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    Who finances you?

    Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to create DirectDemocracyS? When will you tell us exactly, and in the smallest detail, how the events took place? And, if you don't do it, at least tell us who finances you?

    For security reasons, for the right that we give to everyone, to remain, if they wish, completely anonymous, for privacy reasons, for an explicit request, and for a decision, of our first 5 creators, and subsequent members, until at 282, we will never give their names to anyone.

    In exactly the same way, we defend: the right to anonymity, all personal data, privacy, secrecy, security, protection, of all the activities carried out with us, and every right, of each of our users, whether individually, and collectively (therefore as a group). Anyone trying to find out who they are, our first 282 users, current users, and of course, the next ones as well, will be disappointed, because we have hidden both their names and their data well. Here, there are individual and collective activities and jobs that take place on the basis of joint decisions, and no one cares who another user or another group is, and what they do, but we help each other, and we collaborate, according to all our rules.

    For those who don't know every one of our rules, and for those who haven't read, and don't know, everything we do, and above all for those who are used to the old politics, and don't follow us, and study, with an open mind, it is extremely difficult almost impossible to understand.

    Many people consider us a secret sect, even dangerous, and make various theories, and create conspiracies, on facts, which in reality do not exist. And the more time passes, the more people get to know us, the more we grow, and the more ideas that some, often in bad faith, form about us. But the fact of thinking something, any simple assumption, does not mean that it corresponds to reality. In our opinion, it's a waste of time, perhaps of people who try to discredit us, or who will invite people not to join us, saying: they don't even tell you who is behind it. We always advise everyone to read each of our articles carefully, even a couple of times, to get a concrete idea, and not rely on the imagination of some. Anyone who joins us must never say: there must necessarily be something rotten, and neither is it too good to be true, there must be something unclear, something hidden.

    If we had a leader, a big boss, who in a pyramid system of power manages our entire political organization, it would make sense to know who is in charge. And then, in DirectDemocracyS, the first 282 have activities that are completely independent and separate from our website, both for security reasons and for the fact that they are completely detached from their "creature". Thinking of a system of connected chains, of each user with the first 5 contacts of an identical type of user, and with 5 contacts of users of an "elder" type, and therefore with all the others, it allows us to be united, in diversity, indivisible, and to concretely help each other. This innovative method prevents any internal, but also external, struggle for power. In many articles, especially in the initial and public ones, we complain about the old policy. We are so presumptuous that we consider ourselves the innovative and alternative policy to the old one. And we will always remain so, so we think only and exclusively about our work, without being interested in what others do, or how they do it. We collaborate with everyone loyally, and we are sure that we will receive many unpleasant things in return.

    If there were a single owner, or a few companies, and people, who owned, and financed, all of our political activity, it would make sense, before joining us, to demand to know "who's behind it." But you know who owns, who funds, and who controls DirectDemocracyS, our website, and all of our businesses. For the first time in the world, voters, members of a political force, own, manage, finance, and control everything.

    If there was only one person, or a few people, who created all of our immense "universe of projects and activities", it would be interesting, to know their identity, for evil people to "kill whoever invented all this, and their families”, and for good and intelligent people, to reward them, and to congratulate them. But with us, everything is different, even those who join, at this moment, and also those who will join in the future, with their physical and intellectual work, with their ideas, with their advice, with constructive criticism, we it helps to add concepts, rules, without ever removing anything, from the work of those who preceded them (with us the history, the rules, and the method don't change, you can add things, to improve, and expand the old ones). In this way, our political project, taking shape, expanding, continues to innovate and improve, with the contribution of anyone who joins us. And we will do so forever.

    We had to prevent misuse of the enormous potential we have. Prevent, all authoritarian tendencies, and any attempt at splits. Because only united can we change and improve the world together. Based on the concept that is clear to everyone: anyone who has their own interests, anyone in certain roles, could try to take advantage of them, anyone can lie, anyone can steal, anyone can try to slow us down, or worse, anyone can try to stop us. The human being, if in certain roles of power, can always try to be clever. Everyone likes power, everyone likes wealth, and many human beings would be capable of doing anything, in order to be, or become, powerful and rich, and after having achieved their goals, they would do anything to keep them. To avoid all the evil in the world, enclosed in the few previous sentences, we have used a unique and ingenious method. Our solution is to give everything, to everyone, in total respect of all our rules. Both Legally and physically, each of our official members owns everything, controls everything, manages everything, and above all has every possibility. In this way, by putting everyone in the right conditions of management and control, no one can escape our members. No one can be smart, also because our rules do not have various interpretations, they are so specific and detailed that there are no loopholes and no possibility of using them for one's own illegal purposes. Furthermore, the controllers, which are all our users, never individually monitor, usually our every activity is monitored by a few hundreds, in some cases thousands, and in the future millions of people. The same goes for financial activities, for the money that enters and exits, only on the basis of controls, which thanks to current technologies, are simple, fast, and secure.

    Many tell us we are obsessed with rules, and with control. Anyone who has read anything in human history knows that we have always been divided by financial and economic interests. We unite on rules, methods, ideas and concepts, always based on logic and common sense, focusing on the mutual respect of all people. So, looking at the mistakes of all our ancestors, we must prevent them from happening again. And it can only be done if everyone respects all our rules, and with adequate controls.

    So, the answer to all the questions in this article is simple and clear. And it's always the same: all of our users, all of our constituents, all of our members.

    Many do not believe the "story" of the 5, then of the 282, who for 14 years, in great secrecy, working together, a couple of hours a day, created our rules, our mechanism, and our political ideology. Many believe, even very strange things, that they have no logic. We told you about messages, which we received, in which they told us: you are UFOs, you come from the future, you are the Antichrist, you are the new Messiah, you are a new religion, you are an Artificial Intelligence, you are a group of rich people, and powerful. Soon after, they start with names, with lists of people who could be among our creators, or people, who could be hiding behind us, of all types, from many countries, and from very many sectors, from politics, to entrepreneurship, finance, but also famous people, and lately also "influencers". The list is very long, and hardly any names, or all names, are right. Perhaps more likely, no names are in the top 5, and none are even in the top 282.

    But even with these premises, anyone who wanted to join us can do so, just create a personal profile, and respect every rule.

    According to some, surely, among the first 282, there is a John Smith. We cannot deny it, nor can we confirm it.

    As much as it annoys someone, you'll never find out, and after all, what matters? Are you really interested in knowing who created all this, or is the final result the only thing that matters?

    For smart people, the result counts.

    It will remain forever, one of our characteristics, not to reveal the names.

    But to help you understand, there are no names of very famous people, there are no very powerful people, and there are no very rich people, among the first 282 members who joined, creating DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects. We tell you, but lovers of gossip (which is very useful, to distract attention from serious issues, making them think about the lives of others, and not their own), or those who, seeing too many science fiction films, they no longer know how to distinguish reality from fiction, or those of the Metaverse, who create a universe, fake, but very beautiful, for each of us. On some issues, we will do some articles, to let you know our thoughts on some issues.

    We have never lied to you, we have explained to you on various occasions, how the facts unfolded, always giving details, which we have wisely managed, always shuffling "the cards", without lying, but in an order, and with details, which they could make one understand part of the truth, but also make one thing believe, making people with great imagination create conspiracies and theories.

    The initial 5 people are from different countries, and they started thinking together, by pure chance, at a party. Each of them, he added, in a short time, some people, based on the specializations, and the needs of the group, from many countries. People of all political origins, of every religion, and of every sector of activity. University professors, not very famous (they would have been too involved, with the old system, political, economic, financial, or cultural), but also young students, very inventive.

    Almost all of the work was done by 282 people over 14 years for about a couple of hours a day, almost every day.

    From user number 283 onwards, we have made our project public, to many people, we repeat it, in a selected and gradual way. None of the 282, from what we know, will be a candidate to carry out political activity, in fact, they have preferred to be present on our website, with only one personal profile (which they manage a little by one), without carrying out activities, of political representation.

    If only one of them wanted to create a personal profile, and work with us, anonymously, but also by writing their real data, no one would stop them. Every new user, just has to respect all our rules.

    However, if only one of them wanted to stand as a candidate, according to our rules, he could do so, but, again according to our rules, political candidates should do so, like all our official members (being in good standing, with the annual fee), by applying, or being proposed as candidates, by others (logically accepting the candidacy). They should immediately abandon, if they have one, any role, and any management activity, or representation, of any of our projects. Obviously, they should ask for, and obtain, the blocking of their profile (personal, or, depending on the case, institutional), each person can use only one profile, and never 2 at the same time. After the application, they would receive a political profile (exactly in the ways, times, and with the rules of anyone else), always with real personal data, and educational qualifications, work activities, prizes, awards, and an e-mail address customized (with real data). Finally, they should participate in the selection of candidates, like any other of our political representatives. Obviously, as for each of our members (if they wish), their political profile will never be connected to the personal profile, or to the institutional profile, which in turn cannot be connected. We do not repeat all the rules, to know all the details, just read our articles.

    We have written this long introduction to tell you, once again, that with us, each official member is the owner of our entire political organization, of our website, and of every activity we carry out together. Since there is no leader, or leadership, all together, we are one huge leader.

    The same goes for financing too.

    After the first discussions, the financial problem arose, in every group, there is always someone who says "excellent ideas, but everything costs a lot of money". Our entire political organization, website, and everything we did had to be funded, somehow.

    We have chosen the less simple, but more correct path. Live, and work, only with self-financing.

    We were to be, and always remain, free, independent, and economically neutral.

    So, the 282 decided to collect donations (without any claim to return), first among themselves (everyone put the sums they could), and then to accept free, voluntary donations from anyone who visited our website. In this regard, the only way to donate something to help us, is through the donation form, present on our website. Everything is very simple, safe, encrypted, and your money comes directly to us. Without any intermediary, with the exception, of course, of the company that manages our current account.

    We have also decided, as far as possible, to eliminate advertisements, and if in the future, we allow small advertisements, we will do it without any intermediary, we already have some forms ready, on our website. We repeat, without distorting or making navigation difficult or annoying. It will be some modules, in various sections of our website, at the international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local level. On the basis of clear rules, and with a careful selection of advertisers, carried out as always by various coordinated groups. Not everyone can advertise with us. We do not accept, for example, those who have created their company, in unclear ways, we do not accept those who exploit their employees, nor those who pollute our planet excessively. Obviously, we do not accept companies, or people, convicted of serious crimes, or for tax evasion, or economic and financial crimes. You will have understood that very few will be able to advertise themselves with us.

    There are also the sums collected from the earnings of our political representatives.

    Each of our political representatives will receive every sum, attributable to his political activity, in one of our current accounts. As we have already explained, each of our political representatives, if he respects our rules, will receive 25% of the sum (between salary and bonus) of the entire month every month, at the end of each year, if he respects our rules, another 25% % of the sum (between salary and bonus) of the entire year, and at the end of his political activity, if he complies with all our rules, he will receive the last 25% of the entire period of political activity (between salary and bonus). 25% of each sum received by each of our political representatives will remain with DirectDemocracyS, for the various services that we guarantee them (consulting, experts, accounting, security, and other services). The phrase "if he respects our every rule", is not written at home, because it will be the own voters, of the various geographical groups, in which he was elected, in the closed online primary elections, on our website, to vote, every bank transfer. And even our control groups will have to do the same thing before sending money to our political representatives. We already know that there will never be problems, and that all our political representatives will respect all our rules.

    So, by voting for our candidates, who will undoubtedly be the best candidates, and making them win the real elections, you will also indirectly help our political organization, which in any case, if you are our official member, will also be the yours. The right of ownership, of a single, non-transferable individual share, is our prerogative.

    The fact of not spending money, for venues (the home of each of our users, for us is the most beautiful venue that exists), for face-to-face congresses (all meetings, with few exceptions, are held online), or for posters elections, or advertising (we have to earn votes based on programs and our seriousness), makes us spend relatively little. We have already done, or will do, detailed articles on this important topic.

    The fact that our web servers (where our website and backup sites are housed) are almost all kept running, by completely renewable energies, with the exception of the emergency generators which unfortunately are diesel (but lack of electricity). We are practically zero impact on the environment, with the exception of technological components, web servers and various equipment, which unfortunately, due to their construction, have polluted. But by using the best and latest technologies, always up-to-date, we have greatly reduced energy consumption (almost all renewable, we repeat, because we care about it). We have already done, or will do, detailed articles on this important topic.

    And the concrete fact that we know how to spend little, achieving a lot, allows us to have, for a few years in advance, all the sums necessary to work well. In fact, one of our prerogatives is that we will never make debts, of any kind, with any financial institution, company, or natural person. This speech applies to all of our activities, we will never spend money that we do not have.

    Many internet companies, due to the Covid-19 pandemic (at the end of 2019), and the senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine, first had a development, having to hire a lot of staff, and then a financial crisis, having to lay off a lot of workers. We prefer to hire the smallest number of workers, to never have to be forced to fire. But, should it happen, we are among the few who will guarantee concrete help to find a new job, perhaps in related projects.

    With regard to the financial and economic activities that many of our members carry out together, we can guarantee you that each of our bill proposals will be made in the interest of all, and not just our interests, or those of our constituents (who are almost all of our users). For many, the promises of a political organization are not enough, therefore, we invite everyone to check. Even if, anyone who reads our articles knows that we are the first to verify us, and self-report ourselves, that we are different, alternative, and innovative, in everything.

    We will always demonstrate to you with deeds that we put beautiful words into practice, always respecting every promise, and everything we say, write, or show, is only the truth.

    We have given sufficient valid reasons for our choices, and for once allow us to ask you something. If there really was a conspiracy on our part to do bad things, do you really think we would have these rules? Do you really believe that we would give each of our members ownership and control of everything we do?

    As already mentioned, you are so used to being fooled by a part of the old politics, the old finance, the old economy, that when you find something different, and certainly better, you simply expect to find the same things as before, the same rules as before, the same methods as before, and all the worst habits. They have so disappointed you that you are not recognized and believe in nothing. And we understand you, we too, at the beginning we had the same fears, and the fear of being disappointed, or of disappointing those who trust us.

    Only time will show you that we are in good faith and that we really work to change and improve the world. And if you're not entirely sure, our sincere advice is: don't join us, wait to see if we're telling the truth, or if we're lying, and if you already have, just get your profile deleted, and don't join. never again to us (because whoever leaves becomes persona non grata, one does not go back to eat, on the plate in which one spits). Even in style, we are unique, innovative, and alternative.

    We know that to change and improve the world, we must first change and improve the mentality of all people, not through "brainwashing", as often suffered by one part of the media and one part of information, but with awareness, with truth, with ownership, with control, and with the hard work that we will all have to do together. The world population has not only been divided, creating tensions and violence, but it has been drugged, drunk, instigated to hatred, envy, to compensate for the primary need for power and wealth, which make you lose sight of really important things, such as mutual respect for all people, true love, friendship, peace, brotherhood, dialogue, understanding, and forgiveness.

    Only the really important things, of the previous sentence, will be able to allow, to change, and improve the world, together with all the good people of the earth.

    PS there are very many people, who don't even try to understand, with an open mind, what we explain, some don't join us, because they are sure, that they won't be able to get smart with us, and honestly very few of those who don't they join us, they motivate it with the fact that they don't know who invented it all, who is behind it, and who finances it all. If you don't understand, read this whole article again a couple of times. 

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