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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

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The State, or the public sector, have always been seen as enemies, or as strict controllers, of compliance with the Law.

Who among us, paying taxes, does not feel cheated? Who among us, faced with a simple fine for prohibited parking, does not feel far away from a state that does not understand us, that we need to park close to our destination? Or when the state, and the law, tell us what is right and what is wrong? Or, again, when they tell us what to do with our lives? There would be many questions, which we will have to answer, all together. There should be no doubts about the taxes to be paid, they must be made fair, and must always be paid, by everyone. On the parking lots, walking a little more certainly doesn't hurt your health. The State, and the Law, which tell us what is right or wrong, deserve many of our articles, and we cannot clarify, in a few words. We must respect the Law (so as not to live in a dangerous anarchy), and if a Law is not right, or in the interest of the whole population, the State has the obligation to change, or modify, every Law, every regulation, in according to the needs of the entire population. If a Law tells us what we must do with our lives, some people see it as a lack of freedom, for others, however, right or wrong, the Law must be respected by everyone.

We, who make politics, and we hope to do it well, in the interest of all, without any preference, are sure that not all laws are just and respectful of the interests of the entire population.

What can we do if, for example, a law is in favor of only the majority of the population? In these cases, the State would have the obligation to mediate between the interest of the majority and that of the minority.

Let's take a trivial example, soft drugs. In some countries, they are prohibited (in some countries with very severe penalties), in others they are authorized only for "medical" use, in other countries, however, they are legalized. In the specific case of drugs (distinguishing between light and heavy), we will make a long article, but briefly, we will explain to you what, in our opinion, must be done in order to have a just law. For many people, there is no distinction between soft and hard drugs. For others, from soft drugs, it is possible physiologically, or automatically, to switch to hard drugs. For those who "love" soft drugs, they don't hurt anyone. We believe that it is a cultural discourse of traditions, education, and habits. In some countries, drugs are part of the "culture" and of the habits of a people. In others, you go to prison, or even risk the death penalty, for dealing in large quantities. Therefore, in these specific cases, an equal law cannot be made throughout the world, in order not to hurt the traditions of any country.

But we will talk about it, in detail, in the dedicated article.

DirectDemocracyS sees the State, as a parent, and the population, as children, loved, respected, and helped.

In our opinion, the Laws must all be reviewed and reformed, always trying to improve them, in the interest of the entire population, or at least, of the greatest possible percentage of people. Because, not always, a Law is seen by everyone in the same way, therefore the decisions taken will hardly be able to satisfy everyone.

Let's make it clear right away that we are against anarchy, because it generates chaos and can be very dangerous.

Being in favor of absolute respect, of Legality, and against anyone who breaks the Laws, we cannot accept, who believes, that having just Laws is against individual or collective freedom. All our rules are made taking into account the fact that the freedom of each of us must be infinite, but that our freedom ends where the freedom of another person, or another group of people, begins.

A world without rules would be much worse than the one we live in with many wrong rules.

For us, it is important to educate people, to respect every law, even the most banal. In many countries, there are civic education courses in schools, which certainly help, but do not completely solve the problems.

But we like to start from the basics, and therefore we like to teach everyone the difference between good and evil. To distinguish right from wrong, we rely on logic, common sense, science, study, and research.

We see, on many occasions, people break the law, and often out of fear, or lack of time, we do not report the mistakes we notice to those who engage in antisocial behavior and to the police.

For many, breaking the law is a fashion, a pastime, which makes them more "interesting" people.

Others break the law, to make videos, to upload to social networks. Often, risking their own lives, or worse, those of others.

And immediately, the blame is placed on the young (making it a question of age), even if they, the young, are the least guilty of all. They are only to blame for suffering in silence, helplessly witnessing the moral decay of the whole of society.

Moralists blame the parents, who have not given the right education to their children, or they blame the schools, which are not capable of adequately educating young people.

The interesting thing, partially, they're all right, we're all to blame, for the situation we're in. Does unloading our frustrations, on social networks, and complaining, and commenting on everything, even in a vulgar way, change and improve the situation? Absolutely not, but it makes us feel better, let off steam, and find enemies to blame for the objectively difficult situation we're in.

Smart people don't complain, just wasting time, but do the hardest thing: they act, all together, to change and improve the world.

We have found the method to make anger useful to all of society, through all our innovative projects, starting from the political one.

If every person on earth spent 10% of the time he passes, complaining (on social networks), acting, and working concretely, to change and improve things, even the most insignificant (many little things, combined with other little things become big things), you would see a lot of incredible results.

We have calculated that we could solve almost all the world's problems in a very short time, with a little good will, with a civic commitment, and with the strength of unity, with the ideas, and the work, of all the good people. Wasting a little of your time to get concrete results is the best way to make yourself useful, for yourself and for others.

But basically, the current political, financial and economic system likes to see people complaining on social networks, perhaps they created them for this. As long as people complain, in the virtual world, without taking concrete action, in the real world, things won't change, and they will never get better.

We at DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, use their own "weapon" against them, without any violence, without a head-on collision, but by creating an alternative, a new road, to travel together, intelligently.

For this reason, anyone who wants to enter our immense universe of concrete projects must start with politics. Because by starting to do politics, all together, young and old, men and women, we will be able to make just laws, in the interest of all, by changing and improving our mentality, and our way of acting, in order to then change, and improve the world we live in.

Changing mentality does not mean giving up one's ideas, but it means knowing how to distinguish good from bad, what is useful from what is not. Ours is not a "battle" against social networks, we, as you will have understood, by reading our articles, are not against anything, and against anyone, but we make politics only in favor of everyone, trying to make different and better everyone's life.

In the next articles, we will explain our concrete projects, analyzing various possibilities, and various proposals.

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