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    Politics, economics, finance, together

    The old policy has often shown itself to be controlled by economic forces and not to act in full autonomy. Political parties first, and their political representatives, after being elected, do not always decide, for the good of the whole population, but often help only a very rich part, to the detriment of the less well-off people, or by favoring only some categories, without respecting the other categories. There have been, and there are even now, all over the world, many scandals, with cases of corruption, illegal business, sexual activities, blackmail, and with many politicians, suspects, and often convicted.

    DirectDemocracyS, in many articles, explained to everyone, how political decisions are made by us, and how, with a lot of innovation, it will put authentic democracy into practice for the first time in the world.

    Power in the hands of the sovereign people, who always hold it: before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections. Because the very essence of democracy requires the people to decide, and the politicians to execute, based on the will of the entire population. The thing that makes us angry is that they have taken away the right to express ourselves, to allow all of them to do what they want. If they did a good job, both the traditional parties and their "good" representatives would rightly receive our praise, and there would be no need to complain. But the indecent spectacle, and the conditions in which they have reduced us, our families, and our planet, makes it absolutely necessary, to change and improve world politics, and consequently, to change and improve our lives.

    Always for the first time in the world, with DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, citizens are continuously informed, by competent, independent, honest groups of specialists who suggest to our constituents the best choices, giving them, not only the complete and detailed information, but also the forecast, of the consequences of each choice.

    Dear friends, informed voters, it means having a conscious power, and that you always choose the best ways to go, all together. Not an incompetent power, which only helps the powerful. We will all be involved in politics, helping everyone, but always starting with people in difficulty. This is not just a promise, but an oath, which is written in each of our articles, and in each of our regulations, or statutes.

    If until recently, not very rightly, people were divided into rich class, middle class, and poor class, all with various categories, lately the social classes are only 2. The super rich, and powerful, who they control everything, and manage the lives of everyone, and the super poor, who struggle to live, and who have no chance, and no opportunity, to change, and improve their lives, and those of their families.

    To avoid "riots", they did, and still are, in a slow, gradual, but inexorable way.

    Let me be clear, none of us are envious of those who have become rich, in an ethically correct way, without exploiting their workers, without destroying our planet. We do not enter, and if there are any, we chase them away, the so-called "serial haters" "keyboard lions", who are never okay with anything, or those who sickly envy those who are rich and famous. We are not, and never will be, the Robin Hoods of politics, who take away from the rich, to give to the poor. There are many, of political forces, born to protest, and to destroy, making fun of stupid people, who really believe, that with a head-on confrontation, with the current political and economic system, you can have the least chance, to re-establish a "social justice".

    The only way to have a just world, and a better one for everyone, is to build, without ever going to a head-on collision.

    The powerful, especially those who have been for several generations, have had plenty of time to organize themselves, to manage organizations, and protest movements.

    We are a proposal organization, with an unbeatable political project, and a practically perfect working method. And anyone who has joined us, or will in the future, knows what we are talking about.

    In this article we do not want to explain, and repeat, the enormous potential of DirectDemocracyS, and of all the related projects, but we want to prevent some criticisms, by uninformed and superficial people. Because we have predicted that there will be, and we want to anticipate our detractors by explaining some basic concepts.

    We, who always talk about how politics should be autonomous, and not suffer any interference from the economy, finance, banks, and other "strong powers", create in our great universe, in addition to the galaxy of politics innovative, a project of economics, finance, information, communication, radio, TV, multimedia, sports, even founding a bank, and also creating a brand new currency, * Time *, and even a crypto currency , TimeCrypWS SWCT, therefore all activities, with considerable profits, and developments, in all sectors of activity.

    Many will argue: are these exactly like the others? Do they also allow themselves to be controlled by economic projects? We understand you, it is logical to ask ourselves, but we are not like the others, we are innovative in everything.

    As in DirectDemocracyS, where everything belongs to everyone, even in connected projects, everything belongs to those who participate, and join us.

    In this article, we will explain what our motivations are, then why we are going to do it, how we are going to do it, and whoever will understand, that we are truly innovative, in everything we have created. And above all you will understand, that not only politics is false, and does not work well in our world, but there are many sectors, in which real innovation, a change, and above all an improvement are needed. So even in economics, finance, and in all sectors, something new, and above all better, is needed.

    Before we continue, we have just two questions for you.

    The first is: if you consider that we live in a just world, where everyone has an equal chance, to get a better and decent life?

    The second is: if you consider that a political project, even a beautiful and complete one, like ours, without an economic force to support it, will never be able to make itself known, and resist, the enormous challenges that there will be, not only on the part of of all the other political forces, but also all the "strong powers", which with us will lose every possibility of existing, and if we can "fight" with the economy, and world finance, which with us, should change, and improve their rules?

    If your answers are: no, we do not live in a just world, and no, you will never be able to survive, and win all the battles, against the "strong powers", if you do not have yourself, an economic and financial strength, you show, as always, that you understand the truth! Well done, we were sure, and those who do not understand all the reasons can stop reading.

    However, we must repeat it: we do not fight against anyone, but we create our own politics, our own finance, our own currency, our own information, multimedia, television radio, our information, our events, our sporting activities, and our own activities of all kinds.

    And do you know how we do it? Certainly not by destroying what already exists, but by creating something new.

    Without disturbing anyone, we will create all the potential we will need.

    And do you know how we're going to do it? Making useless, centuries, millennia, in which divisions, hatred, discrimination of all kinds have been created in an artificial way.

    We do, and we will do everything calmly, with attention to every detail, creating joint projects, of all the good people on earth, based on trust, and mutual respect, and on very rigid rules, respected by all, based on meritocracy, with ideals and values, all based on logic, fairness, and common sense.

    In the previous sentence, we have explained to you the essence of each of our projects, and why we are sure, that we can never fail, or even go wrong. We have tens of thousands of experts, in all sectors, who first for free, and then with compensation for their collaborations, help us not to make mistakes.

    Throughout history, they have always artificially divided us, and we will reunite, naturally.

    In politics, we will be the best, and it is clear to everyone, but we do not force anyone to join us, nor do we ask, the old politics to change, improve, and become more democratic, and freer (because it never could. do due to huge conflicts of interest). Those who have a minimum of intelligence will join us, and even those less intelligent will understand that we are the only hope, for everyone, of living in a different, just, and better world. But also the stupid ones, and unfortunately there are so many of them, who let themselves be manipulated, and who let themselves be made fun of by current politics, seeing the intellectual depth, and the personalities, who we will present as candidates, will not be able to vote in the elections, which for we. Do not accuse us of being too optimistic, we are not, and do not accuse us of being presumptuous, time as always will prove us right. We are just realists. You will surely have understood our enormous potential, and many are sorry for not having our ideas. Even if they had, without our method, they could never make such a project stand. But to be sure, and to understand what we are talking about, please re-read, even a couple of times, all our information on our website:

    and if you still believe that we exaggerate, you will realize that we are, and will always remain, only realists.

    We will put the same innovative project into practice, also in all projects of economy, finance, information, communication, radio, TV, multimedia, sports, even founding a bank, and with the brand-new currency, * Time *, a TimeCrypWS SWCT crypto currency, and all other assets, in every business sector.

    We reveal a secret, which many of our verified registered users have known for a long time, no person, who is not our verified registered user, on our official policy website, will not be able to participate, in the initial phase, and in the fundamental phase, to our economic and financial projects.

    In fact we are creating, because we are already working in every sector, an economy and a finance parallel to those already existing, which is reserved only for those who are with us. And before accusing us of being too closed, and of not allowing anyone, who does not think like us politically, to join us, read on, and you will understand all our motivations.

    We could never be competitive in the current finance and economy, because the existing market, out of a great fear of competition, would try to sabotage, and make all of our activities fail by any possible means, legal or illegal. They will try the same, but with our mechanisms, and with our algorithms, we have already foreseen everything, and they will not have the slightest chance to hinder us, or to slow us down.

    They will never be able to stop us, because we act in total legality, absolutely respecting every international, national and local law. We will only do legal, ethically correct, environmentally friendly activities, with the care and protection of anyone who collaborates with us. Friends, there will never be, and for no reason, people who will work for us, but only people who work with us, therefore with us. It seems like a bit of a communist project, and you wouldn't expect it, from totally anti-communist people like us. Instead it is, and always will be, because it is right that anyone who participates in the success of any business receives a fair compensation for their work. Because the fact of working together gives a good idea of unity, collaboration, and mutual respect, which we put into practice in each of our projects.

    One for all, all for one, is not a slogan, reminiscent of the 3 Musketeers, for us it is a fundamental rule, to make everything work perfectly.

    So let's create our own economy, based on competence, honesty, and meritocracy.

    Before continuing, let's make a premise.

    In a year of almost unknown activity, we have received several messages, of various kinds. Some threats, and some attempts to stop us, which confirm that we are annoying, and therefore we are on the right path, but also many proposals to sell, to people, or companies, all our projects, and to obtain a lot of wealth, and power, while to take over the current power, in our activities. But since we are totally incompatible with the old politics, even the economic powers, who want to "buy" us, would not know how to manage our projects. They are not used to democracy, freedom, and above all social justice, based on meritocracy and equal opportunities.

    To all, we have replied in the same way: we do not disturb anyone, we are not afraid of anyone, and we go our own way. If before we were 282 people from various countries, with different jobs, different political opinions, and from various social sectors, now, in mid-July 2022, we are 109400 verified registered users, and with many, who request to join us, and we increase continuously.

    In this regard, we want to thank you for your esteem, trust, and respect, which are reciprocated by all of us. If to stop 282, it was very difficult, almost impossible, now our snowball, which comes down from the mountain, is becoming, luckily for us, a huge avalanche, which will overwhelm all the evil that is on earth.

    We apologize for our comparison, with those who unfortunately died, or lost relatives, or friends, in tragic avalanches, due to climate change, partly also caused by man. The snowball, which becomes an avalanche, impossible to stop, which will overwhelm all that is rotten in the world, to clean it from crime, corruption, blackmail, violence, scams, and evil people (fortunately few but powerful), who play with people's destinies. Who exploit, and cheat people, and destroy the planet.

    To those who wanted to buy our project, we said that only if 100% of our verified registered users agree to sell, we will do it, with great regret. Obviously the 282 first users, our over 300 administrators, and all of our verified registered users, are not interested in selling, because it would mean failing, in our intent to change, and improve the world. Now, the big capitalists will criticize us, and the economics experts, who will explain to us that it is uneconomical, not to sell, if the supply is good. We are also innovative in this, there is no amount of money that can buy us. Just as there is, and we repeat, a threat that can scare us. We will always be able to respond to everyone, with a lot of intelligence, determination, unity, and speed.

    Returning to our economy, and our finance, innovative and successful, we bring you some details.

    Participation, as we have already said, is reserved for our verified registered users, and is on a voluntary basis. There is a fixed amount, to enter our share capital, which increases according to the number of our verified registered users, who will join us. Attention it is not a Ponzi scheme, nor a multi-level market, which we consider unfair, and almost always morally unsuitable, and incompatible with our ideas. We all participate, with the same possibilities, and with the same amounts, or with minimal differences, and we do not reward the former, making the latter lose money.

    There are many algorithms, and very detailed rules, which however have some important concepts at the base. We will give a detailed explanation, only to those interested, in a future article, but we all say that minimum amounts are invested, both in the share capital and in the various projects that we carry out together.

    Caution. Before continuing, we remind everyone that investing, money, goods, services, and lending one's work, in financial activities, and in economic projects, buying and selling shares, investing in crypto currencies, can be risky, and can be lost. money, assets, and precious time. Therefore, our invitation is to read carefully, each of our projects, and to consult with specialists, before making any decision. Never invest capital, goods, services, and your utilities, which are essential to your and your family's survival. Even if we take every measure to prevent and prevent people from wasting time, capital, or goods of various kinds, there is always, even the slightest possibility of losing, even if only partially, the investments made. Furthermore, not all of our activities will start at the same time, so you could commit your money, even for quite long periods, without many possibilities to withdraw. Since our projects, and our activities, are managed and controlled by all our registered registered users, you have one more guarantee, that no one runs away with the money, and that no one organizes scams. Everything is, and will always be, of everyone, obviously based on the investments made, and the shares that one owns, in each business. The choice should be made on the basis of the knowledge that one has in each sector. Choosing carefully which and how many investments to make, and when to make them, is one of the ideal formulas for achieving great success.

    How do the initial activities work?

    First of all, every person, verified registered user, on our political website, has the right to participate, with a single personal action, and with a single participation, in the various projects in which he chooses to enter, based on a unique code security, to our general business. With the share capital raised by everyone, investments of various kinds will be made, with different rules, but with the certainty that all people will be protected, and every investment, which among other things will be equal. For every penny raised, as share capital, a strict control will be made, on how it will be spent, or on how it will be invested.

    Guarantee funds will always be created to prevent, and to avoid, any kind of problem, especially the lack of liquidity. The first earnings of each activity will be used to return, to those who wish, the initial invested capital, and the capital of the various projects, but also part of the profits, to create a profit. Those who wish to continue the investment, on the other hand, will be able to do so, with very simple but rigid rules, to prevent the accumulation of shares, and to prevent people from exposing themselves economically, with too large sums.

    The real gain, however, will not be with individual actions, but with time, and the work of each participant. Because at first glance, up to now, it might seem a simple, and very fair, almost “communist” project. But since communism does not create development, does not give those who participate, the right motivations, and creates economic stagnation, we have foreseen, for anyone who participates in addition to the social and project capital, and putting his time, and his work , at the disposal of one or more projects, the possibility of obtaining additional earnings, based on the revenues generated by each, for each project, and on the basis of merit, competence, and honesty. It may seem a little complicated, but it's very simple, if you have all the details, and all our rules. Therefore, even in these activities, the best ones, and those who work hard, it is right that they earn more, than those who do little or nothing. Productivity is rewarded, and every form of contribution, to the success of all our activities.

    Furthermore, anyone who is in our "parallel market" will have considerable advantages, and many facilitations, as well as discounts, and special offers, on which speculation will not be tolerated.

    We prevent another possible criticism, explaining that for every activity we carry out, we have clear rules, which will be respected by all, in a complete way. So for those who think that we invest, all in the same way, and that everyone puts a single share, and then divides, we tell you that it is so, only for a variable percentage, of each activity. Another percentage is based on investments, based on the shares owned, in a variable way, from user to user, as in the current market, with many more protections. Another percentage, on the other hand, is based on actual work and on individual or group contributions. Everything is done, according to a method, which we will explain, in another article, only to those who join us.

    In some activities, people outside our projects will be able to enter, in the future, without many advantages, and without many facilities, but for pure profit, and in a mutually advantageous way, according to clear, rigid, and very careful rules. , to prevent problems.

    And now the explanation that everyone is waiting for, what does politics have to do with the economy?

    You should ask the same question first, to current politics, which is almost entirely controlled by the economic powers, or which almost always does favors, often for a fee, to certain social classes, usually favoring a few, to the detriment of many. But there are also political forces, which exploit the great ignorance, the ease of being manipulated by the masses, and the disinformation of a large part of the electorate. And finally a part, ever greater, and more dangerous, exploits the hatred, envy, malice, of the many frustrated people, who, also because of personal problems, no longer believe in anything, and who go after the first , which gives them hope, to take revenge against fate, or against those who are rich, powerful, or famous. Social hatred, they create by inculcating in some, wrong ideas, to make it clear that everything is false, that all information is manipulated, and making people become unable to choose, between good and evil, and to distinguish, what is right, from what is wrong. They do so by promising everyone, without keeping any, or almost no promises, to obtain justice and a better life. There are political parties and representatives, who promise discounts and tax cuts, or who give money away, to do nothing, or maybe work illegally. However, creating huge debts, to be paid by all our children, grandchildren, and future generations. They make us, and will make us slaves, in debt, to pay for sins that are not ours, but those of our ancestors. And they do all this, with everyone's money. In fact, if after government actions, in which they took away 100, just before the elections, they give you back 20, you continue to vote for them, because in the elections, you only see the final part, in which they give you back the 20, and not the 80 that they took from you, during the whole period. We are different, innovative, we do not exploit imbeciles, but we try to make them aware of reality, even in somewhat harsh ways, and with severe tones, but with the certainty of being able to look them in the face, before, during, and above all after, all our political activities. Those looking for broken promises, and beautiful words, illusions, continue to vote on the old policy. On the other hand, those who seek concreteness and medium and long-term results that last over time and are truly decisive, vote for us as well.

    We put the same reasoning into practice in all our economic and financial activities and in all our projects.

    Those who think of making money, and becoming rich, quickly, without having to do anything, by looking, can safely continue to invest in traditional methods. And it can continue to lose, and fail, with the old finance, and the old economy.

    Those who believe they can start projects, without sharing the profits, with those who put time, money, and work into their project, should do it alone, or with the help of traditional means of financing.

    Those who believe they can steal, even a single cent from our other users, or from taxes, to increase their earnings, know that they can continue cheating, and evading taxes, with the methods of the traditional economy, by not sleeping at night, for fear of verification, and of problems. We, and anyone who invests with us, will sleep soundly, knowing that we are in compliance, both with the laws and with our conscience. In this regard, we will pay all taxes, according to the laws of the country, or geographic area, in which we will earn, and in which we will work.

    At this point many will ask themselves, if you do everything as it should be done, how will you make money, and how are you going to make money, who will work with you?

    The answer would take a very long time, and it will take us time to write, and you time to read. But in the next few articles, we will go into more technical details, and you will understand exactly how it works, but for all the details, and to see how everything works, you will have to join us. For now, just know, we are already working, because our activities have already started, and the first investments are going better than we had anticipated.

    We want to tell you a little secret: you can make a lot of money, even in an honest way, and with legitimate activities.

    To those who accuse us, that we also think about doing business, therefore earning, we respond by saying that we keep the accounts separate. The earnings of our political organization: with advertising activities, voluntary donations, electoral reimbursements, percentages on earnings, of our political representatives (for the many services we offer them), will always be managed, by our verified registered users, through groups of specialists, and security, only in the political project.

    Our economic, financial, and any activity that is not political, will always be managed by our registered users verified, through groups of specialists, and security, but completely separate, from the political accounts. We will work on projects, and with rules, which allow everyone to earn based on merits and skills.

    To those who tell us that yes, separate accounts, but they are the same people, we answer with two questions: are you really sure, that the political parties, and the political representatives, of the old politics, do not carry out any kind of economic activity, even separate from that politics? If they can do it, why can't we? And then, the fact that our verified registered users, in their free time, or for those who want it, and have no commitments of political representation, full time, make investments, and join together to collaborate, is not and will never be prohibited by any law.

    After all, our economic activities are only of an immense group of trusted friends, who come together to create a commercial company, in which to work, and invest together, in equal parts, or according to their interests, and their own. possibility, and ability. So no one in our huge family is forced to do anything.

    In the next few articles, we will explain how you invest, how much you spend, and how much, and how you earn all together. But to know all the details, and to understand the whole mechanism well, we repeat, that you will have to join us, because being an investment, among a few hundred thousand friends, we prefer to inform only those who have the opportunity to join us. Certain things are better understood from the inside than from the outside.

    And for those who accuse us of being too closed, and not giving all the details, there is only one explanation: after all, if we reveal all our secrets, and our investments, whoever wants to stop us will know how to try to do it, and will act accordingly. Even if we are very ready, to answer everyone, with the same methods.

    And then, if we gave you all the details, everyone could steal our ideas, even if they would fail miserably, because they don't have our methods, nor our control groups, made up of our registered verified users, who do a perfect job.

    Some things are, and will remain top secret. Until the right moment, only a few people will know all the details, so that they can find out who we can trust, or not.

    For this reason, joining our political organization is very complicated for some. After all, a little time is needed, and a little attention, and above all to be willing to respect all our ideals and all our values. But joining us is difficult, especially for those who do not like to follow certain rules, all based on common sense. To carry out in the best way, with important and guaranteed results, our economic activities, in which everyone puts a little money, to earn more, entry as a member, is even more complicated, and difficult, to prevent , and to avoid any sabotage, or attempt to stop us. In both cases, if you enter, you have to prove every day that you deserve to stay there. The severity, against those who do not respect the rules, is the basis of our successes.

    As always, unity and absolute respect for the rules allow us, and will allow us to be successful, even in business and finance.

    The names of our projects for now are: NewOpo commercial company, financial company, economic activities.

    MyWebMyBank, our subsidiary bank, and managed by NewOpo.

    * Time * our currency, controlled and managed by MyWebMyBank, and NewOpo.

    TimeCrypWS, SWCT code, our crypto currency, controlled and managed by * Time *, MyWebMyBank, and NewOpo.

    MyInfo, our news, information, and culture agency. It runs all of our schools, and all of our courses. It also deals with research activities, and international collaboration, of all our experts.

    MyWebMyRadio, deals with radio, music, concerts, events, and communication.

    MyWebMyTV, deals with TV, films, television programs, audio and video creations, concerts, events, and communication.

    SportsAcademy, deals with sports, sports facilities management, creation of sports academies, management of existing and new sports clubs, representative agency for sportsmen, coaches, personnel, and sports clubs.

    We inform you that our welcome website has a component, with all our job offers, in all sectors of activity, so we answer, with this sentence, even to those who are convinced, that it is useless to have 2 websites of politics. Each has its purpose, and its competence.

    DirectDemocracyS, on the official website, only does politics, and it does it in the best way.

    Attention, not all the websites that we present to you are fully active, and above all functional, some are with restricted access, only for administrators, members of groups of administrators, security, legality, control, specialists, and official representatives, our verified registered users. Others, on the other hand, are with restricted access, for all our verified registered users, who have paid the annual fee, to be able to access it. But we will soon, for each of them small public parts, visible to all, in which we will present some brief information, and some of our results, based on how they decide, our owners, who are all of us, verified registered users, who have decided to do business, and invest together.

    Some of our websites, not being active yet, or in the process of being created, may redirect you, to our political website, which is the starting point, our first galaxy, to be able to access our immense universe.

    Our other websites, on the other hand, will have articles, forms, and main menu items, visible only, after you have logged in, with the username, and password, that you use, on our official political website.

    And finally one last condemnation, which we receive from many of you, against us. Many will say: under the guise of business, you will have a lot of people register on your website, which deals with politics.

    We also respond to these. Simply, but directly, again with a question from us. But really, with a political project like ours, do you think we need to use the "bait" of business to attract people? You will never change. Always criticize, knowing nothing about us, and what we are doing. We do not need any advertising, we just need word of mouth from our verified registered users, to reach, in a short time, billions of verified registered users.

    Thank you for your attention, for your curiosity, and for the interest with which you follow us.

    Kindest regards, and best wishes.

    Our huge family!

    Warning: almost all of our official websites are multilingual, or available in the main languages.

    You just have to choose, in the language module, your preferred language, instead of English, and all parts in English will be translated into over 100 official languages.

    Anyone wishing to contribute to the translation, after becoming a verified registered user, will be able to do so.

    The parts already translated by us, in other languages, of course, will not be translated, in all other languages, but only those of all our articles, applications, components, and modules, which are in English.

    We apologize for any small errors in the various translations.

    Welcome website.

    MyPolitics, your welcome website, your job offers, truly in every sense!

    Innovative policy website.

    DirectDemocracyS, your policy, in every sense!

    Business website.

    NewOpo, your business, truly in every sense!

    Banking and financial investment website.

    MyWebMyBank, your bank, in every sense!

    Website, for information, culture, dissemination, communication, and education.

    MyInfo, your information, in every sense!

    Our traditional currency, * Time *, linked to our projects.

    * Time *, your currency, truly in every sense!

    Our innovative cryptocurrency, TimeCrypWS SWCT, linked to our projects. Only official website, to be able to use it. Warning: do not register, without being authorized, on the official * Time * website.

    TimeCrypWS, your crypto currency, truly in every sense!

    Investments, in radio, multimedia, music, production, concerts, artists, events and other activities.

    MyWebMyRadio, your radio, truly in every sense!

    Investments, in television, multimedia, video, film, production, events, artists, and other activities.

    MyWebMyTV, your TV, truly in every sense!

    Investments in sports, sports management and representation, events, tournaments, management and creation of sports facilities.

    SportsAcademy, your sport, truly in every sense!

    And many other projects, in all sectors of activity. For all complete lists, you will need to be a verified registered user, according to all of our rules.

    The only link, for information on how to register, is the one below.

    The only link, to register, and create your personal profile, and to join us, is the one below.

    The only link, for complete information, to become a verified registered user, is the one below.

    Only after having been authorized, based on your work, and your behavior on the welcome website, will you be able to access our official political website, where you can decide whether to participate in all our projects, economic and financial, or only to some of them.

    Creating a single personal profile will allow you to access all our projects with the same username and password. You will not be forced, except in very few cases, to create a new personal profile.

    For all information, there is only one way to contact us, through contact forms, according to your needs.

    The only way to receive official information from us is with the link below.

    You will have to choose the exact category, and then choose the contact form, according to your needs.

    We only answer relevant questions, and we never, for any reason, give our visitors any further details, other than what is presented, in the public areas of our websites.

    We never and for no reason answer questions, the answers to which have already been given in our published articles.

    Our registered users, and our verified registered users, of course, have answers as needed, and with more direct means, and faster.

    Only our official websites, they contain our information, and all the work is done and organized, only on our official websites, and then in real life.

    Thanks to everyone, we guarantee you all our esteem, and our respect.

    Stay Informed

    When you subscribe to the blog, we will send you an e-mail when there are new updates on the site so you wouldn't miss them.

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