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Let's change and improve the world together

Do you want to change, and improve the world?

If your answer is yes, and you want to do it concretely, I advise you to read this message carefully, without prejudice, without being superficial, and with an open mind.

The only way to change the world is through politics, through laws made in the interest of the entire population.

The only way to improve the world is together with DirectDemocracyS, our political innovation, an alternative to the one that existed before us.

You can continue to change political parties, or often change your political figures of reference, you can also change your political ideology, but you will never change, and you will never see the old way of doing politics improve. The only method, to have a fair policy, in which the word equality is always connected to the word meritocracy, in which honesty is always united, to competence, in which there are: freedom and authentic democracy. All of us, even in Western countries, live in a false democracy, the representative one, in which you, with your vote, make the political parties and their political representatives decide all the Laws, which are all the rules, which yourself, you will have to follow. You vote for the parties, and they decide for you. You give them the power to decide, and for many years, you no longer matter.

We, on the other hand, change and reverse the roles, also making representative democracy a true democracy, through the implementation of an innovative, alternative method that allows our voters, through very detailed rules, to control, decide, direct , and influence, every activity, and every decision, of their political representatives, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.

Our political organization puts people in a position to decide, and our political representatives will execute and put into practice every request of our voters. Whoever represents us, in the institutions, will be a servant of the only master, which is the people. One of our characteristics is to foster the interest of the entire population, always starting with the people and businesses that are in the greatest difficulty. To then help everyone, without ever taking anything away, from those who are rich and powerful, in an ethical, legal way, without stealing, cheating, without lying, without exploiting their workers, and without destroying or polluting our planet. Class struggles, hatred, battles, divisions, we leave them to the old politics, we always prefer to be united, and supportive, in diversity.

A total control of our members, to force the policy to do exactly the interest of the entire population, through our direct democracy. After all, with this control of the electors on the elected, we do nothing but give meaning and an authentic meaning to the word democracy, which provides that power is in the hands, and in the minds, of the population.

Many, they will ask, what if the population doesn't choose well? You are right, not all citizens are experts on all kinds of topics. But we have a simple, safe, and foolproof solution. For many years, we have contacted, we contact now, and we will contact again in the future, many brilliant minds, and not compromised, with the old political, economic, and financial systems. These brilliant minds, together with our other members, we have placed them, in groups of specialists, free, independent, verified, sincere, honest, competent, and reliable. Therefore, the population, in the various geographical groups, but also our individual political representatives, will have experts, who will always inform them, in a complete way, on the various issues, always presenting all the possible alternatives, and the foreseen consequences, for each one of the various possibilities. Obviously, all of our members, in the various geographical groups, will always decide. Furthermore, we ask you a question: are you truly convinced that traditional political parties and their political representatives are truly prepared, cultured, and have the solutions to all problems? Is the old politics competent, free, independent of the economic and financial systems? Does the old policy keep all its promises? Does the old policy actually put all its programs into practice? Does old politics serve everyone's interests, or only a part, often rich and powerful?

Each of our official members is placed, on the basis of his preparation, his education, and on the basis of the work he carries out, in groups of experts, but also in special groups: administration and management of all our activities, in special security groups, and control, and in each working group. In this way, each of our members, in the groups in which they will work, will be able to check, report, or correct any small inaccuracies. Everyone, who controls everything, with so many brilliant minds, and with little work (useful for everyone), by everyone, we cannot fail.

And as if that weren't enough, all of our members are the sole owners, with a single, individual, non-cumulative, non-transferable share, of our political organization, our website, each of our components, and all of our activities. . Again, for the first time in the world, the voters who join us will be the owners, the "shareholders", of everything we create. In this way, we will avoid the influences of finance, and of the economy, in our politics, as unfortunately sometimes happens in traditional politics. Furthermore, since everything belongs to everyone, everyone will have an interest in making their own political organization work.

However, we have decided to innovate every sector, not only politics, but also: the economy, finance, information, education, the press, and every type of activity, finally making free, independent , fair, with the same possibilities for everyone, rewarding the most deserving. Anyone who has a winning, innovative idea, which will be considered useful, will be able to implement it, together with all of us.

We are not, and will never be, against politics, against the economy, against finance, or against the system. For the simple reason, that we are, and will always be, alternative, incompatible, and completely innovative, with everything that has existed up to now.

With our birth, there is finally a new road, to go all together, with the same rights, and with the same duties, without discrimination of any kind.

We will never make politics against someone, or against something, but always in favor of everyone, creating for everyone the best chance to express their individual and group potential.

You certainly have a political ideology that you love and for which you have support, almost like a sports fan.

What if we tell you, that we have, among our membership, some of the best policy makers, globally, from so many countries? These experts have taken every little positive and useful part from every ideology and old political force that has existed throughout the history of man, eliminating every negative part, every error, and often every horror. These experts of ours, our official members, have created our practically perfect political ideology. You will be surprised when you begin to discover what we have been creating, in great secrecy, for over 14 years, before making it known to very few, selected people.

Each of our projects, each of our activities is based on logic, common sense, values, ideals, principles, methods and rules, all of which can be shared, supported and respected by anyone who joins us. Each of our users puts into practice our solution to all the ills of the world, which is: mutual respect, of all people.

Perhaps, you will struggle to understand the enormous potential of what we have created, and what we are creating, and we hope to continue to create, and manage, together with you. For that, we advise you to carefully read, even several times, any public information, visible free of charge, without any obligation, on our official website.

Our website is written in English, but you just need to change the language, in our form, next to our logo, choosing your preferred language, in the drop-down menu that opens, clicking on English, and in a few seconds each part in English, and each of our pages will be available, translated into over 120 languages. We also have a blog, public pages and groups in many languages, where, by clicking on the category of your language, and then on the title of each article (post), you can read the content. We have published a lot of information, but what you see on our website is just the tip of the iceberg. The real, immense work takes place in reserved areas, with all the safety measures, and tranquility, to be able to work well. We prefer to make public only the things discussed, voted on, and decided, in the restricted areas, by those directly involved.

Friends, to be independent, free, and avoid censorship, cancellations, blocks, or waste of time, we carry out all our activities, only and exclusively, on our official website, limiting ourselves to a minimal presence, only informative, on social networks network, and other websites.

We conclude, with a small part, which many do not like. The world doesn't change, and it doesn't improve by itself, and we expect, from each of our users, one of the most important things that we all have. A small part of your free time. Our statisticians have calculated that in order to have useful results, everyone needs about 20 minutes a day, and on average about 2 hours a week. This is the only thing we expect from all our users.

The jobs that you can do with us in the political project are varied, such as voting for the various decisions to be made, managing our groups, helping other users, and making your knowledge available to others.

Because each of us, therefore you too, knows how to do something good, you have your skills, your passions, and your "specialties".

After all, we all spend a lot of time complaining, in vain, and saying that things are going wrong, that the 20 minutes a day to make them change and improve, concretely, for the good of all, doesn't seem like a too much sacrifice.

If you like what we offer, after being informed, join us, and spread this message as much as possible, put our logos (you can find them on the various social networks), in your cover images on social networks, talk about us , with your relatives, friends, and contacts.

The fault, for a world like the one we live in, lies with all of us, so all together, we must change it and improve it. We have a moral obligation to do it, for us, and for future generations. We are not satisfied with criticizing and pointing out problems, but with solving all the problems that we have not been able to avoid. We renew you, our question. Do you want to change, and improve the world? Join us, and let others know us.

With esteem, respect, and with the hope that we have been clear, we send you our best wishes and best regards.

DirectDemocracyS, your innovative, alternative policy, truly, in every sense!


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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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