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The family

The human being, is a social animal. The basis of the company is made up of many families. For almost all of us, the family is important, and must be defended and supported.

If it is true that we choose friends, and family members, are assigned to us by "destiny", it is also true that there is a very powerful bond that binds us almost inextricably to our relatives.

After so many requests and messages from curious people who asked us what our position was on the family, we finally responded.

We consider the family important, but even more important for us is love, which many poets, philosophers and writers have struggled to describe, understand or explain for millennia. The force of love is the most powerful of all.

The love of a mother and a father, or two mothers, or two fathers, for their children, but also, of grandparents, for their grandchildren, are incredible. The same can be said of the love that binds brothers and relatives together. The few exceptions, of unaffectionate people, incapable, therefore of loving, or certain cases, of unstable people, who comment contemptible crimes, do not affect in the least, the great majority of people, who would do anything, for their children, brothers, and family members.

You may have noticed our phrase: love, of a mother and a father, or two mothers, or two fathers. Many will be annoyed by our normal way of defining relationships, which for others are not.

If we were cynical people, and thought only of consensus, we would have to take sides in favor of the "traditional family", and leave "different" families to their fate, and without any protection, protection, or recognition.

But we always like to be on everyone's side, especially the weakest and most defenseless. Not for consensus, but because we truly believe in it.

We are always on the side of those who are in difficulty, both in terms of living conditions (we have written clearly, in our regulation, that we always help everyone, always starting to help more, and first, those in difficulty), and on an emotional level. Just as we are in favor of any type of minority, but never against the majority (we are never against anyone), for the simple reason that we are sure that by basing all our rules on mutual respect for all people, we do not never wrong.

In any case, as always, we rely on logic, and common sense.

Perhaps our strength is knowing how to distinguish good from evil, placing the good of all people at the center of all our positions.

Speaking of religions, traditions, customs, or cultures, we do not accept morality lessons, or teachings, from anyone who does not respect all human rights, all the fundamental freedoms of the individual, and of the various social groups.

As regards God, or the Deities, as superior beings, we are sure that their love for us is infinite, and therefore, we are certain that no God, or Deity, however powerful, can ever set itself against the greatest force in the universe, that is love.

Religions, which we all respect in the same way, without any preference, must stay out of all our projects, and whoever joins us can believe in what they want, pray for whoever they want. But if a religion is not right, and almost all of them have many things to think about, and many things to be forgiven, it certainly cannot teach us how to do politics, or how to make our projects together. It cannot even try, to influence our activities, or those who join us.

Religions, traditions, habits, and cultures, have all been invented (without any exception), and created by men (not by the majority of good people), certainly not to please the various Gods, or for the good of all. But out of pure selfishness, greed, and to try to divide people, to better control them.

The people who invented everything, cannot be believed, for the simple reason, that no God, or Goddess, is good, or bad, based on people's behavior, Gods are all made up of love, if there is God and Divinity, they "invented" love. If we read all the Sacred Texts, however, we find many descriptions that have nothing in common with the love and mutual respect of all people. Instead, we find many individual or group interests to make people believe things that no God or Divinity would force us to do. We have talked about religions, and we will talk about them in the future. But it is important to understand that we demand respect for men, for all men, offering in exchange, everyone's freedom to believe what they want.

Customs, traditions, cultures, policies, whether they are against love, against freedom, against democracy, in all their forms, and in every possible way (with the exception of those who exploit, the weak, and the helpless), will be tolerated by us, but never accepted, in our activities.

None of us can force someone to change mentality, even if this mentality is profoundly wrong, or bigoted, and antiquated.

If a law does not take anything away from heterosexual couples, this law must give every right and duty, even to homosexual couples. And anyone who doesn't accept the same law for all cannot join us, and if they do, they won't stay long in our immense family.

So, whoever talks about the family, as a value, must recognize it as such, regardless of the gender of its members.

So, from now on, when we refer to family, we refer to "all variants of family," which we love, and respect, in exactly the same way.

Being part of a community, like ours, which is a real family, means respecting every rule, without any exceptions, without any compromises, even with the risk of getting fewer users and less consensus, because we are sure that the time will prove us right.

Society evolves, for some it regresses, and in some aspects, it is unfortunately like this, but certainly not, as far as love and the family are concerned.

Those who see, in the freedom to love whoever you want, a danger for your children and grandchildren, who could take "wrong examples", we, and all the specialists in the world, reassure you: if your children or grandchildren want being: gay, lesbian, bisexual, fluid, male, female, and all the various forms of love for others, and for oneself, will be, whether you accept, or not accept, their normal, forms of love.

A piece of advice, which we would like to give you: love, respect and help people, as they are, and not as you would like them to be. We don't become "different" because we see things on TV, on the street, or on the Internet, or because the laws allow it, but because we are like this, and that's it!

One must not be stupid, and say: but once upon a time there weren't all these forms of love, because they were exactly the same number, as a percentage, only that they lived worse, and in a hidden way, with internal and external sufferings, incomprehensible, for those who do not experience them directly.

Think of your children, or grandchildren, who will hate you, because you have done nothing, to protect, support, and defend every form of love, and every type of family.

The general moral decay of society, and implicitly of the family, is not due to love, but to the lack of love, and above all, by the lack of respect.

Returning to the discussion of the family, it should be greatly expanded, starting from respect for women, passing through respect for minors and people in difficulty. Supporting people in need means supporting the family.

Heterosexual or homosexual, starting a family today should be much easier than a few years ago, when everyone sacrificed to help and support the formation of new families.

Today, instead of being simpler, because life should be better, such as health, education, working conditions, and society, creating a new family has become more complicated, due to faults to be divided exactly in half, between politics and people, who have almost all become less willing to sacrifice themselves, to work, and to make sacrifices, to create what is the fulfillment of love, to create a family with whom to share this immense love.

Our solutions, as always, are innovative, and almost all depend on the creation of family policies, certainly not with some "bonus", which does not solve things. But with concrete help, to encourage and support, on an ongoing basis, every family nucleus. So forever, and not just at the beginning.

A few years ago, a lot was done with little, today with a lot, little is done. Perhaps, changing mentality, and giving people, especially young people, goals to achieve, goals to achieve, could stimulate them to create new and solid families. Because many goals to be achieved, and goals to be achieved, can be achieved, much better, with the support of a large family. Instead, unfortunately, many young people see in the creation of a family a "burden" that slows down their progress towards their individual goals.

But let us also ask ourselves what are the objectives and prospects for families now and in the immediate future? Maybe something is missing? We have some ideas and concrete solutions, but we will talk about them in other articles, in detail.

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