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    Rules for verifying our registered users

    Published: 12 April 2022

    Rules for verifying our registered users .

    Before deciding whether to register, you must carefully read, even several times, all our information, in the main menu items: information, regulations, and news.

    Those who want to join us must be sure that they are compatible with our projects, with our methods, with our rules, with our values, and with our ideals.

    All the links for information are present on our official website, in the main menu: conveniently accessible, even directly from our welcome website.

    After making sure they are suitable for our projects, each user must register and create a personal profile at this link: following all the detailed instructions in this article: which contains all necessary information.

    After registering and creating your personal profile, on our welcome website, and after the activation of your personal profile, by one of our administrators, within the first 14 days of accommodation, each registered user must become a user. registered verified.

    Whoever does not become a verified registered user, within 14 days of activation by our administrator, will have the profile blocked, and after a last warning, will become persona non grata.

    We are not obliged to communicate to our users the need to become a verified registered user, the user must lose a few minutes, to carry out the few, but necessary formalities, to be in good standing.

    You can't protest, saying you didn't know, because it would just be a waste of time.

    Reasons for identity verification.

    The first reason is because we need to be sure of both the identity and the real age of each of our registered users.

    The second reason is to keep our websites, and all our projects, safe, clean and with people who respect all our rules, our values and our ideals. By being sure of the identity of each user, we will be able to declare a person who does not behave well, persona non grata.

    The third reason is that a verified registered user will be able to vote, and be voted on, on our political website, by participating in the selection of candidates (according to our rules), and if deemed worthy, honest and competent, he will be able to participate, as a candidate in our online elections. Subsequently, in case of victory, or placement in the first places, according to the rules of each election, he can be a candidate, and voted, even in the royal elections, becoming a political representative.

    The fourth reason is that each verified registered user will be able to receive various missions, to be carried out as our official representative. So, you can help us, to manage, and to control, all our activities, both free of charge, on a voluntary basis, in free time, and by receiving cash prizes, goods and services, working with us part-time, but also, with the time, with full-time employment contract. Knowing the real identity makes every appointment easier on our part. In fact, further identity checks are no longer necessary, but only periodic checks, carried out from time to time. To become our official representative, appointed directly or through a competition, he simply has to fill in a request, and participate in the selections.

    The fifth reason is that you can join our groups of specialists, to give the best advice and suggestions, to the various geographical or numerical groups, but also by carrying out a collaborative and control work.

    The sixth reason is that you can propose many activities and projects, of all kinds, to be carried out together, obtaining prizes and percentages based on the work done. Each verified registered user will also be able to verify the various activities in which he participates, helping us in the control, which is fundamental for the success of our common projects.

    The seventh and final reason is that it will be possible to make an active and decisive contribution to making the world change and improve, having every power to control all our activities, in groups, or individually, according to the rules of each. activities, in any project related to DirectDemocracyS, such as information, multimedia, radio, TV, banking system, commercial company, sports, and many other activities.

    Each of our verified registered users, who respects all our rules, values and ideals, represents not only himself, but all of us, in all his activities. It has the power of official representation, which must be carried out in an honest and competent way.

    The verified registered user will have access to the official website of all our activities, in the Community area, where all our main activities take place. You will see areas of our websites, which are not visible to our visitors, our guests, our simple users (who will see the public parts and the Community area of the welcome website).

    Why is the oath taken?

    In order to be serious, reliable people, one must swear to always respect all our rules, our values, and our ideals, which are all common sense. We must be able to trust you, and you must be able to trust us. Trust, and mutual respect, are essential to make our project work, and all our activities, and websites, which once you are a verified registered user, will automatically become yours too.

    Anyone who joined us before you, and anyone who joins after you, will have to follow these rules, be verified, and swear. World politics has promised too many times and too often has not kept its promises. All of us, together, swear, and we will have a moral and legal obligation to keep what we swear to do. It must end forever, politics that says one thing, and does another.

    How much does it cost? What obligations do I have?

    Everything has been, is now, and will forever be, absolutely free. The only obligation is to participate in the voting, in the geographical and numerical groups in which one is inserted. This "obligation" can only be done after having been well informed on the various topics, and on the various topics of the vote itself, in a few minutes a day, 15-20 minutes a day are not many, in the hours you prefer, maybe the evening, or when you are free. You can also do 3 or 4 entries and exits on the website during the day, depending on how you prefer. The important thing is to participate in the votes, in order to decide together about our future, and to assign tasks that our politicians will have to carry out. Although we advise everyone to propose topics and discussions, participate in debates, and meetings, both online and real, to find the best solutions together. We also advise you to propose both individual and collective activities, theories, and projects. But we repeat, the only obligation is to participate in the voting, to help us always choose the best political representatives, obviously it is mandatory even after the elections, to make our political representatives do the interests of the whole population, forcing them to do what they want. it is decided all together, in the geographical groups. Because our politicians have done, do, and always will do what their constituents decide. So even after the elections, your presence is essential.

    Anyone can vote, can self-run, and be voted, absolutely free. Obviously, if you decide to participate in some economic activities, which involve investments, we will work together, and each person will be able to decide, in perfect autonomy, which economic activities to join, and how. Then you set the fixed fee which can vary from one investment to another. But you can join in addition, in a different way. You can join by investing some time, with your own physical work, or with intellectual work. In that case, you may be paid for the work done, or you may have some reward, in cash, goods or services. No one will ever be forced to pay or invest time, money, goods or services. And the investments will all be made on a voluntary basis, with minimal amounts, by several people, controlled by everyone to avoid any scam, or any economic loss.

    Why is 15-20 minuts presence per day on the website important?

    Because the world is bad, also and above all because people are not interested in politics. It's easier and more comfortable to sit at home in an armchair and complain that everything is wrong. Blaming our current political representatives is an outlet, which temporarily gives us relief. But by complaining, things do not change, and they do not improve, only by putting in a little commitment, and a little work together, we can have the best politicians, who will always make the best choices, based on everyone's interests. But to have the best political representatives, it is essential to also have the best voters. Because our winning idea is to have fully informed, competent, independent, and honest voters in order to make politicians make the best choices. Those who join us, and do nothing for themselves and for others, may avoid joining us.

    Is it possible to vote for the political party without being registered on the website?

    Of course, in the royal elections, everyone is free to vote for our candidates, even if they don't join us. Even if we are happy to have consensus, as already said several times, we prefer to have everyone's opinion. For that it is necessary to register, create a personal profile, verify identity, and all work together to change and improve the world. To be decisive, and above all efficient, you need to have: more brains that think, more eyes that see, more ears that hear, and more hands to work. To always choose well, it is necessary to have a fundamental richness, which is the diversity of opinions, and the ideas of everyone.

    How does this happen?

    The whole verification mechanism lasts a few minutes, you only waste a little time to fill in the various forms. But if you are of age, they are filled in once, and are valid forever, or until something changes (such as residence or other). Minors under the age of 18, upon reaching the age of majority, will have to take a new form, and a new oath as an adult. In order to be in order, for the following years, the various changes must also be communicated. You can easily make changes, such as change of residence, citizenship, or other information, without having to do everything again, if it has been verified, just fill in one form. Just fill in and submit a new verification form, without having to redo video calls, and oaths.

    Also on our welcome website, in the menu item "utilities", "modules", you must download and fill in the "verification request form", which also contains the oath.

    The formula of the oath is necessary, to be able to join us, and it is simple and complete: "I swear to respect forever, all the rules, values, and ideals of DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects".

    The form can be filled in, and converted into a .pdf file, and signed, if you have an electronic signature.

    If you do not have an electronic signature, print 2 copies. One is filled in, hand signed, photographed, and attached, together with a photo of one's identity document. The second copy will be filled in, but not signed, because you will have to sign it live, in front of our administrator, during the video call.

    The form, signed with an electronic signature, converted into a .pdf file, or the photo of the signed document, must be uploaded, together with the photo, of a valid identity document, in the "verification" menu item only at this link : visible only to our registered users activated, after they have logged in, on our welcome website. We repeat, you must log in, in order to upload the 2 files which are: the form for the verification request completed and signed (electronically .pdf file or photo if you do not have an electronic signature), and the photo of the document d 'identity.

    Periodically check, in the following days, by clicking on the menu item "verify", that the writing has changed from a red background with the words "the status of your profile is not verified", to a green background, with the words "the status of your profile is verified ".

    Subsequently, you must download and carefully fill in the "video call request" form, which you can find in the "utilities" menu item, "modules", and attach only through the "chat with us on WhatsApp" application, present on our site official web at the bottom left, and only through your personal phone number, in this way we will also verify your phone number.

    You will receive on your telephone number, on WhatsApp, our official answer, with the programming of the video verification call, based on the dates and times (attention always clearly specify the time zone in the form), specified by you in the form “Video call request”.

    The video call for identity verification is very simple and fast, and takes place directly on our welcome website, through our video chat (which is the official chat of our welcome website), you have to follow the simple instructions from our administrator, in all languages of the world. Obviously, in the “video call request” form, you will clearly specify your preferred language.

    Steps of the identity verification video call.

    Initial greetings. Notice from us that the video call is recorded. Request to bring your ID to the camera, it must be exactly what you uploaded earlier on our welcome website. Request to recite the oath "I swear to respect forever, all the rules, values, and ideals of DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects" and to sign live the "verification request form", then approaching it, just requested by our administrator to the camera.

    After the final greetings, you must send the "verification request form" signed live, only through the "chat with us on WhatsApp" application on our official website and only via your personal phone number.

    You will receive an official confirmation from us, which will inform you that you are our registered verified user. From that moment on, you will be able to access our official website, with the same username and password used to access our welcome website.

    All our verification activities are essential to keep our project clean, functional, and above all safe for everyone.

    Warning: users who have not turned 18 years of age, are asked to follow the rules for the verification of our registered users under 18, available at this link: rules for the verification of our registered users’ minors. ***

    Registering and creating a personal profile on our welcome website will allow you to access all our linked websites and participate in all our projects, obviously according to the preferences of each one.

    Again, a long article, to explain in detail, each activity to be carried out, and each motivation.

    We repeat, you need to be able to work in safety, and with the certainty that there is trust, and mutual respect, to obtain the best results.

    And together, all of us, united and determined, we cannot fail.

    Thank you all for your attention, and as always, share, and make known to as many people as possible, our and your project.

    Best regards, with enormous esteem and infinite respect.

    DirectDemocracyS, your projects, in every sense!

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