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    America to Americans

    America to the AmericansMany people ask us when we will make public, and make known to the whole world, our political organization, which is innovative and alternative to all the rest of politics.

    Our answer, for everyone, is: at the right time.

    Before continuing, an unusual announcement, never published in our public articles. It's a job offer.

    We are looking for a person who has been a US citizen since birth, is at least 35 years of age, and has resided on US soil for at least 14 years.

    The only quality he must have: be a political representative, candidate, approved by our geographic, territorial groups, of the United States, chosen from among all our official members, who have decided, to carry out representative political activities.

    All our official members can find the complete regulations in the groups reserved for citizens of the United States of America.

    Our motto: America, to the Americans.

    Each of our candidates must choose, together with our voters, among all our official members, the people to be included in the highest offices in the country, to be nominated in case of victory. Firstly, the candidate, with the role of vice president.

    These choices are fundamental to putting the rules that follow into practice.

    In addition to being at least our official member, respecting all our rules, all our instructions, and all our mechanisms, and having impeccable behavior, each candidate, before participating in the candidate selections, in our online, closed primary elections, must sign, an official document, legalized by our notaries, in which he resigns from his position, which he will eventually receive. For safety's sake, all candidates for the highest positions in the country will give the same resignation, in order, for each candidate. In practice, each of our political representatives, before being able to be our candidate, in our closed online primary elections, must resign from the office, possibly acquired, through the real elections.

    Explanation needed.

    As you all know, one of our political innovations provides for complete control of our voters over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world even after the elections.

    In DirectDemocracyS, decisions are shared, and voters make them, and political representatives put them into practice.

    To prevent any misbehavior, we oblige each of our candidates, for any role, to write and sign, in an official and legalized way, a letter of resignation, and in the event that our political representatives do not immediately comply with any request of their constituents, in real time, the letter of resignation is made official.

    Does it seem strange to you, making people resign before receiving the job?

    For us, it is logical, absolutely normal, and mandatory for every candidate.

    The motivations.

    We have already said it several times: democracy means power to the people. The power to decide is the fundamental power of democracy. Choosing the best thing to do, for the good of all, not by letting a political representative or a political force decide, but directly by one's own voters, is authentic and real democracy. We leave to all the other political forces, the oligarchic party system, which has always governed the world, their unjust, unsuccessful and illegal methods, we do not prefer to finally put our direct democracy into practice.

    Anyone who finds our method strange or unfair cannot declare themselves in favor of democracy.

    But is it a safe method, even for the Presidency of the United States of America?

    Our rules, our instructions, our methodology, and all our activities are legal, in every country in the world, they are safe, studied for years, to be politically perfect, and infallible. They are respected by each of our users / voters.

    Could early resignation be a danger to freedom?

    Early resignation is not a danger, but is a guarantee that each of our future candidates will be a simple political representative of the people who, through their vote, entrust him with the task of representing them in the institutions. Representative does not mean replacing the sovereign people in the decisions to be made, which in our authentic democracy are available to our voters. We are not only authentic democracy, but we are also the only democracy, the direct one. For us, our political representatives are servants of the State, and the State is the citizens, and the voters, who in a democracy are sovereign, as they hold all power.

    But is DirectDemocracyS democratic, or republican, liberal, or progressive?

    DirectDemocracyS is itself, therefore it has nothing in common with other political forces, we always repeat it, we are innovative, and alternative, to all the other old traditional political forces. We are independent, and free. We have within us people from every political force, with every type of ideal, who however have decided to choose to do the right thing.

    Is DirectDemocracyS legal?

    DirectDemocracyS is legal all over the world, because it is a free, independent community of people, united in an organized way, to put into practice rules, methodologies, and shared programs. We decide ourselves, on every aspect of our community, with one immense leader, who is each of our users / voters. With a single immense owner, who is each of our official members. We decide, and we all work together, in a coordinated way, based on individual wishes.

    Other details.

    This is not a provocation; we intend to found our own political party in the United States of America and collect all the necessary signatures as soon as possible.

    We will not accept, for any reason, to run for primary elections in existing parties, but we will found our own political party, called DirectDemocracyS USA

    We welcome people from all political parties into our political organization if they renounce their previous roles and ideologies to start working directly with us.

    We do not accept, as our candidates, and to carry out political representation activities, people who are already candidates, such as President, Vice President, Secretary of State, former Secretaries, candidates for Congress (House of Representatives, or United States Senate), Governors, and with public offices, in political or judicial management, at a national level, and in the various States, or people who have already carried out the respective roles.

    We want to renew politics around the world, with new people, including the politics of the United States of America. If we presented the same people, we would not be coherent, with our innovations, which are completely alternatives, to all other political forces.

    We have already received some offers of collaboration or financing, we are not interested in collaborating with other political forces, nor in receiving money, goods or services from rich and powerful people, commercial companies and various bodies.

    Economically, we will have to work, only thanks to our annual fees, our users, and various limited donations. Self-financing is fundamental for us, to remain free, honest, sincere, clean, independent, and without any debt, to anyone.

    At this point, those who are superficial, or who don't know us, might get scared.

    What if the new President, political representative, of DirectDemocracyS United States of America, falls under the control of foreign powers?

    Thanks to our working methods, the President will only receive orders from his constituents, from our groups dedicated to, and reserved for, voting citizens of the United States of America. We have no leaders, but we are all one, immense leader, but only American citizens, with verified identities, will tell the President what to do, and how to do it. It is more likely that the other candidates are controlled by, or have business and interests, directly or indirectly, outside the United States. Therefore, it is more likely that the others are controlled, or are blackmailable, by foreign countries. In DirectDemocracyS, each country, and each population, controls its own political representatives, and not those of other countries, and populations. We have rigorous controls and security measures based on modern technologies, in addition, of course, to the direct, physical and concrete control of all our users / voters.

    What if hackers took control of the DirectDemocracyS website and US-only groups to take control of our President?

    In addition to the best, innovative technologies and the best security systems in the world, which we have been working on for many years, with the best experts in new technologies, we have taken all the necessary precautions. We have foreseen everything, furthermore hackers are people with a brain, and intelligence that is certainly above average, and they know how to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, between lies and the truth. Almost everyone will compete to defend us, and to help us, and the few "bad guys" will realize that they are wrong, in trying to stop justice, honesty, competence, meritocracy, equality, and our authentic democracy. It is more likely that the other candidates are controlled by finance, the economy, or by rich, powerful and unscrupulous people.

    What if the new President, political representative, of DirectDemocracyS United States of America, decided to carry out actions against the interests of the United States of America, or worse, the entire world?

    We answer you with a question. Have all the Presidents done an excellent job, respecting all their promises, and always putting into practice all the electoral programs for which they received the votes?

    If you are a liar, you will answer yes. If you love the truth, you will start a very long list of very serious errors, often crimes, unclear issues, and broken promises.

    Will the new President, political representative, of DirectDemocracyS United States of America, put into practice all the international political programs of DirectDemocracyS?

    Absolutely yes. But it will also put into practice the specificities, requests and issues decided by our voters, who as such also vote for us, for our politically perfect ideology.

    Unlike the candidates of other political forces, our promises and our programs are entirely decided by our voters, with real, authentic, direct democracy.

    And what if the voters, once they had gained control, decided to carry out violent actions, or wars, limitations of freedoms, or they changed the laws, and the Constitution, with the related amendments, negatively?

    Our voters will always be informed, honestly, completely, independently, by the best groups of specialists, experts in every topic. These groups will present, not only to the President, but also to our voters, the various possibilities of choice, with predictions of the respective consequences of each possible choice. In this way, we will only make the best choices, respecting values, ideals and principles, and basing all our choices on logic, common sense and mutual respect for all people. We could never do worse than our predecessors, indeed, we are certain that the whole world, and not just the United States of America, will have enormous advantages, thanks to our victory.

    Are we so arrogant, and sure of winning?

    If American voters will be able to choose, among other traditional political forces, with their traditional candidates, their bad choices, and their "bad habits", and our direct, authentic democracy, with the best choices for the good of everyone, and our beneficial innovations, we know very well who they will choose. If we win, our voters win, therefore all the citizens of the United States of America, and of the entire world. If the others win, the oligarchic party system wins, and the theft of power, by traditional political forces, from their voters.

    And how would the markets react to the victory of DirectDemocracyS?

    The markets, after a period of enormous swings and probable losses, will soon recover confidence. The immediate impact of our certain victory would be negative, in its initial phase, for the financial markets. Our advice: don't panic, and don't sell, as soon as things get bad. Our idea of always helping people, families and businesses in difficulty first will initially scare the markets and investors. We also expect, and have foreseen countermeasures, an immense financial boycott by many rich and powerful people, businesses, banks and investment companies. Over time, everything will calm down, and growth, thanks to our financial programs and our economic choices, will be guaranteed for everyone. We are not the Robin Hoods of politics, finance and economics. We do not steal from the rich, to give to the poor, but we will ensure that the poor become richer, and having greater purchasing power, the rich, over time, will also become even richer. We need justice and redistribution of wealth, without taking anything away from those who have enriched themselves in an honest way, without polluting our planet, without exploiting workers and the poorest countries. Those who are honest, have had and have winning ideas, and deserve wealth, will have even more. Whoever is not honest, however, will have to become the most honest, immediately, certainly before our victory.

    The conclusions.

    As difficult as it may seem, we will all work together to realize this innovation of ours, an alternative to all other political forces. As we said, we are for authentic democracy, and the freedom of every person, and of every group of people, which although infinite, ends exactly where the freedom of every other person, and every other group of people, begins.

    So, we understand, how will we make DirectDemocracyS known to every citizen on earth?

    Because exactly the same rules, which we apply, in this specific case, to the United States of America, we apply in every country, and every geographical and territorial area of the world.

    What if we lose?

    We will continue to work, as we always have, and as we will always do. With serenity and determination, because we are sure that we are on the right side, and that we are only spreading the truth.

    Because all of us really want to change, and improve the world, and all together we will make it.

    What if we fail to find the right people, or the necessary funds, if we fail to collect the necessary signatures, or, if we are not voted by American citizens?

    The right people can be found, we will not lack funds through self-financing, we will have signatures and votes from the majority of intelligent Americans, because we are the only political force in the world in which the voters are the owners, with the ability to propose, discuss, and vote for every decision to be made at any level.

    If we are not able to be ready, in an optimal manner, we will organize ourselves to participate next time, but in no case, and for any reason, will we not do things in a hasty and superficial manner.

    If we do not participate directly in the elections, which candidate does DirectDemocracyS support?

    In all elections, all over the world, in which we are not present, with our candidates, we give all our users the possibility to decide, independently and individually, which candidate or political party to vote for. Instead, we prohibit any of our members from organizing internally or participating externally in discussions and debates to choose who to support. Besides being in bad taste, it is profoundly wrong to create small groups in a divisive way that support other candidates and other political forces.

    Our advice, as always, is this: inform yourself, with various reliable sources, and choose intelligently.

    Whoever votes for us, wins together with us, and governs, and legislates, together with us, everywhere.

    We are aware of the enormous difficulties, and of those who will try in vain to stop us, or at least slow us down. We have become accustomed to these incorrect methods, and we are not afraid of anything, on the contrary, we will respond intelligently, but equally harshly, to every provocation, or to every action against us.

    We will talk about it again, about this political force of ours, which is the only just, honest one, and which does not make fun of its voters, on the contrary, it makes them masters, all together, of their own destiny, giving them back, on the very day of the proclamation of the winner, all the power, which by voting for other political forces, they have never had, continuously over time.

    We will soon give you other details, and parts of our political program, which we will all implement together, and in the best possible way, together with all Americans, for their good, and of the entire world.

    We will never tire of saying it: democracy means power to the people, and only DirectDemocracyS is authentic democracy.

    Our election slogan is: America, to the Americans.

    PS We remind you that our rules, our methodology, our instructions, values, ideals, principles, and our mechanism, of the international and continental phases, are also valid at national, state, district, and local levels.

    The times to obtain the opportunity to apply are quite long, so those who are interested should join us by registering and creating a personal profile as soon as possible.

    We remind you that it is not enough to just join us, register and create a personal profile. To participate in the elections, as our candidate, you must have the type of user "official member", up to date with the payment of the annual fee (approximately 12 US dollars per year + taxes), and you must have a personal profile, to political representative, who is created, upon request, by our political representative profile creation group.

    For information on our types of users:

    We advise everyone to read all our information and instructions before joining us.

    For instructions on how to register and create a personal profile, read all the information in the various articles by clicking on the title that interests you in this link:

    To contact us, carefully follow the instructions in this article:

    To contact us, carefully choose the contact form, based on your needs, among all the categories, and sub-categories, at this link:

    To find out how to correctly fill out one of our contact forms, carefully read the instructions in this article:

    To find out how our political activities are carried out, how to run for office, and how our primary, online, closed elections and related electoral campaigns are carried out, read this article carefully:

    To contact DirectDemocracyS USA, only in English, only for national information, and not for other questions, but only on matters concerning our organization, in the United States of America, the contact form, unique for all States, is:

    We repeat, we do not respond, from our national contacts, to problems concerning the registration of new users, the activation of new users, the verification of identities, general questions, and international, continental information. There are specific contacts, based on all needs, through which each person will receive the appropriate answers. Please only use the appropriate contact forms for your specific questions by searching for them on our website.

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