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    Politics for young people

    Politics for young people

    Try talking about politics to a young person.

    His answer will be, in most cases, one of these, in many cases, all of these together: they are all the same, all liars, all thieves, and they have stolen our future.

    To the young people who read this article, we would like to teach two things: generalizing is always wrong, and not everyone is the same.

    Talking about politics for young people in just one article is impossible, but we promise you that for each sentence of this article, we will publish many others, to delve deeper into the various topics, and try to understand together some fundamental concepts, and to find, always together, some solutions.

    The clash between generations, between hatred and envy.

    Older people, or adults, have a bad habit of criticizing the younger generations. On social networks, it is a real invasion, of nostalgics of the past, who want to explain to young people, what life is like now, and how it was "many years ago". They also want to say that once upon a time we lived better, we were more united, and that modernity sucks. Young people respond by saying that it is much better now, for everyone.

    As always, the truth lies halfway on both sides.

    But let's make a simple reasoning.

    The elderly created and shaped the adults, who in turn created and shaped the young, who in turn will create and shape all generations of the future. Therefore, the "faults" of today's young people are all to be attributed to adults, and those of adults are the complete responsibility of the elderly.

    Already after simple reasoning, we know that no one can afford to give morality lessons, without risking being rightly accused of having their own faults.

    The past was different, better in many ways, and certainly worse in many others.

    Placing all the blame on politics, for everything, is again wrong, and it means generalizing.

    Ultimately, politics is the exact mirror of the society that votes. The society that votes is all of us, the population, the voters. And until DirectDemocracyS was born, there wasn't much justice, fairness, equality, and meritocracy in political life.

    DirectDemocracyS, the only blame it places on all the old political forces is that they delude people into thinking they are free, living in a democracy, and in the only possible political system. Therefore, everyone lies to us, and everyone takes power for themselves, uses it for lobbying interests, and almost never asks the people for an opinion before deciding something. Then, there are political forces, and political representatives, honest, and dishonest, thieves, and liars, in many cases.

    Therefore, for us, the politics of the past, and all the old ideologies, are unsuccessful, unjust, and steal not only money and riches, but above all freedom and democracy.

    Some ideologies are criminal, and have caused deaths, injuries, much suffering, and much injustice.

    Let's give some examples.

    Nazism, fascism and communism are criminal, cruel and unsuccessful ideologies, fortunately they are dead, or are slowly dying. They have caused too much pain, to too many people, to still be supported. There are no substantial differences, they all have in common: cruelty, dictatorship, oligarchy, the single party, the single thought, the elimination, in every possible way, of the other political forces. They can't stand opposition, and they really brainwash those who support them. They fascinate, and still attract, some nostalgics with reduced mental abilities, mostly elderly people, who cannot admit that they have supported criminal ideologies for their entire lives, and failures from all points of view.

    Politics, seen as the worst sports fan.

    In many cases, politics was seen as sports support, which requires that one must support one's political force, even if it "plays badly", even if it is dishonest, and even if it makes very serious mistakes. Instead, as far as their adversaries are concerned, even if they say right, common sense things, they are always wrong ideas regardless of their "enemies" just because they said them.

    Is politics for old people?

    If you look carefully, in many countries of the world, many elderly people lead important countries, and young people, seeing their "inabilities", in many cases, do not want to be part of them. Some will ask: who tells you these things? This is demonstrated in many countries by the continuous decline in the number of people turning out to vote. We asked many of them: why don't you go and vote? Unfortunately, many of them, they said, because it doesn't make any sense, they are all the same. And again, we tell you: generalizing is always wrong, and abstaining means letting others decide for you. Almost all those who don't vote say they don't feel represented by any political force. To these people we say: become protagonists, join us, and let's all govern together. DirectDemocracyS, is the only political force in the world, which when it wins elections, shares all the power with all its voters. If we win the elections, anyone who votes for us and gives their trust to our political representatives automatically wins too.

    Before continuing this article, let's see why DirectDemocracyS is the best political organization in the history of humanity, and let's also see what we do, concretely, for all young people.

    DirectDemocracyS, has many strong points, which makes us the best, the fairest, just, ethically correct, and you can understand, reading completely, even several times, all our articles, but we want to underline, in this article, only the main ones which are: giving their voters complete control over their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

    We are the first, and the only ones, who put authentic democracy and total freedom into practice.

    We are owned by all our official members, who propose, discuss, choose, decide, vote, control, and can truly be protagonists.

    We are the only ones to have created groups of specialists, free and independent, making direct democracy perfect. In this way, we will always choose, for the good of the entire world population, and in the various territories, with users / voters fully informed, both on the various possibilities to choose from and on the consequences of each choice.

    We have shared leadership, in which each person proposes their own ideas, their own projects to be implemented, and we all decide together, on everything. There is not a single man in command, but only groups of people, who carry out activities together, in an organized way, and decide, in a democratic and free way. Basically, we are all a single, immense leader.

    Let us put into practice, always together and continuously over time, equality and meritocracy.

    We are free, independent, we finance ourselves, and we have no debt to rich and powerful bodies, lobbies, people, or commercial companies. Finance and the economy will never be able to control and direct us, and will not have any influence or interference in our work.

    We have an ideology, politically perfect, and no one dare say that perfection does not exist. Whoever says this wants to convince people by saying: be content with our imperfections. We have taken all the very few positive things from all the various ideologies, eliminating every negative part. We brought them together, professionally, thanks to some of the best political strategy experts in the world.

    Likewise, we always tell and seek the truth, we make electoral programs, always together, with each of our users / voters, and we keep every promise.

    Not only that, but we are the only political force in which political representatives waste no time in self-promotion on television programs, while having a direct and continuous dialogue with their voters, thanks to our method, unique in the world.

    Together, in addition to politics, we also create economic and financial activities, which our users / voters can join, on a voluntary basis, after having informed themselves.

    We have a unique working method in the world, with which we select the best candidates, and in which we carry out online internal primary elections, in which only the best candidates are always proposed to be voted on.

    We work in an organized way, only and exclusively on our website, so as not to risk being blocked, boycotted, or slowed down. Furthermore, we have a minimal presence on social networks to be, and always remain, independent and free, and to work in a safe, orderly and protected way. Our online platform offers us all the potential we need to do an excellent job, all together.

    Our external activities, and our fundraisers, are organized to prevent and avoid scams, and we put safety first.

    We are the only innovative and alternative political force to all the old politics, based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people.

    We keep all religions out of all our activities, while respecting them equally.

    Not only that, but we prevent any internal fighting, thanks to very detailed rules, which work perfectly.

    Let's avoid wasting time, fighting with other political forces, let's not make agreements, coalitions and collaborations with other political forces. If we win the elections, we will govern, together with all our voters; if we lose, we will be a responsible opposition, voting in favor of the decisions that our voters will consider right, and against the decisions that our voters will consider unjust.

    We have new political representatives, and not the same old familiar faces of the old political forces. We are for the renewal of the political class, on the basis of equality and meritocracy, always united and continuous over time.

    Likewise, we have clearly separated the management of our political organization, reserved for our official representatives, from the activity of political representation of our voters, in the institutions, reserved for our political representatives.

    Furthermore, we have international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district and local phases, with all the right and necessary local autonomies, to allow only residents in the various territories to decide for their own geographical area. This rule allows us to have an active presence, useful to everyone, in the territories.

    We have a clear rule, which obliges us to make every decision, always taking into account, first and foremost, the interests of the whole world, and of the entire world population, and not in the interests of a few.

    Another rule obliges us to always help first all the people and commercial companies who are most in difficulty.

    Anyone who reads this partial, incomplete, and non-detailed list of our characteristics will realize that we have all the potential to change and improve the world, all together. To those who tell us that we are vain, presumptuous, and that we like to underline all our strengths, without declaring "our supposed defects," we reply that we are only realists, and that we don't write a single false thing. Furthermore, assuming that we too had a defect, can you tell us about a single political force that declares and underlines its defects? If anyone finds defects in DirectDemocracyS, do not hesitate to let us know, the same applies to any errors, or false things, that we have written, said, or shown. We will be the first to admit them, and if possible, to correct them. We have become perfect, thanks to many years of hard work, all together, and also thanks to the criticism of many of our visitors. Inside, we are exactly as you see us from the outside, and whoever doesn't believe it, join us, register, create your personal profile, and start working together with us. He will realize that we do not tell lies, and that everything is really like this, as seen from the outside.

    Returning to the list of our strengths, if you find a traditional political party that offers you something better, don't hesitate to let us know. No one will be able to do like us, without copying everything we do, and in that case, we all know that the original is always better than a counterfeit. Whoever copies not only commits an infringement, but demonstrates that he has no ideas of his own.

    Many young people, after reading the first part, will ask themselves: everything is beautiful, but what do you do for young people?

    Firstly, we created fast, safe and professional online courses on politics, to teach young people about our innovation and to make them protagonists.

    We have created and will create in the future, many jobs, and many business opportunities, reserved for those who join us.

    We have created 50% discounts on the already minimal annual fees for those under 31, to encourage young people.

    And above all, we have a rule, which allows only those under 70 years of age to participate as a candidate in our closed online primary elections, and in case of victory, to participate in the real elections, and always in case of victory, to represent us, and all our voters, in the institutions. At the end of the political activity, the voters will decide whether the political representative has done a good job, and whether he will be able to run again in the following elections. Rejuvenating political representatives is a duty, to always be in step with the times, without giving up, however, the experience of the elderly, who can always manage, together with all of us, our political organization, and enhance their experience.

    There are many things that we are proud of, because they allow young people to enter politics, in a safe, protected way, and without needing to be very rich, or, with millions of followers, to be able to be protagonists.

    Thanks to an excellent level of education, we will create our political class, which from young and excellent politicians will allow us to have excellent adult politicians, and over time, excellent elderly politicians. Therefore, not in words, but with deeds, we work with young people, for a different and better future for everyone.

    We could write hundreds of pages to explain each sentence, but it would be too long to read, and many would not be able to stay focused. We will write other articles, with many explanations, because it is right to inform you in the best way.

    Be wary of those who present you with projects of a few lines, or those who promise you thinks that you will never have, and if you do have them, they will have taken much more from you than what they give you. Don't trust those who tell you only what you want to be told, instead prefer those who tell you the truth directly.

    Politics serves to solve the problems of all people, not to become rich and powerful by stealing, cheating and lying. Because wealth and power, obtained in an ethically correct way, no one will be able to take away from you, ever, and for any reason.

    We invest time, money and important resources in young people, because we believe in you, we trust you, and because we owe you an apology for many faults that are not ours.

    Past generations have left you with enormous public debts and a truly unlivable world. They gave you, electronic games, in which human life, animals, and nature have no value. They gave you illusions, a virtual world, and nothing concrete. Furthermore, they lied to you, telling you that you are worthless, and will have no future.

    DirectDemocracyS gives you goals to achieve, it won't be easy, on the contrary, you will have to work hard, using a lot of your time, but surely, your every sacrifice will be rewarded, and you will leave a better future for the next generations. We swear, and we guarantee, that it's worth it. You will have a lot of satisfaction.

    If you want to continue to passively suffer the events and often wrong decisions of others, don't join us.

    If you want to be you, the protagonists of your destiny, join us now, and help us make DirectDemocracyS known to as many people as possible, above all, explain the reasons to them, and help them understand.

    Thank you.

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