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Payment services

The paid services serve to guarantee the autonomy and financial independence of DirectDemocracyS.

Voluntary donations, from all our supporters, allow us to improve all our activities.

The paid services allow us, to offer many facilities, and to carry out all the necessary activities.

The first paid services are dedicated to all our visitors.

Your personalized email address. You pay 12 euros for a year, for a space of 500 MB, renewable after one year. For larger spaces, please contact the Email Creation Team.

Membership and instructions DirectDemocracyS, to immediately get the personalized e-mail address.

Visit the link:

fill out the request form to become an official member, with all the requested data, using a valid, personal email address to which you have access and, after making the payment, you will receive all the details, pay the 12 Euros, specifying in the Rectangle Comment (before you pay):

The personalized e-mail address: name of your choice (without spaces, possibly lowercase letters, and according to the cases numbers). All our personalized email addresses will have the ending: chosen name You can decide to enter the ISO code of your country, of 2 or 3 initial letters, followed by a random code, or by your nickname, provided that the chosen name is not that of another user, or of an external person, other than who requires the name. Names that can deceive, or create confusion, or favor scams are prohibited, such as: administrator, security, representative, and other names reserved for those who have all the rights.

You will receive all the information, by e-mail (to your old e-mail address), with the personalized e-mail address created for you, and a password, which we advise you to change after the first access.

Do you think it's complicated? No, it's very simple and fast.

Limitations. The use of the personalized email address, to send SPAM mail, or unsolicited emails, or for illegal activities, is strictly prohibited. DirectDemocracyS has the right to temporarily block, or permanently cancel, any email address that does not comply with all of our rules, and that is not used with logic, common sense, and mutual respect by all people. There are no refunds, and the person who has not used the personalized email address, in the right way, will never again be able to request other email addresses ending in, or connected to us, or to our projects, of any guy.

Creating your own personal profile. You pay 12 euros, only once.

Our Personal Profile Creation Group, after payment, based on the requests of our future users, create a personal profile. The user just has to download the Activation Form, and send a .zip or .rar file, containing the form with the real data, filled in, and a photograph, which portrays the user's face, next to his document personal, and if personal data is written on several pages, several photos will be taken. The documents can be inserted in the archive, and reduced, even several times, of the type .zip or .rar, or other archives.

The new personal profile will be created based on the name, username, and email address, chosen and communicated by each applicant. The password will be temporary, and we advise each user to change it after the first access. We always advise everyone to activate 2-factor authentication to have a safe and secure personal profile.

Even 2 possibilities, in one.

Personalized email, and creation of a personal profile. You pay 12 euros for the personalized email address (renewable after one year at the price of 12 euros), and 12 euros for the creation of a personal profile, you only pay once.

Service Register and activate me. Fill in all the required fields and, in the comments box, specify: the username (without spaces, possibly lower case, and numbers as appropriate) that will precede, in the personalized email address, and immediately after, the chosen username, for your personal profile (they can also be identical).

You will receive a username, based on the one chosen, and a temporary password, both for the personalized e-mail address and in the latter e-mail address, there will be a message from us, with the temporary access data (to make the first access enter the username NOT THE E-MAIL ADDRESS and the temporary password). We recommend that you change both automatic passwords to protect the personal passwords of your choice.

The main paid service is reserved for all our verified registered users, and consists in becoming an official member of our political organization. They pay 12 euros per year, from the moment of the official appointment. If, for a variable period of time, you work with us in a mutually beneficial way, you have an impeccable behavior, you respect all our rules, and all our instructions, the Verified User Evaluation Group can offer some registered users verified, carefully selected, to become an official member.

Guarantee, by registration.

In certain cases, or in certain periods, guarantees are required from new users. The guarantee provides for a voluntary donation of 12 euros, and with the transition code, and the payment date, allows those who register to create their own personal profile, and receive activation more quickly, compared to the method traditional.

After a year, or even earlier, from the moment of activation of the new personal profile, if the user wishes, he can use the donation and the guarantee to purchase the right to become an official member. In this case you will not have to pay the annual fee.

After a year, or even earlier, from the moment of activation of the new personal profile, if the user wishes, he can use the donation and the guarantee to purchase a personalized email address. In this case you will not have to pay the annual fee.

After at least one year, if you wish, you can pay the annual fee for another user, be it a family member, a friend, or a random user in financial difficulty.

After at least one year, you can request the return of the amount paid, except for the return fee (bank charges and other expenses). You will receive at least 80% of the guarantee amount back.

The guarantee, over time, and from 20 June 2023, will become mandatory, for each new personal profile created, for security reasons, and to prevent any attempt, to control DirectDemocracyS, and the choices of our groups, through the registration, of many users simultaneously.

If a user does not comply with all our rules, all our methodology, all our instructions, and if he does not behave flawlessly, he loses the right to recover the guarantee.

If a user does not participate in our activities, working with us, in the times, and in the ways specified, he loses the right to recover the guarantee.

If a user is blocked, the guarantee is extended for the entire period in which he was blocked.

If a user is expelled, and the profile is deleted, he loses any right to receive the guarantee back.

These paid services will be integrated, by other useful services, to make, and keep forever, our and your political organization, clean, safe, reliable, just, free, and independent.

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