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    Message to resolve the crisis Ukraine Russia

    Message to resolve the crisis Ukraine Russia.

    DirectDemocracyS is an innovative political project, based on direct democracy, which will create a political party in every country of the world. A peace project based on the mutual respect of all people.
    In recent years, months, and difficult days, in addition to a pandemic like few happen in a century, we find ourselves seeing the most powerful people in the world, who allow themselves to play with the future of our planet.
    Dear politicians of all camps, you do not represent the good people of this world, because you have gained power in all countries of the world, with elections that only you consider legitimate.
    Power must be available to all people at all times, and not just on election days, which are the only days when you appreciate and respect people.
    By obtaining a mandate of representation that is illegitimate, as it gives power to the people, therefore to the people, only for elections, and then the control of all activities and all decisions, the political parties and their political representatives do, almost never asking the people for an opinion, if not every now and then with some referendum on fake direct democracy.
    Now you allow yourself to increase the stress, and scare people, already tried by these difficult years, to please 1% of the shitty people of this earth.
    We refer to the powerful economic interests, of arms producers and traders, who are waiting for the right moment to unleash the worst catastrophes in the name of money and power.
    99% of the earth's population is made up of intelligent people, of sound values ​​and principles, who are against all forms of violence.
    We, with a very important project, will get important political positions in many countries, thanks to our users who are the healthy part of the population.
    We inform you that you must immediately stop any degeneration towards any possible war activity.
    You will have to respect all international treaties, which must all be renegotiated as soon as possible, in a fair way for all parties, without winners and losers, but in the exclusive interest of the entire world population.
    You will have to eliminate all parts of these agreements, which allow you to interpret these agreements as you please, creating unnecessary tension.
    Otherwise, either you will kill us all, or whoever stays, will look for you, chasing you like animals, and will take you one at a time, but also in a group, and will make you try, continuously for the rest of your miserable life, all the pain you cause, to every good person who dies, or gets hurt, or hungry, thirsty, or homeless or job, because of your selfishness and your thirst for power.
    We are a peace project, but if you play with people's lives, as you have done for most of the history of humanity, we could become worse than you.
    We decree at this time that all people who start a war, a terrorist attack, by attacking, or causing conflicts, will be considered regardless of the role they assume: criminal against humanity.
    Whoever provokes a war against a single innocent person will have to fight it against all humanity.
    All diplomatic activities will be monitored, and anyone who initiates or continues wars, whether a President, a military man, or a civilian, will be judged not only for direct crimes, but also for those against all humanity.
    If you want to play with weapons, you can do it on another planet, bringing your families to war, and all those who support you. You will no longer play with the lives of so many good young people, who by senseless oaths, will be slaughtered, for your pure enjoyment.
    Have a nice trip.
    P.S. DirectDemocracyS does not judge any of the parties, we love the Ukrainian, Russian, American, and all other peoples of the earth equally, without differences, or preferences.
    But if those who command and decide do not make decisions in the interest of all, they will be judged by history, but also by their own people.
    And remember that the people, when they lose their patience, do not look emperors, kings, tsars, presidents, dictators, generals, colonels, or terrorists in the face.
    When the people lose their patience, they know how to get justice for themselves, and they have no mercy.
    Instead of going to war, do some history reading, and breathe a sigh of relief, because you really risked your life.
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    Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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