and with the best chance of realizing what he promised.
    Once the vote is obtained, almost all politicians carry out their mandate, no longer responding to who voted for them.
    They often do other things, and not what they promised, disappointing the expectations of their constituents.
    At that moment, with the current political rules, the voter has no chance to keep the politician's promises, and he has no chance to positively influence the various political parties.
    This happened until the year 2021, when a new political force, a new party, a new way of doing politics was officially born and slowly grows.
    It is called DirectDemocracyS, and it is managed and works only on the web portal independent from traditional media, with rules, values, and programs, very ambitious, but also very interesting.
    Direct democracy, perhaps one of the first democratic political forms, already existed in ancient Greece.
    In those days, all citizens voted for every important decision, placing a small pebble inside an urn, based on the decision that was best for themselves, and for the community in general.
    The politicians of the time had an obligation to put into practice when decided by the people.
    If they didn't, they were exchanged for others.
    Obviously they did not last long, because such a free and direct policy did not allow corruption, because they were always controlled, did not allow decisions for the good of the people.
    So what to do to stop this, and go back to the old and current ways?
    A few wars were enough, and the corruption of multi-politicians, and direct democracy is definitively dead.
    In some countries, even today, many pretend to be a direct democracy, often giving false illusions, to those who are part of these movements, of being truly free, and of being able to express themselves, often with online voting.
    So many of you will be wondering, and what is special about you?
    We have a special regulation, which provides that all our voters, regularly registered as users, on our web portal can always be protagonists.
    Our registered users can always decide, on every law, on every single decision taken by politicians.
    So you say, what are politicians for?
    The answer is simple, politicians are those candidates and voted online, candidates voted, and elected, in elections of various types (local, regional, state, international), who put into practice all the decisions made by their supporters.
    So the politicians in our "party" perform a service, and obviously they have to do it, with the obligation to always ask their voters for an opinion that is binding for them.
    DirectDemocracyS was born with the aim of making its values, its rules, available to people.
    We are not sure that all parties, all politicians, always think, and always act, for the good of the people who voted for them.
    We hope so, but we don't see much evidence of it.
    We are convinced that once they have obtained power, once elected, they often think about their own interests, or the interests of their party.
    We do something else, compared to the others, we will never be fooled again, because if we have elected you we have the right and the duty to let you manage power, for our good, and not for your interest.
    Continue, in the coming days, with updates and contributions from our other registered users.
    Join us, and share our projects with as many people as possible, by word of mouth, make known to all your relatives, friends, and contacts. Thank you.
    Registered DirectDemocracyS users, will change the world, improving the life of all the people on our planet.
    Many people will ask, how can this be done.
    In one way, through mutual respect, of all the people of the world.
    DirectDemocracyS, will become the project of all good people in the world, where only people who respect, and share, all our values ​​and our official regulations can become registered users.
    DirectDemocracyS is, and will forever be, a project reserved for intelligent, tolerant, well-educated people (but it is, and will be open, also people who want to learn), with love for their neighbor, in their hearts. We cannot allow people whose hearts are hardened by hatred to be part of any of our projects, any of our activities.
    Our concrete projects are varied.
    Chapter 1. Peace.
    For many, peace is an abstract concept, a good thing to obtain, but difficult to obtain, and above all to maintain.
    There is only one way to obtain definitive and above all eternal peace.
    Collaborate all together, forcing those who govern us, to respect our decisions regarding peace.
    DirectDemocracyS, in all its projects, but above all in its international projects, divides for the first time in the world, people into 5 teams (groups), drawn completely by lot.
    It seems like a meaningless division. But if in local or national groups it is easy to manage, in international groups, in the same team, which always has a number (from 1 to 5), people from different countries, who in the various projects, will have to work, collaborate, and in some cases playing, together, to be the winners of the various challenges (in a fair way, without malice). In the same international group (1 to 5), people of different color, different ethnicity, different culture, different religion, different politics, different sex, different sexuality, different wealth, different way of thinking can enter together, but they will be united by the supreme ideal, to work together to improve the lives of all people. And to make the world a better place, peace must be put in second place, after mutual respect, of all people.
    DirectDemocracyS will start and develop international political activities on the same day as the registration of personal profiles on the portal. From 1 June 2021, there is day 0. From that moment, no country in the world will ever have territorial claims on other countries. From the moment in which day 0 begins, which is symbolic, and which we suggest begins immediately, and not only from 1 June 2021, they must end forever: all wars, all terrorist attacks, all provocations, all internal struggles, and external. From that moment, but also immediately, through DirectDemocracyS News (which is the project concerning information), assisted by DirectDemocracyS Security (which is the general security project), all international and local wars and tensions will be monitored. , and those responsible will be identified, entering the list of bad people. These people, if by June 1, 2021, concretely demonstrate that they want to remedy their mistakes, they will be able to join DirectDemocracyS.
    Peace does not mean that one renounces the defense of one's own countries, and implicitly of one's own citizens. So no one will ever force a country to give up on being able to protect its borders.
    DirectDemocracyS, will ensure that no country in the world can ever attack another country, that no ethnicity can ever attack another, that no religion can ever attack another.
    All wars (often masked by religious, ethnic, cultural reasons) begin for one reason only, economic interest.
    For a lasting peace, the standard of life of all the people of the world must be improved.
    Chapter 2. Improving people's standard of living.
    The good standard of living of people is obtained above all, with the fight against hunger in the world, with the fight for free and sufficient water for all, through the improvement of health through scientific research, the availability of medicines, and treatments , through ecological policies that protect the planet.
    With world peace, in addition to saving lives and suffering, there is also economic saving. The money saved must be fully invested to improve people's standard of living. Not only through important aid to tackle the (very important) food crises, but also by creating conditions for sustainable development in each country.
    Chapter 3. Dignity of people.
    DirectDemocracyS, put the mutual respect of all people first, which is also achieved, with the improvement of dignity, through freedom.
    Chapter 4. Fundamental issues.
    Our candidates.
    Only our registered users, can be elected online, and candidates, in real elections. To choose the best representatives, of the 5 groups, DirectDemocracyS, on will organize the nominations. Each user who wants to apply must receive the authorization, after detailed searches, by the Security group, of our web portal The group checks all our candidates, based on the elections in which it intends to participate.
    Research group on
    DirectDemocracyS, on, use the Research group, which is itself divided into various groups based on various topics. They are composed only of specialists, experts, of the various subjects. In case of need, but also to carry out various researches, the specialists of the various groups, through the Communications group, or directly, offer advice, help, and support, to all the activities of DirectDemocracyS, and
    They help in drafting the program. The expert opinion of the Research groups are the official line of DirectDemocracyS, and, on a given topic.
    Individual and collective freedom is infinite, yet it ends, where the freedom of another individual, or collectivity, begins.
    Laws must be made in the sole interest of all people.
    Loyalty to your constituents.
    On every voter has the right, and the duty, to help their candidate. He must do it both before (with suggestions and proposals), and after having been a candidate, and possibly voted.
    Majority, or opposition.
    In the event that the voters will give us an absolute majority, which allows, according to the rules of the various countries, to have the responsibility of government, we will do it with great joy, putting in place the best representatives, who can put into practice , our programs.
    Relations with other political forces.
    DirectDemocracyS, base relationships with other political forces on mutual respect, for the good of all people.
    Coalitions and collaborations.
    DirectDemocracyS, will not can collaborate, with political forces.
    Shared programs.
    In every shared program, all our proposals must be present, and the proposals of the other political forces will be evaluated with great attention.
    No program will be signed, which is against our regulations, our ideals, and our values.
    Adversaries, not enemies.
    Seeing political opponents, such as people, movements, and political parties, to be respected. DirectDemocracyS, on, and on all public or private media, will never offend, for any reason, any political opponent, any movement, or any party. Obviously, one can criticize the choices, and the different ideas, after understanding them. Never and for no reason, there will be no personal attacks on our opponents, only their actions, their ideas, and their statements will be analyzed, debated, and together, we will find a way to debate, with serious arguments,
    Govern at all costs.
    DirectDemocracyS, are not interested in governing at all costs, if people do not give us an absolute majority, we will hardly enter into coalition with other parties, or political movements, for the simple reason, that we do not want to create situations in which other forces , they may blackmail us, or not allow us to carry out, and keep all of our promises.
    Electoral promises.
    Electoral promises, for many parties, are the means to obtain the vote, hence the trust, on the part of the voters. DirectDemocracyS, and DirectDemocracyS, promises on the basis of a serious, detailed, feasible, and decided program together with its constituents, on the portal.
    Declare and maintain.
    DirectDemocracyS if you say something, you have to be sure you can keep what you say.
    Never blame those who preceded us.
    Support our representatives.
    Chapter 5. Our promises.
    DirectDemocracyS, and all of our registered users, and all of our candidates, and political representatives, are committed to abiding by our regulations, our values, and our promises.
    We will always put the mutual respect of all people first.
    Respect for those who vote for us.
    We will do everything possible, with all our strength, to improve the lives of all people.

    Guaranteeing visible improvements, to all those who commit themselves to a common front, for the good of the community.

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