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    The latest news.

    National contacts for all countries, and all populations.

    DirectDemocracyS, initiates the national phases of our international political organization, even with personalized contacts, for each country, territory, or population of the earth.

    To find the contact category of your country (which over time will be made up of specific contact categories and contact forms divided by specific topics, also divided by the type of user), just go to this link:

    and search for your country, territory, or population, and then click on the name you are looking for, you will find at least one confidential contact form, with which to communicate with our official representatives, of the various geographical areas, of the various populations. All information at this link:,-geographical,-and-population-contacts

    Join us, only if you like what we do, and how we do it.

    We don't have to, and we don't want to, to convince anyone to join us, because we are sure of the enormous potential we have, and of the intelligence of the majority of the world's population.

    We do not negotiate with anyone, the possible adhesion to our political organization.

    Please notify us of any of our representatives who try in some way to "negotiate" your possible membership of our political organization, or who offer you discounts, or advantages and facilities, not provided for by our rules, perhaps asking you for money.

    Identification numbers, let's clarify.

    Speaking of security, it has been pointed out to us that there have been some cases in which some of our initial users, with very low 3 or 4-digit identification numbers, have attempted to sell this identification number, even for large sums. We remind you that the identification numbers are used only for their role, that is, to identify people, within our political organization, by linking them to other identities (username, name, surname, email address, telephone number, address, and for verified users, to their identity document). A 3- or 4-digit number has no advantage over a 5 or 6, or in the future 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-digit number, except the ease of remembering it. There are people, with recent identification numbers, who have roles of great responsibility, and a greater type of user, compared to those who have only 3 identification numbers, because these roles and types of users are obtained on the basis of the activities actually carried out together with us, and your own behaviour.

    Useful links to understand well, how to communicate with us.

    For all the information, and detailed instructions on how to contact us, read this article carefully:

    please respect all our methodologies, to receive all the assistance and answers you are looking for.

    For all the information, and detailed instructions on how to fill in and send our contact forms, read this article carefully:

    please carefully respect all our methodologies, to receive all the assistance and answers you are looking for.

    For information, and detailed instructions on our locations, read this article:

    we do not receive messages, we do not give replies, and we do not carry out activities with the public, in our official offices, with the exception of visits arranged, through specific contact forms, and for matters already discussed above, through the contact forms.

    If there is no category for your country, or your population, you can contact our worldwide contact-making team, and we will assign a sufficient number of official representatives, to respond to your contacts, to do so go to this link:

    Other important news.

    Based on our rules, we have created 2 new types of users:

    - "new users", who register absolutely free, and without any commitment, and without any obligation to be present, or to carry out activities with us;

    - and partially verified users, who pay a minimum fee of a few dollars a year (2, or 4, plus taxes, based on age, if they are more or less than 31 years old) always without any commitment, and without any obligation to be present, or to carry out activities with us.

    These types of users will be part of the first social network of politics, they are added and integrated with the types of previous users in our political organization.

    We are more beautiful and easier to consult.

    We have made some aesthetic changes to our website, and made it easier and more immediate for our visitors and users to search for information.

    Many new working groups, in over 56 languages.

    We have created over 560 new groups (about a dozen, for each of the 56 languages currently in operation), to better manage our users, and allow anyone to be the protagonist, speaking, writing and communicating in their preferred language. For all new users, who don't speak one of our first 56 initial languages, there are English groups that are translated by our translation module, in over 120 languages. Furthermore, upon request, all the various groups necessary to be able to work together, in each language, will be immediately created. For us, every language, every dialect, is the heritage of peoples, cultures and traditions, therefore, for all of us, all languages, and all dialects, are very important, and fundamental, to obtain excellent results.

    We've simplified the donation forms.

    At the link:

    You can make free, voluntary, encrypted, and secure donations using our donation forms on our website. It's the only way to help us, with the sums you can and want. We do not collect on the street, or door to door, and we do not use other methods, on other websites or on social networks. We don't do galas, and fundraisers, in other methods. Anyone who wants can help us, with the means we use. Thanks everyone, in advance.

    You can vote as a visitor, using some new forms.

    To test our voting methods, you can vote on our pages, on some simple questions, at this link:

    obviously, our users vote in their groups, in restricted areas, and on our official website, for secret voting, at this link:

    to access the website, you must be a user with a verified identity.

    Job offers.

    We have organized our job offers, in various categories, at this link:

    to access the website, you must be a user with a verified identity. We do not accept job requests from other people, and we do not entrust the management of our political organization, and of all related projects and websites, to anybody or company.


    We have published an important article, to understand how we manage advertising spaces, on our website, and in our activities, we advise you to read it carefully at this link:

    We point out some new articles, as always interesting, and true.

    The first concerns the question: who is the state? Are we really the ones who manage it, or is the state managed by politics?

    The second article talks about good and evil, lies and truth, at this link:

    The third article talks about personalized emails, to work with us, at this link:

    The fourth article tells us about the false democracy in the rest of the political forces, and about the only authentic and complete democracy which is ours, an article not to be missed, which we hope will make you reflect:

    The fifth article explains some disciplinary measures, with the various reasons, at this link:

    The sixth article talks about artificial intelligence, our innovative AI, and how we "exploit" it too, at this link:

    The seventh article that we present to you, talks about the international meeting, of our administrators, and users, worldwide, organized from 26 to 28 May 2023, at this link:

    The eighth article is a gift that we give to all our users, who have paid the annual fee, the digital signature, which is very useful, secure and innovative:

    We have also organized a prize contest for our users and visitors, as always innovative and fun. All information can be found at this link:

    And finally, a very important article, to better understand our innovation, which is an alternative to all the rest of the policy, at this link:

    Happy reading, and if you like it, and if you want it, join us, and share with as many people as possible.

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