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    New user registration group. New user activation group. Regulations Group.

    In collaboration, with all the special groups, and all the groups involved, we make public this simple regulation, for registration, the creation of a personal profile, self-activation, the activation of new users, and the first activities, to do together with us. All our old rules are always integrated by all our new rules, improving the previous ones, without ever distorting them.

    Our rules, at first glance, may seem complicated, but they are more difficult to explain than to put into practice. Simplicity and speed must always be combined with order, impeccable organization and safety.

    Brief introduction.

    To join us, it is mandatory to know, all our public information, which you must study carefully, only and exclusively, on our official website. We are not responsible for your wrong attempts and mistakes if you do not inform yourself in the only place where we can inform you and help you, that is on our official website, which is our platform, and our immense home.

    After careful study, and after you are sure that you can be compatible with our activities, you must choose which type of user / voter you want to be.

    We offer you various possibilities:

    1 New user, or, also called: login users.

    A completely free typology, without having to work with us, and without any commitment, forever. You just need to respect all the rules in this article.

    2 Partially verified users.

    A very small contribution must be made to our political organization. That's a few dollars a year. 2 + taxes, or, 4 + taxes, based on age, membership fee, valid for one year, from the moment of payment, and without any obligation, forever.

    3 Registered users.

    Small contribution, a few dollars a year (4 + taxes, or, 8 + taxes, based on age, membership fee, valid for one year, from the moment of payment) and obligation to be present, and to work together with us, at least 20 minutes a day, even in various daily accesses, for example: 2 of 10 minutes, or 4 of 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose to access the website for 120 minutes a week, all at once, or on various days, which are in turn divided, if desired, into various daily accesses. This "work" with us is nothing tiring, on the contrary, it can be a lot of fun, and help you get to know and understand people from all over the world. Working together is essential to achieve excellent and useful results for everyone.

    The next 2 types are obtained, upon request, and you are nominated, based on the points accumulated, with one of the 3 previous types.

    4 Verified users.

    A contribution, a few dollars per year (8 + taxes and 16 + taxes based on age, membership fee, valid for one year, from the moment of payment). They have the same "obligations" as our previous users, with the added advantage of also being able to vote in every decision we make, both individually and in various groups. They can be decisive, even for our closed online primary elections, where they have the right to vote, for their own candidates.

    5 official members.

    A maximum contribution, a few dollars per year (16 + taxes and 32 + taxes based on age, membership fee, valid for one year, from the moment of payment). They have the same "obligations" as our previous users, with the added advantage of being able to also own, together with all our official members, our entire political organization, our entire website, and all our activity. He gets, practically, 2 possibilities, to manage, control, and verify our entire political organization (individually or in groups), according to our rules, or, he can choose to participate in the selections of our political representatives, and if he is deemed suitable, you will be able to run in our closed online primary elections, at various levels, based on your abilities and will.

    To register, you need very few things:

    1 A personal email address, protected by a secure password.

    It must be accessible only by you, at all times, never use temporary email addresses.

    2 A username, not used by others, if you want it anonymous, chosen according to our rules.

    3 A secure password.

    It must contain: at least 12 total characters, with non-consecutive numbers, not your date of birth, and letters of the alphabet, non-consecutive, and not forming words, both uppercase and lowercase, and at least one symbol of your choice.

    4 A visible image, possibly converted into a .pdf file, of your identity document with photograph (identity card or passport). Attention: partially verified users must have their face, with their identity document with photograph (identity card or passport) nearby and clearly visible.

    Registered users must upload an image of their face next to their photographic identity document (identity card or passport), legalized or digitally signed by themselves, or by one of our verified registered users. With this method, it will no longer be necessary to verify your identity using the traditional video call method with one of our official representatives.

    The image must be loaded at the time of registration, and if too large, it must be compressed into an archive, even several times.

    5 An invitation, from one of our official members, or from one of our users. Those who do not have an invitation can be paired with one of our official members in the initial group, based on the various types of users, through the assumption of responsibilities.

    Everyone must have been invited by one of our official members and must upload, after registration, a .pdf file with the invitation. For those who do not have any invitation, alternative possibilities have been created, which allow you to obtain "matches" with our members, in groups in our social area. The rules for invitations, pairings, and assumption of responsibilities will be specified in complete information articles.

    The obligations of anyone who joins us.

    1 Registration and creation of your personal profile.

    Registration and creation of a personal profile, based on the previous rules, based on the type of user chosen. Write your real personal data, choosing, based on your preferences, via the privacy settings, which data you want to share, if and when you want to share it, and with whom. DirectDemocracyS guarantees everyone the possibility of being completely anonymous, and of being completely invisible from the outside, but also within our website.

    2 Self-activations of your personal profile.

    The self-activation of your personal profile by clicking on the activation link, or by entering it and activating it from any browser (you enter the URL and activate it by logging in). Always check the SPAM folder of your email address. Our messages are safe, protected and encrypted, but our system sends many of them in a day, and our messages are often mistakenly interpreted as "garbage".

    For the activation of your personal profile, for new users, by our activation groups, if you have not been invited (by one of our official members), a further phase may be necessary, which involves a simple, fast and secure exchange of emails (the new user receives one, and responds), in which we give some instructions, or, we ask some questions, and the new user responds.

    Only after activation, each new user can log in to the reserved areas of our website using the login forms.

    Login, access to our website, and to protected and reserved areas.

    You enter by writing your username and password, chosen during registration. Using the login forms at the top and bottom of our website.

    When you first log in, 3 simple initial tasks, mandatory for everyone who joins us.

    1 Activate 2-factor authentication to protect all your personal data and your personal profile. To do this, just follow the simple rules:

    2 Perform the affiliation, which for new users, access is free, without any obligation, without the need for credit cards, and forever. For the other types, it lasts one year, from the moment of payment of the small fee. Attention: choose the affiliation based on your age, for those who, at the time of payment, are under 31 years old, there is a huge advantage, they pay half.

    3 Each new user, based on their type, is automatically placed in groups in which they will receive all the help and collaboration necessary.


    Based on the various types of users, and the scores obtained, on the basis of equality and meritocracy, always together, guaranteed over time, you can move up, or down, in our inevitable "hierarchy".

    It's not about users who command over other users, here there is shared, real and concrete leadership. The types of users that we have created (and based on our needs we will create others), do not discriminate against anyone, but have different roles and responsibilities, based on compliance with all the rules, on their behavior, on their skills, on intelligence, and the concrete results obtained, both individually and in groups.

    For lots of detailed information on the various types of users, read this article:

    In many other articles, we explain, in detail, all our rules, all our motivations, and all our goals.

    We wish you good work, good fun, and that we all together achieve the excellent results that all good people deserve.

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