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Interview part 5

Published: 12 March 2022

5. Part Five, of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

In this part of the interview we will also talk about various messages in which people criticize us, and things about us that circulate on the Internet.

Question 31. Many complain about the excessive length of our articles, and that often some concepts are repeated obsessively. They often get angry because not all the details are important. And they often accuse us of not having the gift of summarizing important concepts in a few words. They also say that our website is not easily searchable. What do you answer to these accusations?

Answer 31. The premise to your question is also very long, yet I am not complaining.

When you rightly said I add other important messages we have received, I quote exactly some of them: "you have a logo that sucks", "your website looks like it was made in the 80s", "you don't have a political program", "You have not published the Statute of each party", "you are not credible", "you hide unclear things", "you are a dangerous sect", "you will destroy the world", "you are a danger to the world economy", " you are a beautiful utopia "," you will become exactly like the others, once you get power ", and the most beautiful of all, after having published our very long and detailed front page, they told us:" you have too many commas in your articles " .

If our only problems were really only these, we would be really well advanced.

Never a single concrete criticism, which is not based on superficiality, or on stylistic preferences.

I state that personal tastes are not discussed, but there is not a single constructive criticism of our project, there is not a single proposal to improve it. So they all agree with us when we think we are practically perfect.

We respond to each "dispute" in a synthetic way: the articles are long to always make it clear, in a clear way, why we decide something, why we do it, how we will do it. It is essential for us not to waste time answering many questions, and often legitimate doubts, so in almost all of our articles, we publish any questions that a reader asks, with the related explanations and motivations. In this way we focus on the work to be done, and not on the answers to be given. In fact, if something has been explained in our articles, we often don't even respond to the messages we receive. Always be wary of those who do not provide you with fundamental details about a project, and only tell you in a concise way what they want to do. Intentions, without concrete explanations, are worth nothing, like their projects.

We often repeat the concepts because they are often connected to other situations, so it is necessary to explain this connection well. Often we have to repeat some sentences, because they are presented in other articles, and not everyone reads everything chronologically. If we didn't repeat them, they would complain that they don't know how certain phrases make sense.

All the details are very important, with the exception of the identity of who conceived all this (the project counts and not who created it), the identity and activities of all our users (each sets the privacy as they want and each does the activities he wants according to his inclinations). No verified registered user should verify the activities of others, if they disagree, or deal with things that do not concern those who want to know.

In various articles we have briefly presented our projects. In some cases, we have summarized them, even in a few sentences. They punctually criticized us, because we summarize important concepts and projects in a few sentences.

The website is not easily accessible, in this case it is right to criticize us, we are working on making everything simpler, and easier to find. But technology also evolves, and to keep up with it, we have to make certain "technological compromises".

Our logo was only provisional, but knowing that superficial people don't like them, in order not to have them with us (they would not be useful for our success), we will keep this logo (which represents a galaxy of our universe) forever.

In the 80s there weren't many websites, I guess the internet didn't even exist, but our website has to be secure in the first place, then it has to do exactly what it does, on the appearance we can improve over time, but not being a social network, or video game website, never expect spectacular effects from us. Let's hope you look at the substance, and not just the aesthetics. Then, as an inexperienced old man, I really like our website. And if I can use it, anyone can use it in a useful way.

We do not have a detailed political program for each country, for the simple fact that we only have the general international political program, which national, state, regional, provincial, district, local, neighborhood and road block groups will have to take into account. in setting up their own detailed political programs. If they are programs for the good of their respective communities, if they are not contrary to our regulations, our values and our ideals, for us any decision, any priority, any initiative, or idea, presented, debated, shared, voted on by our groups , will have the support of all the others, including us official representatives. So as soon as the groups are organized, on a geographical basis, and as soon as they have been voted by the majority of those who compose them (based on the majority of voters), they will be made public, in the ways and times decided by each group.

The Statutes have about 22-24 articles that are the same in each country of the world, and about 4-6 articles customized according to local laws. The international ones will be published first, the same for everyone, and then the same rules as the political programs apply, the various groups decide, with the right local autonomies.

Those who say we are not credible should explain the exact reasons to us, otherwise it is only useless and illegal public and private defamation.

We only hide the identity of who conceived this, and the identity of many users, for security and their privacy, and some precise details, on how our project was born, which could precisely trace back to someone of our 282 first users. Obviously we have taken all precautions to divert any non-essential links. Not telling what any of our other users are doing to other users does not make us untrustworthy. We never lied, we just kept some information hidden, in order to make others believe (everyone is free to think and assume things), but we could not risk the safety of those who gave this project to the world, and their families. We will permanently eliminate from all our projects anyone who tries to investigate things that do not concern him, the activities of other users or groups, or the identity of people. This project stands up if everyone does the work he intends, in the ways, in the times, and with whom he decides, independently. And it stands up even if every user thinks of being part of groups of specialists, in which he has skills, in which he has studied in a proven way, or in which he is really good. The right people in the right place, and not people who hurt a lot of activities, especially at the beginning, few activities, done very well.

At first glance we may seem like a dangerous sect, due to the very strict security measures and rules, which must be respected by anyone who joins us. But this is not the case, we are not dangerous for 99% of the world population, but only for the 1% who do not know what mutual respect of all people is. In summary: the good guys have nothing to fear, for the bad guys the end is near.

We will not destroy the world (eventually we will save and free it), because the world is destroying it very well, the current political class, which is not as innovative as we are, and those who will continue to vote, for those who make fun of them all the time.

We are a danger to the unjust world economy, because we will replace it with one that is much more just and based on equity.

The difference between being a beautiful utopia and a beautiful reality lies in the number and individual quality of verified registered users that we will bring into our home (our website), into our big family. Especially at the beginning, in order not to make mistakes, we will have to carefully select every single user who registers.

To those who say that we will become exactly like the others, I recommend that you reread all our articles a couple of times, including this beautiful interview, and you will realize that it is impossible to become like the others, for the simple reason that we have a different method of to do politics, so we will only have political representatives, who will be at the service of the people who give them the power of representation. Both before, during and after the elections. That there will be such great and precise control by everyone that we will not be able to make mistakes. Also, if by any chance he is not convinced, no one forces him to join us. Maybe he can try to vote for our candidates once, we guarantee that we could never do worse than those he trusted before voting for "our" candidates. Since we have not made any mistakes yet, we are babies, but we grow up fast, I advise everyone to register to be able to tell the politicians, what are the best solutions to their problems.

As for the many commas, we apologize, it is only for translation reasons, almost all of our articles are prepared in English, but some also in other languages, and then translated into English. Since our website has an automatic translator, which translates all parts into English, into over 100 languages, our experts force us to write, with lots of commas, so that the meaning of the various translations is understandable in all these languages. The parts instead in various languages (other than English), can be and will soon be translated with fewer commas. However, whoever made this criticism is really a superficial person, who tries to find faults, even on non-essential things.

I conclude this long answer, with a message to everyone, criticize us on essential things, not on unimportant things. Because to avoid so many nonsense messages, we make very long articles, in which we often insert possible criticisms, with the right reasons for each of our choices.

At first glance it may seem like a complicated project, perhaps a little dictatorial, because everyone has strict rules to follow and respect, often a little complicated and cumbersome. But with the help of other verified registered users, our precious and for now unpaid official representatives, and reading our long articles, you will realize that we are the freest, most innovative, and fairest of all projects ever created. And we will remain so forever.

To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the sixth part. Find out, visit our website, always find out in detail, and only then join us. Share everything with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

Copyright © DirectDemocracyS. 

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