Published: 14 January 2022

This article is part of our official regulation, and therefore it is mandatory, and must be respected, by all who visit our website, and by all our various websites.


Any use, in part, or complete, or slightly modified, of all our ideas, all our activities, all our articles, all our regulations, all written parts, videos, photos, audio, all our working rules , is strictly prohibited. Those who copy our ideas will never be able to do better than us, because unlike others, our creators have been working hard for over many years, so we believe we have a practically perfect project. Our administrators are honest, very competent, and above all incorruptible. Our special groups of security, legality, economy, and specialists, are made up of people, with all the necessary qualities, to ensure a perfect development of all our activities. Copyright infringement and unfair competition are crimes, and we will use all legal means to prevent the use of other people. Each of our users is requested to communicate, through our contact forms, any project similar to ours, and any activity similar to ours. The reimbursements, decided by the judgments of the courts, will be divided, among all our registered users, with a special reward for those who made the report first.

Brief introduction.

Many, after reading our articles, will ask, why is it so complicated for a person to join us? And why are our rules so strict? The answer is simple. We are destined to change, and improve the world, we have dedicated many years of work to create a beautiful project, very complicated, organized, and with a great deal of responsibility. We must do it in the best way, for us, and for future generations. We can not afford, any kind of error. No kind of unexpected. No kind of unsuitable person, who can try to hinder us, or create difficult situations. Therefore, if you are not 100% convinced that you are good, intelligent, understanding, and endowed with patience, please do not join us.

If, on the other hand, you decide to do it, and you want to be the protagonists, you must always be reliable, sincere, polite, respectful, we have created for you, a safe, clean, reliable, and above all free place.

If, on the other hand, you want to help us with a donation, both as visitors, registered users, or verified registered users, know that every money we receive will be invested to improve and expand our potential, which is yours too.

For the first time in the world, anyone who registers with a political organization, and a website, also becomes the owner.

If you intend to find ways to "cheat" us, know that we have foreseen everything, and we are ready to show you, that here things are done in a serious way.

If you are going to fight us, know that you are fighting against 99.99% of the world population, which is made up of good people, who want the good of humanity.

Whoever fights against one of us, fights against all of us, whoever tries to betray one of us, betrays all of us, whoever tries to stop one of us, will be overwhelmed by all of us.

If you want to buy our project, it is not for sale. If you want to buy, or bribe, one of our users is not for sale. Only with a unity, which will be written in the history books, will we be able to create a world of peace, of true direct democracy, of informed voters, in a neutral, complete, and independent way, will we be able to have the world in which the good win, and bad forgiveness.

We do not allow anyone to transgress our rules, because if we make only one compromise, or forgive only one mistake, we will be doomed to fail.

The fact of not knowing one of our rules cannot be used as an excuse to make mistakes. You should read all of our articles, and all of our regulations, before registering, and before making your own web profile. Only if one of our administrators authorizes you to take a certain action, you will do it. The list of our administrators, and our official representatives, can be found in our community area.

We have a simple method of punishing those who make mistakes. At the first mistake, there is the warning, at the second mistake the temporary suspension, at the third mistake the elimination, from all our projects, and the inclusion of your nominated in the people who will never be able to join us again.

We have for you, all the details, and all the information, to never go wrong.

You will always have those who assist you, in case of need, because with us there is the rule: every verified registered user has the duty to help and support every new registered user.

But be careful: if the answer to your questions is found in one of our articles, or in our regulations, and you make our registered users waste time, or our administrators, with useless questions, you will first be sanctioned with a warning, and in case of recidivism, you will be suspended.

Do not send messages, if your reply has been published, because the messages are sent only in case of serious emergency, or in case of urgency, you will first be sanctioned with a warning, and in case of recidivism, you will be suspended.

After the suspension, at the next mistake, you are expelled, in a definitive way, because first of all, there is mutual respect for all people, and respect for the rules.

We are sure that there will be people, companies, political parties, political figures, or even entire states, very powerful, who will try to stop us. Obviously, having foreseen almost everything, they will struggle a lot.

Besides, we are good and good, but we have our dignity, and we do not let ourselves be overwhelmed by anyone.

We will be able to respond in all legal ways, to any attempt to interfere in a negative way in our projects and in our activities.

To those who accuse us of being dictatorial, of not giving people freedom to express themselves (because we know that there will be such superficial people), we tell you right away, that we forgive your ignorance, not having read, and perhaps not having understood (because it takes even a little intelligence) our rules.

A person is free to do what he wants, to think what he wants, within the limits of common sense. The potential, and the freedom of expression, are guaranteed, but must be done in the right places. There are special groups, in which each person can propose each idea, each theory (which together with the group of specialists will be evaluated, analyzed, and above all verified).

We are not interested in useless things, waste of time, posts written to tell us how you feel, where you are, who you are with, and what you do (if they have no bearing on our projects and activities). There are many websites, and many social networks, where you can do what you want. We do things with a certain order, but the potential for expressing individual and collective qualities will be many.

If you know how to offend, who is with us, or even who is not with us, you are out immediately. We also need to be superior in terms of style.

Never criticize the work of others, never blame those who were there before, the work of others, it is always judged by those outside, if there are faults, they will be ascertained by the authorities in charge. However, we will ensure that the mistakes made by all bad people are punished according to the Laws.

We do not hate anyone, and none of our users must hate anyone. As we write in almost every article, and in our regulations, the mutual respect of all people must always be guaranteed. Those who hate us waste time.

We have a lot of work to do, so we don't waste time criticizing the work of others, we have to come up with our proposals, with our programs, and we will be judged on those.

So those who are good, intelligent, honest, sincere, competent, patient, and above all incorruptible, can enter, those who do not have all these qualities avoid wasting time. Waste your time, for us to kick you out, it takes less than a second.

If you are bad, stay out, because you will be self-eliminating. Where there is so much good, evil loses.

Attention: the activities of all our projects, and all our activities, must not be shared with anyone, all our activities must be kept secret. And we must work, meet, discuss, plan, only and exclusively in our big common home, which is our website.

At this point, those unfamiliar with our projects will say that it is unfair to do everything on our website. Obviously there are security reasons. The policy and our activities, done only on our sites, guarantee unity, security, confidentiality, and peace of mind, that everything can be resolved without ever losing the trust of those who believe in us. We have special security groups, with infiltrated users, who both on and off our sites will invite you to violate our regulations. They will also try to corrupt you, so you will never know if those who "tempt" you do it in a serious way, or if it is our control, of your moral integrity, and of your fidelity to our project. The only ones who do not understand our style will say: good smart, if you warn them they will not be wrong. We answer simply: we are not interested in finding those who make mistakes. We are interested in having faithful, reliable people who believe in our projects. To those who accuse us of being uncommunicative, we must answer that all our work, all our activities, when it is final and tested, will be made public, first to our users, then to the whole world, in ways, and with the means mentioned. we have. Obviously certain things must remain secret, and can never be shared, for security reasons. But our users of special groups will have the possibility to verify that everything is kept secret, having to give an opinion on what will be made public, before being made public. In this way, with the help of our specialists, we will always be able to choose, and decide everything, in the interest of all the people of the world, and obviously in the interest of those who join us.

Having said that, with a lot of patience, continue reading, or abandon our home forever. Thanks.

Continue with more data that will be added soon.

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