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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


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Power and then

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Work for others

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Carefully chosen ideologies

Many political experts consider our idea of uniting, all the positive sides, of ideologies, political and electoral programs, of all political forces, of all countries, of all historical periods to be wrong and difficult to realize., eliminating all the negative parts. And they do not hesitate to criticize us harshly, and even in a biased way, for our choice, which is considered innovative, but strange.

To achieve a politically perfect project, one had to act in this way.

Perhaps too many of those "brilliant minds", who know how to criticize us, simply regret not having thought of them, and before. If indeed, something has never been done, it doesn't have to be wrong, or utopian.

How many times, in your messages and comments, do you tell us: you are a beautiful utopia, which will never be concretized, and realized, due to wickedness, selfishness, greed, cunning, and the thirst for power, for all women and men, who will join us. Utopias are such if they have no rules and a perfect mechanism to function. Furthermore, the character defects of man, listed above, are such, only if used in a negative way. A bit like gunpowder, which when used, with great care and intelligence, to dig tunnels, is good and useful, if used, to create pain for people, to create bombs, is wrong and antisocial. By offering everyone, in our immense universe of projects, not just political ones, infinite possibilities of creation, and concrete realization, of personal and collective projects, of all kinds, to obtain exceptional results all together, we will be able to vent, and transform in useful activities, even people's faults. Moreover, having foreseen everything, in so many years of study, no problem can slow us down, stop us, and no person will have the possibility of creating chaos, pain, and disasters. Often, we realize, that we could write whole books, but only by trying how the work is done, in our community, a person understands our mechanism, our method, and our rules.

The many experts tell us that uniting the various positive parts of the old politics, uniting in our ideology, only the best parts are impossible, and only creates disorder of ideas. To these "experts", but also to simple curious citizens, we reply that if you use intelligence, and you have real experts, who abandoning all the old failed ideologies, and using an innovative mentality, want to create only one, which is perfect, the thing is not only feasible, but the final result is wonderful.

When we mercilessly describe the tragic activities of politics, finance, and economics, old and traditional, many say we exaggerate, that we are catastrophists, pessimists. To these people, we tell them to go out, and take a tour of the world, and see how badly there is, how much pain these choices have created. And don't tell us: it's okay, but there are also positive parts, there are the poor, but there are also the rich. In fact, some people of the upper middle class accuse us of always wanting to help and create decent living conditions, and always better, for everyone but always starting with those in difficulty, that is wrong. That we are communists, because we want to help the working classes, that we are too good, and that the weak should not be helped, because they cannot give us funds for the various electoral campaigns. To these we reply, that we prefer to remain poor, but to help those in difficulty. And we do not say it as a slogan, or to seek consensus, but because it is right, and normal, that this is the case. In our official regulation, we wrote like this: we must all work always, to do the good of the whole community, help everyone, people and companies, always starting with those in difficulty. Because we are convinced that a person, or a company, must help them exactly when they need it. But not only that, we want to make sure that no one is ever in trouble, but to understand how, you will have to read our activities and our programs: social, economic, financial, and on our new currency.

The main errors of the old policy are many. And all highlighted by their political representatives.

Starting with the theft of democracy, and of the greatest deception in human history, representative democracy, which takes power from the hands and brains of the people, to give it to political parties and their representatives. We have written a lot on this topic; we recommend that you read the various articles.

Then, the struggles for power, both of the various parties, and within them, and from us, thanks to very restrictive but fair rules, and a perfect mechanism, which works like a Swiss watch, do not exist, and will never exist. But also on this subject, we have written a lot.

The struggle for electoral consensus, at all costs, which the old politics always puts into practice, often becomes a boomerang. In fact, in order to win the elections, they lie, cheat, bribe (with bonuses and gifts) and above all they promise many things, which then usually do not materialize. We will talk in a dedicated article about this aspect, our style, our way of communicating, and our realism, which will never translate into many votes, because it serves to make people understand the enormous differences between us and the old politics.

The choices, and the real selections, based on their own interests, that the various political forces make between social classes, the Communists initially turned to the workers, easily manipulated, because they lack culture. No worker had ever read a book, almost all of them had not even read the preface of a real freeman, and the great majority of them could not even read. Then, they began to read, choosing to read only what suited them, and that they liked to read, especially books, about how the rich are bad, and the poor are good and exploited. But for lack of education, they could not even understand almost anything of what they read. The ideologues of communism have created the greatest "brainwashing", for electoral purposes, in the history of humanity. Then, to try to understand, those who read, and to try, some of them, to broaden their cultural horizons, they began to study, always at the university and with professors, of their liking, who shouted, and instigated revolution, and to anger, to social conflicts. More manipulation, and instigation to "social justice", with violence and force. These failed activities could only please the "strong powers", who passed from right to wrong, and could easily manipulate, and often corrupt these "fake intellectuals". We know very well, that with these undeniable realities, we have lost, and will always lose, a large part of the pseudo-intellectuals of the left, but it is history, which we limit ourselves to telling, and commenting, in a somewhat generalized but undeniable way. Let me be clear, let's not blame anyone, if the workers, in those days, were less educated, and then they were manipulated, and still are. Furthermore, we do not believe that a person's intelligence is always linked to the level of education, there can be many exceptions, which confirm the rule.

Lies, therefore lying for one's own interests, manipulating people, changing reality, promising a lot and keeping almost nothing, stealing money for years, and then giving back a small part, in the form of bonuses, or "election tips". before the elections. The old politics, almost all play with the population, like the cat with the mouse. And the population continues to trust political parties, continues to believe unreliable political figures.

And we could go on writing for hours, all real things, that we see, or have seen, but that we can guarantee you, that you will never see from us.

We have decided never to abuse popular credulity, and excuse the term, of your generalized ignorance, and consequent ability to be manipulated.

As we say, politics is the exact mirror of the voters who go to vote, so the fault, up to now, lies with all of us. Obviously, we don't justify those who don't vote, but in a way, we understand them.

Seeing all these things, we said to ourselves: let's change, and let's improve the world, and we've added a few more sentences. For example: with our innovation, we, we will never be able to do worse than traditional politics. And then we continued to give ourselves rules, to see possible "cracks" in our work, and problems that could occur, finding all the solutions, to prevent, and to solve any unexpected.

So, we decided to carefully choose the very few positive, and shareable parts of the old politics, and join them together, throwing the negative things into oblivion. But we will talk about all this, and much more, in other articles.

Basing everything on logic, common sense, and respect for the entire population.

Respect, which we all demonstrate with deeds, and not just with words. And do not be angry, if you believed in the old policy cheating, we did it, but unlike you, and those who join us, we will never let ourselves be cheated and manipulated again.

Always put into practice what we ask of those who read our information: open your mind, to our innovation, and join us, leaving behind the negative parts of your ideology, or political sympathy, bringing with you, in our community all those positive parts, which if combined and put into practice, can really change, and improve the world.

Thank you.

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