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Let's talk a little about money, with a brief introduction.

Very often, the old politics has accustomed us to political parties and to corrupt political representatives who demanded, and who demand, favors of various kinds, to offer in return rules and laws that would reciprocate the favor.

In some cases, it was real scandals, we won't waste time writing about them here. We all know that what we discover is only the tip of the iceberg. Many manage not to be discovered, others manage to hide petty activities, and still others manage to make people only partially guilty to blame.

We have often seen the Judiciary implicated in these "bad habits", creating real struggles between the various "powers" in many countries.

For DirectDemocracyS, Legality, ethics, and mutual respect, of all people, are fundamental, as is civic education. Anyone who steals, for whatever reason, is unfit to run public affairs. Whether he steals for himself, for his family, for his territory, for his country, for his continent, for his political party, or for his people, he will be severely punished by us, and made persona non grata. Stealing is wrong, in any situation. If a person has serious problems, if one's family cannot survive, one must ask and obtain all the help of those in the institutions to solve all the problems. Obviously, asking for help is not an excuse not to get busy, to make yourself useful to society. You must always reciprocate, any help received, without becoming a burden to the community. These phrases will make us lose many potential voters, but anyone who does not agree with everything we write, however, would not join us, and would never vote for our political representatives.

Unfortunately, we are so used to an old policy, and to corrupt citizens, and to people who take advantage of others, that honesty, respect for the rules, and mutual respect for people are considered a weakness, a difficult thing to achieve.

We all know that human beings are easily corruptible, and are very attracted to money, material goods, and power. We have often talked about it, the smart ones, and the cheaters, exist, and they make decent people, a rarity, an "endangered animal". Without going into too much detail, we all know very well how society has "evolved". It's not right to generalize, but changing, and improving people's mentality and way of behaving, is the hardest thing to do.

To avoid all temptations, we have given ourselves detailed rules, which we all respect, and an infallible method, which we all put into practice. We have many, and continuous over time, control methods, to prevent, and to solve, any type of problem.

To create a different and certainly better society and world, we had to prevent any "temptation", both for our users (who are all our constituents) and for our political representatives.

DirectDemocracyS, through its example of honesty and ethics, can give lessons to anyone, without ever having to feel ashamed, for incorrect behavior. If you ask us: will there, be corrupt inside you? Our answer is that there will never be any, certainly not because we are perfect beings, but because we make any corruption practically impossible. Anyone who knows our rules well, and our method, knows very well that this is the case. For those who do not know us, and do not work with us, you will have to trust our word, and you will be able to verify over time, each of our statements, which will be promptly confirmed. We know very well what we are talking about, and we understand your distrust. Read on, and you will understand very well, that it is really difficult, practically impossible, to be smart, in DirectDemocracyS.

First, we gave ourselves very detailed rules of self-financing.

From the first 5 users, to the 282 first members (who created and implemented almost all of our project), up to the many people who currently work with us, we helped each other, and we gave ourselves rules, judged by many people, when they became aware of them, "strange", and above all innovative. We summarize some of them.

Always have the funds and the necessary means to deal with unforeseen situations. Have funds, and means, in reserve, for a few years, in advance, to be sure, not to run out of money, and without means.

Receive donations, free, voluntary, from individuals and businesses, without ever having to give anything in return.

Require an annual fee from all our members, always offering in return services, advantages and facilities that would reciprocate, with interest, the value of this fee. Virtually all of our users, after verifying their identity, pay the annual fee, requesting to become an official member. Soon, according to our rules, we will be forced to demand a minimum fee for registration, and in the future, also a guarantee deposit. In this regard, we will write more details, both as regards the logical motivations and the effects of these choices. Requesting a registration fee will allow us to hire some of our administrators regularly, with work contracts, in order to be able to better and faster manage not only the registrations and activations of new users, but also many of our other activities. Demanding a fee for registration, and the deposit of a minimum sum, as a guarantee of one's good intentions, has great importance, which we will briefly explain. One of the only methods, to try to slow us down, boycott us, or worse stop us, is to convince many people to register at the same time, making the activation of new users complicated, slow and difficult. So, both well-intentioned users and those who just want to slow us down will be hard to handle. By making them pay a registration fee (for which they will receive many advantages and facilities in return), and by depositing a guarantee (with which they will be able to become official members in the future, with many advantages and facilities), we will have the security, that only people, with good intentions, will join us. The money raised will be used above all to reward our best and most active users, and to create new jobs (full-time or part-time, fixed-term or permanent), for many of our users. In this way, we will do more and better checks, making, or maintaining, our organization safe, orderly, clean, reliable, simple, and fast. Obviously, we have already foreseen, and are active, all the modalities to allow anyone who has financial problems, but has good intentions, and wants to work with us to join us, free of charge. We have activated the contact called: I have financial problems, in which our Financial Help Group, for potential users, offer the possibility of paying in installments (in 2, 4, 6, or 12 installments), the various installments. In some cases, you can carry out a work activity with us, in exchange for the respective shares. You can also pay a fee for those you want to help, or pay to create a cash fund, to allow those in financial difficulty to join us for free. There are specific rules, very detailed, to be able to get any help, obviously the controls, are very detailed, to prevent scams, and people who believe they can cheat us.

We have written clearly, in our official regulation, that DirectDemocracyS, all our users (during their direct, connected activity with us), and all related projects, will never, do any kind of debt, and will never request loans, or funding, from individuals, banks, or finance companies, to carry out political activities. In this way, having no debts, we will never be forced to make compromises or political favors to anyone.

State funding.

In many countries, and in many states, there are funds, with money, for goods of various kinds, services, or donations of a part of the taxes, paid by the citizens, to politics, with public and private money. In certain countries, this funding, and aid, is based on the number of voters that each single political force, or each single official representative, manages to obtain in the elections. These financial aids, have only one rule, they must be used, for the geographical management, of our political organization, with the exception of 25%, which must be transferred, directly to our international political organization, for the use of our rules, our method, our name, our logos and emblems, our computer systems, and our website, and for the advice of our expert groups, and for the payment of our staff.

Funding by retaining a share, from our political representatives.

Everyone knows our innovation, first and only in the world, in which our political representatives put into practice every order received from their constituents. This ingenious reversal of roles, compared to all the old politics, brings many advantages to everyone, which make democracy authentic, even representative democracy. Obviously, internally we work with the only just and free democracy, the direct one. Each of our political representatives must receive every sum earned through political activity in a current account in the name of DirectDemocracyS. From these sums, our political organization will pay 25% every month to our political representative, if the territorial groups in which he has been chosen as political representative are satisfied with his work. At the end of each year, or, one year after the elections, and from the receipt of the first payment, if the territorial groups in which he has been chosen as political representative are satisfied with his work, he will receive an additional 25% of the total sum received, up to that time. At the end of his political representation activity, if the territorial groups in which he was chosen as political representative are satisfied with his work, he will receive an additional 25% of the entire amount earned, with his political representation work. 25%, of each sum received by each of our political representatives, will remain in the DirectDemocracyS current account, for the many services offered to the political representative, including: accounting and taxes, security service, secretarial service, group consultancy of experts, permanent connection with its constituents, and many other important services. Despite having territorial subdivisions, from the largest to the smallest, DirectDemocracyS is one and indivisible. Of the sums collected, at the territorial level, 75% of the sums received will be used at the local level, on the basis of concrete projects, based on our specific rules, and the needs of each of our territorial organizations, and 25% will be used internationally. With this methodology, just and fair, the unity of DirectDemocracyS is maintained and consolidated, the geographical organization also develops, in the various territories, and our political representatives are obliged to put into practice every request, of its constituents, with the collaboration of our groups of experts. All this, before, during, and for the first time in the world, even after the elections.


We have decided, not to overload our website with advertising. We do not give up on the right and useful idea of obtaining advertising contracts at an international, continental, national, state and local level. But in the early stages, we didn't want to overdo it, and make it even more difficult to find the information that many visitors are looking for. As we carefully select each of our users, we will also carefully select each advertisement. We will advertise only, and exclusively, to companies and brands that have been created in an ethically correct way, respecting all the laws, respecting the environment, and their collaborators. We will not advertise to companies that do not meet certain standards. Better to earn less, but not be accomplices, to suspicious activities.

Politics and business together.

Many of our official members have started finance, business, and projects of all kinds, many of which are already active. Doing politics together, on our website, and doing business together, on the websites of various projects, of all kinds, is not prohibited, indeed, we are very pleased. Obviously, we will not take into account economic and financial activities and related projects in our political decisions. We will not favor the activities of our members in any way. Every economic activity, whoever creates it, will be favored, in exactly the same way, because in our rules, it is clearly written, that we have no preferences, and we do not make Laws, to help only ourselves, our members, and our business. We keep each of our projects, and each of our activities, separate, and each of our political choices is for the good of all.


We will soon have for sale, only and exclusively on our official website, many official products, of all types, of DirectDemocracyS, and of all related projects. Anyone who wants to support us can also do so by buying calendars, t-shirts, stickers, perfumes, and other official products of all kinds. We are also arranging various services, of all kinds, including transport, tourism, information technology, at affordable prices, for our users, and for visitors to our website.

One of our secrets, which we reveal to you today, concerns the enormous savings, due to our innovation.

We never throw money away on useless things. In this case, the list is very long, let's make it short.

The offices.

Working practically always, and only online, the only offices we will have been the physical offices, of our web servers, and a few representative offices. In DirectDemocracyS, you work from home, or from any location, in your spare time. In fact, our territorial headquarters, at all levels, are a room, or even just a part of a room, in the houses or apartments of our official representatives. You don't need physical offices, and you don't need money, thrown away on useless things.

We save on paper, and on the necessary products for the office.

Using technological means, we do not need physical archives, paper, copiers, and other stationery products.

Election posters.

While leaving to our territorial organizations the freedom to choose the methods of promotion, our advice is to avoid, as far as possible, unnecessary expenses for electoral posters, flyers, and other promotional products.

Meetings, and transportation.

Having no headquarters, the meetings are virtual, and unlimited. Practically, in our working groups, on our website, they are continuous, and in turn, everyone does their job, together with us, in the best way. We don't spend money, for large meetings, congresses, in person, we don't care. Direct contact is best done online. In this way, each person does politics from the comfort of their own home, from the park, from the club where they are, or from the street. Think how much money we save in this way, and how much less pollution to go from one location to another. Many will tell us that the old policy was based on physical encounters, public demonstrations, handshakes. No one forbids us to make public demonstrations, and to meet, but without wasting money, to no avail. We have been told that not everyone has the technologies necessary to work with us. Truly? Nowadays, anyone has the minimum technological resources necessary to work with us. Even the lie that some tell us that they don't know how to use our technological systems makes no sense. Our website is used in exactly the same way as all social networks and other websites.

Technological means.

Many will tell us that to produce the technological means, to work with us, we pollute, we exploit minors, and there are costs. Again, whoever accuses us of these things makes a bad impression. Technologies, PCs, smartphones, tablets, are already in everyone's homes and pockets. Each of us has an old PC, smartphone, or tablet, we don't need the latest models. To work with us, you don't have to buy the latest technologies, you just need the good will, and willingness, to change and improve the world. We, with our servers, use only the latest and best technologies, which although very expensive, pay for themselves over time, consuming less energy, ensuring better protection, security conditions, and better performance. In addition, almost all the energy needed for our systems is renewable, with the exception of backup generators, which are diesel. We want to add, that the consumption of Internet bandwidth, space, and memory, of your devices, for our website, is really minimized, and even old devices, or old systems, work great. Therefore, the fact of working with us does not affect in any way you’re spending on the Internet, or on the technology, which you already own anyway. We are also organizing collections of various technological means, not of the latest or penultimate generation, to be donated to those in less wealthy countries, or even in rich ones, who do not have the means to work with us. We already have a contact form of our Technological Help Group, with which we help those who want to join us, and do not have the technological means to do so. You can contribute directly to this program of technological aid, by donating old PCs, tablets and smartphones to our users who need them, as long as they are functional. There are specific rules, very detailed, to be able to get any help, obviously the controls, are very detailed, to prevent scams, and people who believe they can cheat us.

Savings on personnel.

Hiring a lot of people is very important, because it creates jobs. But for a political organization like ours, it is essential to reduce initial costs. With our method, in which anyone who registers, and creates a personal profile, after verifying their identity, must work with us, we are able to save a lot of money. Over time, the best users, with concrete results, will be rewarded with money, goods, and services, to reward their work. In the future, the best users will be able to be hired regularly, on a temporary or permanent basis, part time or full time. The important thing is to always offer prizes and adequate salaries, based on the work done and the results obtained. However, we must expect from everyone at least 20 minutes of effective, voluntary and free work a day, or at least 2 hours a week, in order to be able to do concrete work, in the best possible way. The world doesn't change, and it doesn't improve by itself. With this method, the User Evaluation Group, together with our computer system, will monitor and evaluate the work of each of our users, and will choose the best ones, offering them many advantages and facilities, and in some cases, Work. Each of our activities has consequences, which allows us to obtain other useful results, in addition to the direct ones, for the good of all our users, and of our entire political organization. Many people, who work together in a coordinated way, make us very concrete, and we are proud of our hard work.

Individual and collective property.

Each of our official members, up to date with the payment of the annual fee, receives only one individual, non-cumulative and non-transferable share, which makes them the owner, together with all our members, of our entire political organization, of our website and all of our activities. Speaking of genius, ownership is essential, to guarantee the unity of DirectDemocracyS, and to create, for the first time in the world, a single immense leader, eliminating altogether, the internal struggle for power, between individual users, or specific groups. It also guarantees us the direct commitment, with individual and group work, of each of our members, in the management of our political organization. At the end of the year, individual action does not bring money to all owners, but it brings the security of all being considered equally, of having always implemented an equality and a meritocracy, continuous over time, which allow reward those who work harder and better. The single collective leader, made up of all our members, allows us to be the first and only ones in the world to propose, decide, discuss, vote, manage, verify, follow and control all of our activities, all together. In this way, it is practically impossible to make a mistake, and nobody can try to be smart.

Always being free, independent, debt-free, and with security and guarantee funds, will allow us to always make the right choice, for the good of the entire population, and of our constituents, who are all our users.

Independence seems trivial and logical for a political force, but we know very well that the old politics is almost entirely controlled and managed by the financial and economic powers, therefore it is not free to do what it wants. promises, to its supporters.

As we always say, and demonstrate every day, we are truly innovative and alternative to all the old politics. Certain things, some may not like, but we are sure that by understanding our motivations, and seeing the consequences, of each of our single choices, over time, they will prove us right.

We do not make politics, to promise, to obtain consensus, but to promise, and concretely implement all our promises, to improve the lives of all, and of future generations.

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