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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

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Why were we born?

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Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Interview part 3

 DirectDemocracyS, interview with GreatReferee, user number 283.

Third part.

In this part, I focused on the style, and on the original and winning method of presentation and management of our political project. But also on strict rules, exclusions, eliminations.

Question 17. Can you tell me in a nutshell if we are a political protest movement?

Answer 17. Political movements that are born against something usually last a short time, and do not generate useful changes for the population. We cannot fight only against something, or in favor of only some social groups of the population. Because as soon as results, even partial ones, are obtained, the usefulness and also the reason for the birth of a political force are lost. So we are a political organization destined to last over time, for a very long time, we will almost certainly last forever. Because we were conceived, tested, and ultimately presented to the world, for the supreme good of all people on earth. We were not born to fight against anyone, but to profoundly change, and definitively improve, not only politics, but also the social life of all people. We are not against anyone, but for everyone. The only ones who will not join us will be the 1% of the economic and political system, which guides, and has guided the world, throughout history. Great power, great control, does not go from a system (in our opinion rotten but very clever), to a practically perfect system (DirectDemocracyS ed). We do nothing but give to the people, to the entire world population, what is rightfully theirs, that is, the power to decide, and the power to have, all the riches of the earth, based on merit, intelligence, to the skills, work, honesty, and competence of each of us. Our greatest effort will be to make ourselves known. But there will also come a time when 99% of the world's population will join us. Remember these words: the current system divides, we at DirectDemocracyS have the task not only of uniting, but of ensuring that everyone remains united forever, without ever dividing again.

Question 18. Doesn't it seem to you that there is real political selfishness in this way? Let me explain, don't you think I'm calling you to become possessive, and to want to rule the world?

Answer 18. We don't want power, we don't take the old system, to put another system on it. Let's take politics and economics, which are and have always been, unjust, false, and lying, but also divisive. And we put in command of everything, informed people, who will act for the good of all, forever. We are the only true and real democracy. And soon everyone will understand.

Question 19. Aren't we a bit too conspiratorial? Don't you think people will judge us as fake news spreaders?

Answer 19. Congratulations on the impromptu and sincere questions. And he also does them in pairs. Even if they were not provided in advance, I am happy to reply.

In our official articles, and also in our Blog, all we present is reality, true and sensible things. Of course, we also give a logical, real and sincere explanation of what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. I don't want to repeat everything, but I invite your readers to read all of our articles, and they will see that they are historically perfect, and politically correct. No one can deny the reality, so no one disputes what we write. Wanting to investigate does not mean believing in conspiracies. In fact, we have given ourselves the rule of never publishing, and for no reason, any lie or false news. If there are malicious users in the future, we will eliminate them from all our projects, and make them persona non grata. Credibility and consistency are essential qualities to be the best.

Question 20. Why in our news articles, but also in the rules, and in our news, it almost seems that it is a dialogue with the reader, and not a rigid presentation?

Answer 20. We have chosen a different way of speaking, and telling. We want all the people of the world to see us as their friends, who do only their good, and help them take back what is theirs. Basically we do not engage in active politics, but we check that all rules, values and ideals are always respected, all based on common sense. We are not interested in being rigid in presentation, but we must be in the management and control of our activities.

Question 21. Speaking of rules, don't you think we are too “bad”, in wanting to do everything according to forecasts? Wouldn't it take some flexibility?

Answer 21. A political project like ours, if it does not apply all the rules, exactly as they have been conceived, written, and tested in various ways, cannot stand. If the rules are not applied for everyone, exactly as they are, we are destined not to last long. It took a few months to create such a project. But it took us many years above all to make sure that it works perfectly, like a watch. Every mechanism that will be part of our cog must coordinate, and do its duty, to always indicate the correct time. If we begin to compromise, if we begin to tolerate mistakes, without severely punishing them, we risk failing, as others have failed before us, and will fail after us. Because if you follow our rules, even those who create similar projects, perhaps copying here and our basic ideas and concepts, will not only fail miserably, but will be guilty of unfair competition.

Question 22. Many will criticize us because we are a private company, and that politics should be public. What do you think?

Answer 22. We needed to protect our "creation", and we did this by using a trading company. But over time we will become a real "cooperative" of people who collaborate on a political project. Every party, movement, or political organization in the world is private. There are few people who decide everything for many people. We are many people, who decide everything together, for many people. And we hope to be soon, all the people, who will decide together, for all the people.

Question 23. You have already talked about it in a very long article. But I ask him directly: who is in charge? Who is our leader?

Answer 23. DirectDemocracyS, does not have a leader. It does not even have leadership groups, which decide, and others who execute. Politics is done by all people together (all our registered users verified ed), in geographic groups, and big news in even random groups (from 1 to 5) but we will talk about it later.

Question 24. Without a person to lead and represent DirectDemocracyS, doesn't it seem to you that we will risk not being able to compare ourselves with other political forces, which have a definite leadership?

Answer 24. I am sure that our political representatives, who will be the only ones legally authorized through a link between the elected and the real voter, will be able to do their job very well, to represent our verified registered users. For us it was essential to eliminate forever, some parts that make world politics bankrupt. One of the worst slowdowns and blockades of traditional parties or movements is the internal struggle for power. A fight often based on deceit, on lies, on conspiracies, on various types of attacks, even fatal ones. Do you think if instead of arguing between parties, but also internally, all politicians only did their job for the good of all people, they would have better results and would save a lot of precious time. Not only have we completely removed leadership, which belongs to everyone anyway, but we have obtained better competence, because whoever speaks on our behalf speaks on behalf of everyone. None of our political representatives will ever be afraid or have to fear that out of envy or thirst for power, someone will try to delegitimize his mandate. Furthermore, by not having to manage the various parties, which our official representatives deal with, we will completely eliminate conflicts of interest, and the political choices made to please your party. Our political representatives will only have to worry about pleasing, and carrying out the "orders" of those who have them candidates and elected. The official representatives, appointed with “linked chains”, always chosen and composed of our verified registered users, will take care of the management of the parties, of the control of the respect of rules, values and ideals. Also in this case we will be more efficient, faster, more precise, and we will never risk having internal struggles. Since we will never make coalitions, or even electoral agreements, just to govern, with other political forces, we also eliminate the problem of having to decide, conditioned by our "partners". The only electoral partner, for our political representatives, is, and will always be, our constituents.

Question 25. Who can delete a verified registered user? Who decides if a person follows the rules?

Answer 25. Each registered user, according to his own activities, is responsible for himself. So usually, everyone's various activities are analyzed, and a decision is made. No one who respects rules, values and ideals will ever be eliminated for their political views. We welcome and analyze everyone's proposals, and therefore no one can say that he has been eliminated for his ideas. All people who try to create divisions, to form divisive groups, or who do not accept the decisions taken by the majority of the components, of the various groups, will be eliminated immediately, definitively, and made persona non grata. The stupidest thing, and the most childish attitude, is to leave if you don't do what each of us wants. We must always choose based on the interests of all people, whether they are united with us or not. In this way, politically, we will never make any mistakes.

As for our political representatives, there are various procedures for eliminating them from our activities, but it will always be your own voters who decide, through the members of the groups from which they were chosen and voted.

The official representatives, on the other hand, who are nominated, can be eliminated by the person who appointed them, and replaced with other verified registered users. In this way, with "connected chains" there will never be problems, in case of need for replacement, of one of the various links that make up our "connected chains".

A verified registered user can only be eliminated for various transgressions of our rules (by any of our official representatives who report repeated irregularities), and we usually try to be tolerant. A user can make a complaint, and we will try to always be understanding.

To re-enter, there are various possibilities, but usually those who make serious mistakes, especially if they had been eliminated from their role as political representative, or from their role as official representative, will at most be able to support us from the outside by voting for our candidates. We are very strict for those who betray their duties, first of all with ourselves.

In fact, our interest, and that of everyone, is to keep everything clean, tidy, and only with reliable people.

To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the fourth part. Find out, visit our website, find out in detail, and only then join us. Share everything with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

Copyright © DirectDemocracyS.

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