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    A candidate for President of the United States copies us

    Who copies us

    A political organization like ours, which wants the good of all people, and not just those who have joined us, must offer useful advice to anyone who visits our website.

    In this article, in addition to our advice, you will know that important leaders and other political forces also try to copy us, and copying the ideas of others means being incorrect, and those who copy demonstrate that they do not have their own.

    Before starting, let's briefly see what the worst defects of us human beings are.

    Selfishness, greed, avarice, self-centeredness, lack of empathy, lack of respect, lack of civic education, and lack of trustworthiness.

    From the first images in caves, which were drawn by the first men, one of the worst characteristics of the human character emerged. Lie.

    If our ancestors lied to survive, with the evolution of the species, the methodologies for telling lies have also evolved.

    We have gone from a few books, written and transcribed by hand, bound in leather, in which brainwashing was often done, to ignorant people, making them believe they were educated, we have arrived at billions of potential "liars" on social networks, which spread their every thought, their every supposition, passing it off as true and real. The sad thing is that even those who tell lies find many followers.

    If once, to confirm the truth and authenticity of a statement, it was said: I read this truth in a book, and then it was said about the author, who was a person, recognized worldwide, in a short time, with the invention of the press, "potential lies" and manipulations multiplied. With the first newspapers and the first means of communication, "unlimited powers" were given to journalists, editorial heads and publishers, but also to the first telegraph operators first, and then to the telephone operators (switchboard operators).

    With radio first, and television shortly after, it was no longer said, I read that... But it was said, I heard a certain fact on the radio, or, even worse, I saw incredible news on television.

    So, you didn't read, but you listened, and then you saw everything, believing it to be true. The illusion, that being said, or shown, made news real, true, guaranteed, and authentic.

    With the Internet, every person, even the stupidest, potentially has an immense stage, fortunately reduced by certain algorithms, in which to lie.

    Know, dear friends, that there have always been many people willing to take advantage of the new means of communication, for personal interests, or for a few people, to obtain advantages, power and wealth, to the detriment of people who considered themselves "cultured and informed", for simply repeating statements made by others.

    Nowadays, with the evolution of the means of communication, anyone who wants to divide people into small groups, to get a few minutes of fame, can do so freely, even lying, just to continue to have some fans who follow them.

    For a few likes, and for a few shares, they write to you, tell you, and show you exactly what you want. They convince you in every way, saying that they make you think with your head, while in reality, you are thinking with their heads, which are almost always empty. They manipulate you, with the illusion of freedom of thought, and make you consider people who don't think like you, or like them, inferior, or "sheep". Furthermore, they divide in order to dominate, and many are happy to let themselves be dominated, just to see their often-senseless theories confirmed by someone.

    Human beings are almost always interested in having power and wealth, without any pity and without any respect for others. Let's be clear, we always respect everyone, and those who behave in the wrong way often do so, because almost everyone does so. With generalization, one is always wrong, and the examples of how harmful the wrong mentality can be been visible to all.

    Lying to gain consensus, which then brings power, which then brings wealth, and money. Politics, in general, could not fail to take advantage of the new means of communication, to continue to serve the interests of people, and groups of people, of finance, and of the economy, which have always controlled almost all the forces of traditional politics.

    Normal people believe they live in total freedom, and in authentic democracies, even if they observe that something is wrong, and that there are many injustices in the world.

    The so-called "new political groups", born on social networks, made up of a few people, who due to their envy and hatred for traditional political forces, promise anything, just to have a few moments of fame. In general, there are many groups, made up of a few people, who cannot unite, due to constant envy and the inevitable struggles for power.

    At this point, many of those reading will say: but you too at DirectDemocracyS are the same as the new political groups. You, too, are envious and hate the old political forces.

    Anyone who joins us knows exactly what our characteristics are. We don't hate anyone, because hatred is wrong, and wastes precious time.

    Furthermore, those who know us well know that we are not envious, we are simply innovative and alternative to all other political forces. How could we be envious of those who behave in the wrong way? We are not envious of those who immediately after the elections take all the power, which in a democracy should belong to the people, to give it to the political parties and their political representatives.

    We don't hate them for that, but we consider them all complicit in this theft of power, and this continuous lie, which makes you believe that it is democracy, but which has a very clear name, it is called oligarchic party politics.

    They lie to you, even when they offer you some referendum, on issues, often of little importance, making you believe you can decide directly. They lie to you, and manipulate, with the help of information, almost all of which is submissive and willing to do anything in order to help, their political forces of reference, which in turn are managed by economic and financial forces that they control, almost all traditional politics.

    The "revolutionary groups", almost all of them, copy, always with terrible results, our politically perfect project. They talk badly about us, sometimes they ignore us, but then they copy us. Not being able to do it 100%, not having the intelligence, and not being aware of our very detailed and precise mechanisms, they copy us partially, with negative results, and with contradictions, which make them ridiculous.

    Lately, a candidate for the White House sent his supporters a program very similar to ours. We, who had foreseen everything, have long since contacted all the possible candidates, with the exception of the probable ones, of the 2 main political parties in the United States, to present our political organization.

    We contacted them to give them a concrete and real chance to win the elections, using our rules of direct and authentic democracy in a legal way.

    We told them, they could register on our website, and under our rules, participate in our closed online primary elections.

    We knew very well that none of the candidates loved authentic democracy, but that almost all of them loved to raise money from American citizens, tired of having incapable Democrats or Republicans as their Presidents.

    It was convenient for none of the independent candidates to join us, because fundraising brings quite significant sums into their pockets. It is convenient for none of them to risk becoming President and then having to carry out every order received from their voters.

    One of them, with a very important name, shortly after meeting DirectDemocracyS, in his message to his supporters, said, we quote:

    “What terrifies the elites more than our campaign? 2023-10-28 21:12 XXXXX, wrote:

    As you may know, I recently declared myself independent of both political parties.

    Hi DirectDemocracyS.

    As you know, I recently declared myself an independent candidate for president.

    "Independent" does not just mean that I am independent of the two parties.

    It also means, that I am independent, from their traditional financiers, from all the corporate donors, from Big Tech, from Big Pharma, from Wall Street and the rest.

    But let me tell you, who I am NOT independent from. I am not independent of you! And I don't want to be. When I am president, YOU – the people – will be my leader. YOU will be the one I listen to. Not the lobbyists or influence peddlers or the whole out of touch culture of Washington DC.

    And that means I'm also depending on you to fund my campaign. Those mega corporations and insiders won't touch me with a ten-foot pole.

    Instead, I rely on thousands and thousands, soon millions, of small donations from people like you.

    Nearly two-thirds of American voters say they want an alternative to the two-party candidates.

    If you are serious about doing this, I would like to ask you to donate to my campaign so we can get on the ballot in all 50 states.

    Now is the time to show everyone that an independent candidate is real.

    A contribution of $25 will be a great help, especially now.

    Donate $25 now.

    Thank you!

    Xxxxxx XXTeam xxxxxx Donate today

    to bring a XXXXX back to the White House - Elect, XXXXX as President to unite America in 2024!

    Be sure to join us on social media to help spread the message of

    our campaign and bring XXXXXX to the White House!


    This email was sent to DirectDemocracyS US”

    Does his program remind you of anything? If you know DirectDemocracyS, you know very well that he copied us.

    These are things that he wrote, immediately after receiving a short presentation from us about DirectDemocracyS.

    He explains what he wants to do, but in little detail, and above all he doesn't tell you how he will keep his promises. It doesn't have a method that really works unless it copies ours.

    However, he did not write that before running as a candidate, he will sign a letter, with his early resignation, with the exact date on which he is nominated and sworn in as President.

    Will their voters be able to have him resign if he does not follow all the orders received from those who elected him, or if he does anything without obtaining their authorization?

    DirectDemocracyS puts this method of early resignation into practice with each of our candidates to prevent any possible problem.

    Representative democracy means that you represent your voters, in the institutions, and not, if elected, to decide for them. In DirectDemocracyS, the orders of the population that voted for you are followed, and the interests of the entire population are served.

    It doesn't seem right to us to allow anyone to force our political representatives to resign, but only to those who actually voted for them, therefore only through geographical groups on our website.

    If all voters were allowed to force any political representative to resign, there would be a real "hunt for a good political representative" (on the "witch hunt" model), organizing themselves to sabotage the opposing political forces, making to dismiss the best political representatives, who will always be, without any exception, ours.

    Therefore, only those who vote for their political representatives have the right and duty to judge their actions, making them resign, if necessary.

    But this is a more complex matter, and we have some interesting articles that explain the reasons, from all points of view.

    As for the name of the candidate for the President of the United States, who copies our program, but who will never put it into practice, you can guess it for yourself, and we won't mention the name, so as not to influence the elections in any way, in which, most likely, we will not be present, for organizational reasons, and short deadlines, to collect the necessary signatures.

    We are only at the beginning, and before participating in the elections, we must create all our territorial and geographical structures to be able to participate, in the best possible way, in the various elections all over the world.

    We repeat, we advise everyone to vote only for DirectDemocracyS, and for our candidates, but we do not allow ourselves in any way to advise or influence voters to favor a political force other than us, or a representative political, which is not ours, chosen with our rules and our methodologies.

    In short, when we are present at the various elections, we advise you to vote for us, and for our political representatives, and therefore to win together with us, but if we are not present, choose freely, based on your intelligence. None of us will ever have to support different political forces, or candidates, other than ours. Any possible interference, even if not direct but evident, will be punished by forever excluding, and making persona non grata, any person who lies and says that we support other political forces and other external political representatives. The motivation is simple: we do not want in any way to be "accomplices" of the old political forces, nor of the various "political groups", which, although declaring themselves different, are similar to the traditional political forces.

    Know that everyone lies to you and manipulates you based on interests that are not very obvious and easy to discover. It is up to each of us to choose who to trust, and who to be manipulated by. We ask good people with intelligence to work together with us to change and improve the world.

    We are doing it, always telling you the truth, which is not our truth, nor the one that suits us. Over time, you will realize our good intentions and our immense potential.

    Until then, we advise you not to trust anyone who confirms your theories, but to document yourself, and if possible, to study and understand every detail of every single topic, and to trust only those who are really expert. The Sacred Texts also say it: "the devil will mix truth and lies, making them difficult to distinguish". You will be told false things, even about us, but unlike others, we offer you all the possibilities to control our every activity. DirectDemocracyS is owned, by each of our official members, and has shared leadership, thanks to which, every decision we make, and everything we say is collective, based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people. There are no decisions, or public declarations, in our name, decided by a single person, even if, in the appropriate ways, times, and groups, every single user / voter, on our website, can propose ideas, concrete projects, and personal, to be achieved together.

    Returning to the candidate for the President of the United States of America, who presents a program that is practically identical to our uniqueness, we want to add some of our considerations. The problem is not that he says to do it, even if it is always wrong, to copy the ideas of others, even if these are right, brilliant, and perfect like ours. The only problem is that all of you, and we, know very well that he will never do, even by mistake, what he promises. For the simple reason that there is no serious, incorruptible, authoritarian political force behind him, with real representativeness, like ours, to "force" the political representatives, to keep every promise made, and to put into practice, the orders of the only "sovereign" in democracy, who is the voter. So, we all know that none of the candidates will fulfill their promises. Maybe he will respect some of them, but never all.

    All political forces, except DirectDemocracyS, would do anything to obtain the consensus needed to win elections, and therefore to decide for the people. We are not hypocrites. We, too, are interested in winning all the elections, and we will win them all, just to share all the power with all our voters. Only by voting for us does power remain at the complete service of the citizens.

    We are truly the first and only political force that works in this way. Unlike other political forces, with clear hierarchies of command, with decisions made individually, or by a few submissive people, we only and exclusively have shared choices, and each of our members can verify and guarantee that this is exactly the case.

    Our advice is as follows: if a political force lies to you even once, don't forgive them, because they will do it again. Choose another political force, which you can trust, until this one also lies to you, and does not respect its promises. Change political force, until you find one that tells you only the truth, allowing you to personally verify every one of its activities, and that keeps every promise, which is proposed, chosen, discussed, decided, voted on, and verified together with you. The same thing, put it into practice, even with political representatives, never accept excuses, and do not forgive their mistakes, but demand to be respected. So, choose us, not only because we are the best, but above all, because we are the only right ones.

    You must put the same rule about lies into practice, with the mass media, with newspapers, radios, televisions, with the various characters that compose them. If one of them lies to you, even just once, never trust them again, never follow them again, never give them the chance to make up for their mistakes with more lies, but demand their apologies, and follow someone else.

    Are we too bad? It does not seem to us that demanding truth, sincerity and respect for agreements is too big a request. Every person who does not do their job in the best way suffers the consequences. Anyone who lies to you, cheats you, steals your money, and doesn't allow you to decide anything, doesn't deserve your support, your vote, and your trust.

    Finally, let's talk about journalists, if a person you respect has been convicted, even just once, for defamation, or for spreading false or biased news, never trust them again. Don't follow people who brainwash you, or who teach you to hate, or even those who teach you to envy others.

    Our final advice: choose to be free, surrounded by sincere people who respect you, and who demand, in turn, to be respected.

    We guarantee you, that if you all behave this way, we will change and improve the world together.

    To conclude, you may ask yourself, but who guarantees that over time, DirectDemocracyS, and those who are part of it, will not become like the others, or even worse? Our rules, our methodologies, our mechanisms have been designed to guarantee excellent results and to prevent any possible problem.

    We can never be worse than others, and we cannot become similar or comparable to others, because we were conceived to be truly innovative and alternative in all our activities.

    Each of our "systems" has been carefully studied, for a long time, by many, very intelligent people, to prevent us from becoming like others.

    While we understand the envy and hatred of some towards us, and the intolerance of some, who consider us vain and presumptuous, you must understand that we are not, but we are aware of our enormous potential, and of having found, with a lot of time and a lot of hard work, all the solutions to all the problems.

    We are proud of our work, continuous evolution, and our way of being.

    We are realistic, even though we know that all our successes will not be easy, or even immediate.

    Our political organization is the only hope for those who want a different and better world, for themselves and for future generations.

    If you don't like what we propose, or how we propose it, join us, and add your projects, your ideas, and your constructive proposals, to become even better together.

    If you don't believe us, join us, and see for yourself, that on the inside, we are exactly as you see us from the outside. Check, and you will see that every word, every sentence that we write, is exactly, and precisely, concretized, and put into practice.

    Finally, if you like the current situation, and are not willing to work together with all of us, keep the world as it is, continue to count for nothing, and to pay others to decide for you.

    Continue to live in theft, in lies, and in promises that are almost never fulfilled.

    If, however, you think of being smart and joining us to sabotage our work, to slow us down, or worse, stop us, don't waste your time. The worst people, in addition to the liars, the greedy, the greedy, are those who try to cheat, using the rules and laws to their advantage, to obtain advantages that are not ethically correct. These activities, in DirectDemocracyS, are practically impossible. We have foreseen everything, and we have all the means, to prevent you at any time from ruining our reputation.

    The choice, in this case, belongs to you. Choose wisely, using your brain, and your heart.

    One user at a time, DirectDemocracyS grows, and will do so forever, achieving the best results.

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