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    Crisis between Israel and Palestine

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    Before talking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which we have already talked about in some of our articles, we want to talk to you again about us.

    DirectDemocracyS, being an international political organization, innovative, and alternative to other political forces, from its first seconds of life, has seen people from all countries of the world gather on our website, representing every population of our planet, and every geographical area.

    All the peoples of the earth have always been present in DirectDemocracyS, and this honors us and gives us hope for the future.

    The great news, in DirectDemocracyS, is that everyone bases all our activities together, on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    We don't repeat these sentences every time, out of a need to make you understand, anyone who has at least a couple of functioning neurons will have understood it from the first time we wrote it, and they read it.

    We repeat certain phrases, so that those who read one of our articles for the first time have a clear idea of where we start from and where we are going.

    DirectDemocracyS has many disadvantages, due to being practically still unknown, and being international. But these disadvantages are at the same time advantages, which favor our activities.

    Those who were with us from the beginning know well that among the first 282 members who conceived and created the basis of our political organization, and among our first users, who worked hard for many years, without telling anyone, to create our just and fair rules, our infallible methodology, and our politically perfect ideology, there were women, men, both Palestinians and Israelis, people of every religion, and of every culture, language, nationality, sexual orientation , and of every old political ideology. And so it has always been, and will always be so. We are all, without any exception, united in diversity.

    Many personalities joined us, obviously invited, people of great culture, therefore with a good level of education, and with the right mentality.

    From the first minute, those who join us realize that there are no favored and underprivileged people, equality and meritocracy are the two values that make us perfect.

    Today, with this article, we want to reveal a "secret", which is perhaps the main advantage of DirectDemocracyS. Being new, as a political force, and absolutely independent, we have no antiquated ideologies, "political positions", or alliances to defend. We have no masters, we ourselves are the owners and controllers of all our activities. We have no financing of any kind, we finance ourselves, with small donations, and the annual fees of our users, of the types who pay these fees, of a few euros, or dollars per year.

    Let us explain ourselves well, with an example. If one of the two parties in conflict, the Palestinian one, or the Israeli one, carries out a violent action, the old political forces, the governments, and the oppositions of the old political forces, but also every single citizen, tend to minimize and justify certain execrable actions, saying: they did it in response to another previous action. So a disgusting "sports" fan is created, in which one or the other side is justified in reacting. The classic, and despicable, spiral of violence is created, which cannot be stopped, by the political forces, and their political representatives, of the old, bankrupt traditional politics.

    The same insidious mechanism also happens in countries that are not at war. Those who govern, and those in opposition, do nothing but accuse each other, with those who govern justifying themselves, saying that the fault lies with those who governed before, or, even worse, there are cases in which they say: if he did it the previous government, we do too. Those who go into opposition, on the other hand, criticize those in government for decisions that they themselves, when they were in government, were unable to put into practice. And citizens, in their involuntary stupidity, tend to justify every mistake, and be understanding, with the political forces they support, and not to forgive anything, indeed to invent mistakes, for political opponents.

    Although these are involuntary and understandable behaviors, they create enormous damage to the world we live in, and over time, to the defenders of their "favorites".

    Justifying one's "favorites", and finding every flaw, to one's political "adversaries".

    Let's give you a brief example, which concerns us at DirectDemocracyS. One of our official aphorisms is by Albert Pike who said: "What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and for the world remains, and is immortal". We received many messages, telling us: you have gone crazy, Albert Pike was a Freemason. Our second aphorism, is from the Irish statesman and writer Edmund Burke once wrote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." Our third aphorism is the phrase “We the People tell the government what to do, it doesn't tell us. We, the people, are the driver, the government is the car. And we decide where it should go, by what route and how quickly." It is part of President Ronald Reagan's end-of-term unified speech.

    A stupid, superficial person who doesn't know us would say that we are: pro-Freemasonry, against the English and pro-Irish, and we love the republicans. Just because we use phrases, said by intelligent people.

    You see dear, envious, "friends", for DirectDemocracyS, if something is said by anyone, if we think it is right, we use it. If an idea, or an activity to do together, is suggested by anyone, we don't care who they are, or what they have done in life, even the most despicable things, the fact remains that they have expressed a concept, or done a fair proposal, which we are free to use.

    It is limiting, and wrong, to choose only things said by people we respect, support, or by morally unassailable people. If a person makes some mistakes, but says some sensible things, we are free to appreciate the right things, eliminating the wrong ones.

    If a traditional political force used our method, it would risk losing consensus.

    If a traditional political force, or one of their political representatives, says or proposes the right thing, we will not hesitate, and we will give our support, if our voters approve it.

    For DirectDemocracyS, there are only two possibilities, making the choice, right or wrong. And we always make only the right choice. We look at everything, with great attention, respecting everyone's ideas, and then we choose, all together, based on our own skills.

    If a bloodthirsty dictator, or a corrupt politician, says something that we believe is right, while not forgetting, or justifying their mistakes, we can take and use the good idea.

    The violent actions and mistakes that every person makes in their life, which must always be condemned, without justification, do not automatically transform the right actions and activities into wrong ones.

    This possibility to choose, without preconceptions, allows us to evolve and always be the best.

    This possibility to choose makes us unique in the world.

    In addition to welcoming everyone equally and not discriminating against anyone, we have made a choice that many did not understand. Eliminate forever, without exception, all religion, from all our political activities, and from all our decisions.

    Believing in a God, or more Gods, following and respecting religious traditions is considered by us to be individual freedom. Like any freedom, it must be supported and defended by us, without any preference or favoritism. One thing that we do not allow anyone to do, however, is to try to convert other people to their religious faith in our activities. Believing in something, in anything, must not influence our decisions, which must always be taken for the good of all the people on earth, based on mutual respect for each person. We also make the same reasoning for those who are atheists, they must not try to impose on others the renunciation of their religious faith, because science does not exclude the various religions in any way. There are people who declare themselves atheists, and try in every way to appear superior to those who are believers. Science should demonstrate what exists, without considering believers to be "inferior or less intelligent beings".

    The motivation for the definitive and irrevocable exclusion of every religion, from all our activities, and from all our decisions, has undoubtedly contributed to the inclusion, without discrimination, of every person. However, it also caused people who put God, or the Gods, at the center of their lives to give up joining us. While respecting every God, we believe that at the center of our activities there should only be the good of all humanity. Therefore, let's found a new religion, called "humanity", in which the world population is our "divinity", with all the faiths and religious beliefs around it, which must not influence our political choices in any way. We invite all religions to join us, because with few exceptions, every God, and every religion, also loves us, human beings. In our “humanity”, we must be respectful, and accept every person.

    DirectDemocracyS, with all due respect, does not accept morality lessons, or teachings, from any religious authority or from any political force. We are new, and we cannot be accused of causing death, pain, wars, destruction, because of our wrong choices. Based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect for all people, we cannot, and will never be able to make mistakes, for the simple reason that we always decide, and only, in the right way.

    We have groups of specialists, experts on every topic, who help us always decide, for the good of all people. In DirectDemocracyS, each person speaks, writes, and shows only the things he knows perfectly, and each person carries out activities, based on his own knowledge, qualities, education, and behavior. Putting the right people in the right place is essential to achieve only excellent results.

    The war, and above all the mutual hatred, between Israel and Palestine, are often caused, also by religious differences, and by the presumption of religious leaders to be on the right side.

    We will do articles dedicated to religious faiths, but in this case, we focus on Jews, and Muslims.

    Religions born, and continued, by two brothers of the father, both sons of Abraham. The same blood flows in the veins of the two, even if tradition has perhaps unfairly divided them. To complicate matters, traditions have been created, which many years ago had some utility.

    We give you a brief, banal example, which applies to both religions, from this article of ours: the consumption of pork. A nice animal, which unfortunately, has brought serious diseases, and if it is not raised, and above all preserved in the right way, it still brings them today. There was no way to prevent poor populations from eating this animal, which was relatively easy to raise, other than to make it "impure". Weak minds, which have no culture, can be easily corrupted by those who, in this specific case, wanted to protect them, in the right way, from diseases. If the religious leaders of the time, and those who created and invented the Sacred Texts, on the inspiration of God, but including us, a total control over the populations of their respective religious faiths, lived today, with food preservation technologies modern, certainly would not prevent anyone from eating pork, shellfish, and other foods prohibited by the various Sacred Texts. In the case of food, but also in certain behaviors, there was the right intention to prevent diseases. But using religious belief to provoke wrong actions, for the interest of a few, is a practice of almost all people who have had roles of power within religions.

    Furthermore, believing that a God has a favorite people, who are loved and protected more than another people, is certainly wrong, because any God, and any religion, at their base, have values such as equality and infinite love. Therefore, no God has preferences, as every God is infinite Justice.

    Despising women, or different sexual orientations, creating obligations that are not acceptable, has convinced us to eliminate all religion from all our activities forever. We respect the otherworldly part of every religion, but just as God loves every population in exactly the same way, he also loves men, and women, in the exact same way, and respects everyone's "free will", to feel like a woman, or a man, and to have sex, get married, and live, with anyone he wants. Even though the love for God is immense, for everyone, the power of love between every human being is also immense.

    We do not eliminate just some religions, but all, and we ask any religion for an opinion about us. For now, no religious faith has advised its faithful not to join us, or to leave our political organization. As we have already said, we do not accept lessons on morality from anyone; on the contrary, we could be useful to certain religions to become better and evolve, completely eliminating the many negative parts of their "traditions". The religions themselves, by changing and improving, would become more humane, tolerant, and would obtain many advantages.

    We know very well that religions were created by men who were looking for methods to divide, manipulate and subjugate people. The same people, or their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, who still today continue to defend spiritual ideals, which the same God, or the same Gods, certainly do not love, and do not recognize.

    God himself, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Zimran, Midian, Ishbak, Joksan, Medan, and all their descendants, seeing how people kill and commit violence of all kinds in Their name, are surely disappointed in us, human beings. Suffering is created by those who interpret the Sacred Texts in their own favor. For every suffering, for every war, for every violence, there are people who get rich and gain power. That power, which only DirectDemocracyS, shares with those who join us, in the authentic and only democracy, direct democracy.

    In order to create, throughout the world, areas of tension between various populations, various languages, cultures, traditions were invented, which together with religions and nationalities, created artificial divisions between groups of people.

    Between Israel and Palestine, the creation of borders, often artificial and not respected, has contributed to creating tensions, which have culminated in abuses, wars and terrorist attacks. The continuous mutual violence has created pain for people and a profound disappointment in any God.

    Our solution, for these conflicts, and for all conflicts, is very complex, but first of all, the spiral of violence and revenge on the part of everyone must be stopped immediately throughout the world.

    Then, all provocations must be stopped, preventing and stopping every possible problem before it begins.

    A political climate must be created which obliges all people to respect each other by all legitimate means.

    All organizers and members of terrorist cells must be isolated, captured and punished, must be drawn and respected by all, giving everyone all the right of local autonomies, but also forcing minorities to respect all majorities who live in the same territories, or in neighboring ones.

    Anyone who attempts in any way to create tension and violence must be isolated, stopped, captured and punished.

    It is now clear that from every violent action, from every war, and from every illegal activity that makes other people suffer, there are rich and powerful people, political forces, civil and religious leaders, and other squalid people, who if they take advantage of it to obtain greater wealth and greater power.

    Every time solutions can be found that can create peace, understanding, respect and unity between various peoples, conditions are immediately created to accentuate the divisions. Often, they use provocations to unleash revenge and continue the spiral of violence.

    A good solution to solve any problem is DirectDemocracyS, created to unite people on the basis of mutual respect.

    Seeing our first courageous users, from the first thousand, to the tens of thousands today, working together, collaborating, honestly, loyally, and fairly, moved us. All those who have joined us will not allow those who join us to create the divisions on which today's sick society is based, which is the descendant of the cruelties of the societies of the past.

    In DirectDemocracyS, there are no Israelis, Palestinians, Muslims, or Jews. There are only people, who work together, to change and improve the world. A world of peace, in which every possible provocation is stopped and punished.

    The attacks of October 7, 2023, are the consequence of all the mistakes of the past.

    The attacks on Israel, from various countries, and the related response, often disproportionate, continue the spiral of violence, which every good person should prevent, by any means. The death and suffering of innocent people, on the one hand, create the same things, also on the other side.

    A sure way to prevent death, suffering, and fear is through collaboration, communication, and negotiations based on truths. That truth, hidden by many, or modified, based on the interests of a few. Every action that causes death, pain and fear to many innocent people must be avenged by punishing in an exemplary way the few truly guilty people, and not creating more death, pain and fear for other innocent and defenseless people. . The society of the future is obliged to prevent every possible problem.

    The guilty will have to be punished, without any type of selection, based on the population of which they are part. In the world, there are only 2 types of people, good or bad. And bad people, in DirectDemocracyS, have no possibility of carrying out evil actions, or even of obtaining important roles and great responsibility.

    In conclusion, which side do you believe DirectDemocracyS is on? If you're still wondering, you haven't understood anything about everything we've written. We are on the side of the truth, and we will defend by all means, all good people, from all geographical areas of the world, and from every population. It means being independent, and free, to condemn every violent action, whoever commits it.

    Also, because, we at DirectDemocracyS, have not caused any war, any terrorist attack, or any suffering, to innocent people, but we assure you, that once all responsibilities have been ascertained, we will make all those directly responsible pay, with interest, or indirect, of all this pain.

    It's not just a threat, but a promise.

    And we, unlike everyone else, always keep every promise.

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