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    Foreign politics and international activity

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but I still have doubts about the universe. (Albert Einstein).

    We begin this article on our election programs with a prayer.

    If you are convinced that we are just a beautiful utopia, take with you your doubts, your distrust, and go away.

    We have said several times, and we repeat it briefly, that every evil in the world is the fault of all of us.

    Every evil and every injustice of the past is all the fault of those who lived in each historical period.

    For some understandable feelings, or for some serious intellectual gaps. Fear, and often collusion, with those who have governed us and govern us.

    Friends, just blame politics, the economy, and the "strong powers". Enough theories that lighten our conscience.

    Because the current politics, almost entirely controlled by economic interests, reflects exactly, the people who vote, or worse, they do not vote (and therefore do not count), to often give power to incapable people. Politics represents the evil of the society in which we live. The politicians and the governed, who make senseless decisions, are in power only through our fault. We repeat it over and over, it's us, it's just us, the real and only culprits. It makes us feel good to complain about them, and then come up with theories that make us believe, wrongly, that we can't do anything about it.

    Instead, the solution to all the evil on earth exists, it has just been conceived, it has not yet been officially born, it is still a bit fragile and delicate, but it has the potential and the necessary innovation, and also the determination to change and make things better.

    It is called DirectDemocracyS, the only true democracy, and the only possible solution.

    Many will feel offended, they will say: it is not my fault, what could I do about it? We will explain to you exactly what should have been done, and what was not done.

    Albert Einstein in his famous sentence speaks of human stupidity, and compares it as a dimension to the universe.

    Obviously DirectDemocracyS, is not guilty of the evils of the world, because it was born exactly to repair all our mistakes.

    We are sorry to be direct and to offend you, but as already mentioned, we also offend ourselves, at least until today. However, we have sought, reasoned, tested, conceived, and presented, a "revolutionary" project, which united in a single political project, will change and improve everything.

    We did a lot of theory, we explained a lot of things, we analyzed history, honestly, sincerely and real.

    From this very moment, just look back.

    We must devote ourselves to something else, to the present and above all to the future.

    If we exclude our specialist history groups, we will all be doing something else from now on. Because we risk wasting time criticizing the crap of the present and the past, and staying still.

    Many accuse us of being professors, vain, narcissistic, who only believe they know all things, and have all the solutions. And they are absolutely right. But time will tell you that we have every reason.

    Others will tell us that we often repeat the same things, and that we do very long articles, to say only a few things that make sense.

    And again we agree with you, we repeat some things, but not obsessively, but we need to repeat them, to explain our political project well. To make you understand our complex mechanisms (which are not a few things), you must always understand how things are connected to each other, and the exact motivations of certain of our choices, compared to others.

    If you think that the world is changing and improving, with few concepts, without details, or that you get more votes with lies, with corruption, with false promises, you can continue to vote for the current policy. With us, things are completely different, and certainly more just and honest.

    Let's move on to analyze our political program, on a global level, looking at various aspects.

    We had to be concise, we will explain briefly what we want to do, why we do it, and above all how we do it. So make yourself comfortable, the innovation begins.

    We have made an international program, but having understood in other articles, values, ideals and rules, and how the whole project works, now let's talk concretely.

    Foreign policy. International activity. 01.

    Creation of the international political organization, and presentation to the world of DirectDemocracyS.

    Creation of international groups. 01.02.

    We will explain the various details to you in a special article dedicated to foreign policy. In short, all of our verified registered users will be placed in a huge international group.

    In the group "all countries of the world", all the citizens of the earth, which we hope will register over time almost all, but even if they do not, those who will be part of it, having in mind values, ideals, and rules of common sense ( which are all in our project), will decide the foreign policy, and the various policies of DirectDemocracyS.

    At this point, as always, some will accuse us of giving power into the hands of a few people.

    Exactly, a few people who over time will become many people, and soon they will be all people.

    But even if they were a few people, the important thing is that they follow the rules, and choose based on the interests of the entire world population.

    But the UN, the various continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and finally local governments are not exactly a few people who decide for so many people?

    With only one fundamental difference: in our project people decide and politicians put them into practice. In the world history of false democracy, politicians make the rules based on their own interests and those of a few. And the world population impotently carries out orders.

    In our global international group, the population plays music, and the politicians dance, following the rhythm dictated by the people.

    It is called democracy, we know that for all of you it is completely unknown, but it exists, and you can only get to know it with us.

    Foreign policy. Territorial issue. 01.03.

    The territorial question has always existed since the world was born. If we exclude a few migratory peoples, who for short periods had no fixed abode, limits and borders were soon created.

    Always to share. In our opinion it is necessary at a certain point to say: enough, the earth and all those who live there, without borders.

    Many selfish and greedy will say: no, never, my country is mine alone, my ancestors died for this. Poor, deluded, submissive, your heroes died in vain, to preserve what exactly?

    To create a divisive world, and allow politics, led by economic powers, to dominate the world. We are sorry for their futile sacrifices.

    And this is not a conspiracy, because no normal person will ever be able to deny a single word of what we write.

    The current states are often created (with minorities that have to coexist by force), to create chaos and hatred. If all the populations of the earth, in a unified way, said that from a precise moment, territorial claims are enough, but greater local autonomy?

    They would do exactly what our ideas predict. Since when?

    Since we were made public. We have a group of specialists who have been following all the various wars and border changes since 2021.

    With the right local autonomies, however, some essential problems are not solved. To definitively solve everything, you don't even need DirectDemocracyS, just one word is enough: freedom.

    We know that even this word, abused, deceptive, fake, and never made real, is unknown to you but it exists, and is one of our values, an ideal to be pursued, and obtained at any cost.

    Even at the cost of death. The honor that is given to the dead for "freedom" should be the fuse that ignites the real revolution, because dear friends, freedom has never been completely there.

    Unfortunately, even those who died for freedom all died in vain.

    Our way of thinking is not a lack of patriotism, but it is logic, common sense, and justice.

    Foreign policy. Economic question. 01.04.

    Wars often begin for territorial reasons, dictated only by the economy. Wars are waged not for politics, religion, or different cultures and races, but because man, the only selfish animal, always wants to have the things of others.

    We believe that the resources of the earth belong to all people, but not divided equally, because it would not be fair.

    Those who are intelligent and have wealth obtained in a just, ethical way, without stealing, without exploiting people, or destroying the environment, it is right that they have more, than those who stay at home on the sofa, protesting on the internet that things are bad .

    We know we will lose many poor votes, who only blame others for their problems, but deserve their status if they do nothing to improve their situation.

    We believe that justice, equality in rights and duties, freedom, must always be united with meritocracy, ingenuity, innovation, competence and honesty.

    We are sure that all the people of the earth must have free water, food, health care with the best medical care and specialists, and decent living conditions, such as housing, education, culture, information and above all the same chances of obtaining a success on a professional level.

    Yes friends, meritocracy also means giving everyone the same chances, to get more than the average.

    Tax issue. We have to write a small part dedicated to taxes. Let's simplify some concepts, which will be presented in specific articles.

    If strict but fair laws are made, even those who evade taxes will begin to pay them.

    If we exclude a few "artificial tax havens", the taxes that people, and commercial companies pay, are disproportionate to the services they get.

    For what reason? As always, the economic interest.

    Let us give you a simple example. If everyone paid a single tax rate, workers, and commercial companies, the same all over the world, no one would have an interest in doing business in a few countries in the world, and no one would take the money into tax havens.

    A single tax rate will rightly piss off people with low incomes, because they will say: if I earn 1000 and pay 100 (it's just an example) of taxes, because whoever earns 1000000 only always pays 10%. Simple because the one who earns the most pays 100,000 to the state, and therefore to the population. So the contribution to society, of what 100,000 pays, is often not enough to cover one's health care costs, which are covered by what 100,000 pays.

    So it is not true that whoever earns the most is the enemy, who earns the least. If higher taxes are charged to those who earn the most, only tax evasion is stimulated, and therefore development and services for all.

    The only enemy is those who commit tax evasion. Which cannot be tolerated, and should not only be prosecuted, but severely punished, and always with the confiscation of all assets, not just once what is due, but for safety at least twice as much.

    Furthermore, those who escape must pay the penalties with jail, but we will talk about Justice later on.

    To those who accuse us of "fiscal justicialism", we wish to become a poor person, and to need very expensive specialized medical care, which the State cannot guarantee, because it does not have sufficient funds.

    Whose main fault is the lack of funds? In the first place of the blame is the fact that we do not all pay the same taxes, and those who evade see it as a "duty", because it is not right to pay more, if you earn more.

    They are right it is not right, but the interest of the "underground" economy or "perverse economic system" is exactly that, to create a division, and envy, and class struggle.

    By creating this division, and hatred between the poor and the rich, the economic powers that guide the world, which pay very few taxes (because they dominate politics and therefore the States), are doing a golden business, taking advantage of the hatred created.

    And they also get a "flattening of ambitions".

    In fact, many commercial companies declare less, to pay less, and are often affected by phenomena that we call the “controller mafia”.

    The State , through bodies in charge of control, all equally corrupt and rotten, from first to last, torments and oppresses, often the most defenseless, and lets those who are in collusion with the "economic powers" do their own thing, which control the policy.

    Everyone knows that corruption exists, but there are simple, quick and definitive ways to stop corruption.

    We will talk about this in very detailed articles in the future.

    To solve most of the world's problems, it is enough to give power, to all informed people in a neutral way. Warning: not with fake news, but with real data. And we have already explained how to verify the real news, from the fake ones.

    Furthermore, the payment of a single rate, all over the world, will eliminate all tax havens, creating… For a change, a different and more just world.

    In this way, and with the immediate end of the exploitation of each country, over another (freedom of autonomous management of wealth), it will be possible to obtain, immediately and definitively, another very important result.

    A guaranteed worldwide income. Because, dear friends, for us all people are the same, the same duties, the same rights, the same minimum guaranteed decent living conditions, the same guaranteed minimum wages.

    With this simple worldwide action, it will end forever, even a phenomenon that frightens many.

    Yes, you got it right, the lousy "human trafficking", which is illegal immigration, will be put to an end once and for all. Everyone criticizes it, but then when they govern they cannot or do not want to do anything, because for a change, even the problem of illegal immigration creates many divisions, more or less well founded.

    But as if that were not enough, the phenomenon of indiscriminate displacement of productive activities from one country to another would also end, for fiscal interests or to have less expenses with personnel.

    Yes friends, with a few clear rules, put into practice immediately, the dreaded relocation will end, because it would no longer make sense. Less job losses for workers, and less money for states to spend on just aid to families with no income.

    Do you know in a few lines how much less money we will have to pay? So many, and we will all live better too.

    So the solutions of common sense and justice exist, but people without heart, but with a lot of brains, do not want to apply them. They are not interested in the good of people, they are interested in doing business, always destroying the present and the future of so many good people.

    They know that if there is hunger and misery, there is envy and struggle between desperate people, and for them, control of everything is useful for the purpose. They have to keep everything divided, they have to make us hate each other, and be afraid of each other. They rule us with terror. As long as we all let them.

    But with our economic projects, we would see the true and only "globalization".

    Yes, dear friends, they lie to you about politics, cheat you about democracy, steal all your wealth, and make you see and hate a "false globalization". We theirs, we call it the globalization of the smart.

    We, on the other hand, do what we write, we put it into practice, as always with the attention to every detail, and everything in a visible way, and controllable by everyone.

    We could write for hours and days, but we will soon bring all the details, including on national and local economic policies. As always, all innovative , and you will be amazed at how simple it is to obtain excellent results, with a few clear rules.

    Do not trust those who will tell you that we destroy the economy (they will tell you that our project does not stand), because we have brilliant minds, from an economic point of view, who can respond with concrete facts to any theory contrary to what we say. .

    And then we ask you: are you really in control, do you carefully check who, and how, exploits the wealth of your country, and consequently also your work, which generates this wealth? Do you feel like you are living in an economically just world? If the answer is no, read on. Otherwise we salute you.

    To be successful, world economic policy depends only on the speed of growth of DirectDemocracyS.

    To those who accuse us of dreaming, we will offer them our solutions, detailed in the next specific articles.

    Foreign policy. A question of war. 01.05.

    Immediate end of all wars, because the peoples of the earth have suffered and are suffering, to defend the interests of arms producers and traders.

    To make a world group of people, who all decide together, uniting the countries of NATO, Russia, China, and all the countries of the world, in defense of freedom and true democracy.

    With such a world military union, any threat is automatically non-existent.

    Because all soldiers must swear to defend every human life, be it civil or military, of any country in the world.

    And swear to use force only against their own politicians, who do not respect the will of the population, to put into practice the rules of common sense. It is called the defense of true freedom and authentic democracy.

    To those who accuse us of wanting to use the military to gain control of the world, we ask you to read our entire project exactly, to understand who holds all the political power. And then if he has a little honor, to be ashamed of having only thought certain things.

    We understand if you are wary of everything, you are used to being always just fooled, and it does not seem true that there is such a beautiful, fair and correct project.

    The divisions of the world population create wars, and the unity of the same people will create peace. Peace, a beautiful word, unknown to mankind.

    By putting our project into practice, we will get the Nobel Peace Prize, and doing exactly according to our rules, is the first thing that will happen.

    Nobel Prize that we will share with all our verified registered users, who will present sustainable development projects, using the money received. We don't give away money randomly, but we reward the best projects, to help more people.

    If you are wondering, when the world population will have all the power, to decide for their present and for the future of the next generations?

    As soon as everyone understands that there is a simple, fast, definitive and free solution.

    Empower the population. To all the informed population.

    But you don't want pumpkins , which they sell to you, and often give you fake news.

    To understand the stupidity of war, we will give you an example as always.

    The invasion of Russia on Ukraine, at the end of February 2022. N

    and we have already spoken in other long articles, which we invite you to read.

    To explain to you what effect DirectDemocracyS would have on wars, just know that in our rules, it is not possible to make the population vote on all unethical topics, which involve violence.

    Therefore, no country in which we govern together with you will ever be able to declare war. He will never be able to decide and vote, to invade another country. And it will never be able to organize terrorist acts, or violent acts.

    We will do this by definitively stopping any ongoing war, any territorial claim, with innovative and just economic development.

    If anyone asks: it will suffice that there are countries that will be militarily and politically strong, such as dictatorships, military states, and regimes with only one party, and you will be easily conquered.

    Our response to these claims is as follows: with such a project, do you really believe that one country, from world superpowers to small tribes, will not immediately join our project?

    Let's not be stupid, total disarmament will happen when each country is governed by its own informed population.

    To those who accuse us of wanting to dominate the world with our system, we give the usual answer. Re-read what we propose several times, and you will see who holds all the power.

    Do you really believe, that with the exception of all those who exploit our divisions, there will be only one person who will not immediately join our projects?

    So the weapons problem can be solved simply by converting almost all nuclear weapons to obtain energy, to be used for families and businesses, and to create economic development.

    We will also solve the price of energy, and therefore also a drastic drop, not only in bills, and in heating and air conditioning costs, but also by lowering the prices of all products, including food and basic necessities.

    I offer some atomic weapons, in a neutral country, deactivated, and controlled and defended by all countries of the world, to be used only for a possible global need, to defend the earth from collision with celestial bodies, always with the best specialists in the world, to find the best solutions.

    But also by reconverting other weapons, to be used to create bridges, tunnels, and wealth, which unites the population, and does not kill or divide it.

    Always in a neutral country, the headquarters of the United Nations will move, which will be reformed and with clear laws, and without any country, with the right of veto.

    This is to allow any immediate intervention by the blue helmets in all conflict areas. Because peace can only be achieved with diplomacy, but it must then be maintained, with interposition forces.

    Throughout history, we have seen that there have been more important wars, and others that are less important.

    Wars that are hated by a large part of the population, and others that have unfortunately been tolerated and forgotten, and by people without a shred of humanity even justified.

    Wars are all the same, they create deaths, injuries, pain, suffering, fear, material and moral damage.

    People are all the same, and everyone's suffering must be understood.

    The solutions can be found in an intelligent way, with diplomacy.

    But if a lot of weapons are produced and sold, if a lot of money is spent on military activities, it will not allow the weapons to rust. They must be used to buy others, and so the only economic powers that dominate politics continue to gain on the life and pain of many innocent people.

    Think if we used them to create energy, and we used the military, to build instead of destroying, how much immediate development there would be on earth. How many more resources for the good of humanity.

    If we used the money spent on arms, and on armies, to create jobs, through joint economic projects (beware of non-communists). All projects made and implemented by competent people, chosen on the basis of merit, and managed in the interest of all.

    Yes friends there would be a lot of money to develop this world, with an economy based on capitalism with a human face, or a free and merit-based communism based on honesty and competence. DirectDemocracyS is a galaxy, which is connected to many other galaxies of economic activity, of all kinds, to be developed all together, with advantages for all.

    We have a very complex but functional project that will create jobs and opportunities for everyone to fulfill.

    To close this article, an appeal to all people of common sense, never justify any violence.

    If a country or military organization has caused death and pain in the present or in the past, do not give other countries and organizations the right, or even justification, to settle the score. One does not respond to stupid and criminal actions, with other stupid and violent actions.

    Hear and read about people who, after the invasion of Russia against Ukraine, said: yes, but NATO and other countries did it too. And also: yes, but the Ukrainians also attacked civilians, in areas with Russian populations.

    There is no excuse for any kind of violence. They all create the same pain, and the same death.

    A spiral of violence must be stopped forever, in an intelligent way, and not only with sanctions.

    And not just by arming the invaded populations. But by making a single world military organization, which guarantees to each country the freedom and democracy that we can offer only with our projects.

    But security, borders, and just autonomies must also be guaranteed.

    Each country must be free to cooperate, to do business, and to join in full freedom any sovereignty, any organization of any kind.

    Enough with large and powerful states, which decide for small and less strong states.

    Enough with the "bully" countries, which threaten and attack other sovereign and independent states.

    And it is enough to justify invasions forever, saying that others have done it too.

    Or by saying in the case of Russia, that it had to guarantee its own security.

    Only stupid people can make such claims, for the simple reason that in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the latter never threatened the former.

    And only President Putin, who is a dictator, is also a very big liar.

    A few days before the invasion, in front of the CIA evidence (which had foreseen everything), he had declared to the world that he would never invade Ukraine.

    By lying for us, he has lost all credibility, the same credibility also lost by anyone who invades and attacks other countries (NATO and allies).

    So for us he no longer has any reason, and every claim by Russia except respect for minorities is no longer valid.

    And then the military threat, or the excuse, too often used by everyone, of wanting to arm themselves to do their own country does not stand up.

    First, because after the reckless invasion of Ukraine, Putin said, if anyone gets involved, Russia will react.

    And then he saw that the Ukrainian people resisted and defended their country, by all means.

    While Putin expected a military coup (putting a puppet President of Russia), and that the West, Europe and NATO were afraid of his threats.

    Not having gone as planned, he decided to threaten the world, this time in a clear way, with the use of nuclear weapons.

    It does not seem to us that anyone has threatened Russia, because while the West is ruled by untrustworthy, lying and corrupt people, it is not ruled by crazy liars like Putin.

    Never would any Western country, made up of cowards, dare to threaten and thus attack Russia.

    These are all nonsensical excuses from a lying criminal who knows his end, and that of all like him, is near.

    For the trading of attacks in the Donbass, there are international courts, which will have to find and severely punish, the instigators, and the perpetrators, of all cowardly attacks, whoever is responsible.

    And for once and for all enough with communism, Nazi fascism, which have been dead and permanently buried for years.

    With the exception of a few clowns (and the nice clowns excuse us for the comparison) who dress up as nostalgics, of a past that will never return.

    Enough even with dictatorships and single parties, you are destined to finish and fail, because sooner or later people will understand your deception.

    Let people free to speak and think freely, and democratically, respecting the laws of common sense and not crappy restrictions.

    But an appeal also to those who believe in fake news, and theories written to divide us, check multiple sources, and not just those that tell you what you want to hear.

    Even hatred of the West and capitalism is enough. Because 99% of what you read is a lie to create a grudge. You trust everyone except intelligence. Certain conspiracy theories, or whipped up to rip you off, don't believe them.

    And that's enough once and for all to those who say: even the Ukrainians during the war committed worse crimes. These crimes are ordered by politicians, controlled by the economy. And often carried out by the military, who swear not normal things, but to follow orders. No, dear soldiers, orders are not followed, political powers that order you to do harm are thrown down.

    Just settle the score, and read the crimes and hateful acts of history, to justify the evil.

    The women and children who flee with terror in their eyes, from all wars, are not guilty of the crimes of the past, ordered and carried out, only by a small part of their people.

    There are no right or wrong peoples, but only a few heartless people, who should be punished in an exemplary way.

    Instead, blame the entire population, of the world for all the crimes, which it is unable to oppose.

    During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we had made an invitation, not shared by all, and we saw the inability of the world to organize for one minute of protest all together.

    Because if we really did, we would have decreed the end of a divided world, and the victory of mankind. The population isn't ready yet, it wasn't, but it will soon be.

    As soon as you understand the deception, you will also find the only solution. Our political project.

    And even when we have the whole world united, we will always have to remain vigilant, so that no one ever steals from us again, the true and only democracy, and the true and only total freedom.

    Foreign policy. The certainty that everything will work. 01.06.

    Honestly informed people, and specialists who show the consequences of every decision, will allow our whole project to stand.

    By giving all power to the world population, every war will end, and a world will be built that is truly based on the mutual respect of all people.

    We just have to be patient, work calmly, carefully, and follow our rules.

    But we say it clearly to everyone, it is enough to talk about the past, concrete, immediate actions are needed to work to improve the present and the future.

    And all of us from the first to the last will do it together, united, and with the utmost trust in each other.

    PS Join us all as soon as possible, because as soon as they finish fighting each other, the greats of the earth will all concentrate, to try to stop the only ones who can make things change and improve.

    We certainly do not write it out of fear, we have the support of so many good people, so it is not out of fear that we ask you to join us.

    It is only to speed up our work, so that the world becomes a better place to live in peace, in tranquility, a life worth living.

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    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Only invitations and useful linksThere are 2 types of possibilities to join us: free, in which anyone can join us, based on detailed rules, or, on the basis of personal invitations, individual.


    During the block of free ...

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    Our official offices

    Category: For contacts / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Our official officesDirectDemocracyS is innovative in every sense! Also in the way of managing one's offices.

    Let's make a brief introduction.

    Since the beginning of our creation, the first 5 "creators" had as ...

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    Security measures

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    security measuresA fundamental need, for a political organization like DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, is to guarantee everyone, security measures, and protection of personal data.

    Working largely on the ...

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    Security rules

    Category: Security measures / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Security Rules

    The special security group, together with the rules group, with the collaboration of all groups, on behalf of all our official members, makes public, some security rules.


    The safety of ...

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    Special invitations

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Rules regarding our special guests, and special invitations.


    One of the first rules, on which our enormous success will be based, is to get the right people in, at the right time. While ...

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    To be activated

    Category: For Registration / By Webportal SA DireDirectDemocracyS

    Instructions, to be activated.

    You can choose which type of user you want to have among the various possibilities.

    If you want to be an initial user, absolutely free of charge, with no obligation to ...

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