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Interview part 9

Published: 20 March 2022

 9. Part 9, of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

Questions 41 and later.

Premise: seeing all the books present in an entire wall of the room, practically from bottom to top, in the study where he works, I decided to ask some private questions, which have to do with his immense library.

Question 41. All these books, have you really read them all?

Answer 41. I have read all these books at least twice, and consulted countless times. Those in the living room, on the other hand, I read only once. Because some of them, fortunately few, I consider them the "fake news" of the past. And others, they have nothing to do with my work.

Question 42. I have also noticed many books in the living room, how do you know that some of them are false?

Answer 42. Because even some of the historians of the past, like some of those who make news today, have had, and still have, enormous conflicts of interest.

But not only historians, also all the various authors, whoever publishes a book, whoever writes an article, ourselves, with this long interview, try to make the reader understand things in such a way as to obtain a profit, of inform and shape minds, or at least an outcome in their favor.

Many authors, with their books and publications, bring the various readers exactly where their interests want.

Some authors in the living room are the ones who have obtained enormous benefits in life. The undersigned, and some of my friends, also take care of seeing who these authors are, what they have done in their lives, and why they have often changed their minds. I'm not saying that anyone who got rich in life is a liar, but rather that anyone who got rich, after writing something, changing writing style over time, can be suspicious. And we try to find the truth.

Question 43. So we are also spreading fake news right now?

Answer 43. We do not, for the simple reason that we have no interest, and no gain.

With this interview, we just want to present to the world our innovative political project, to make known our method, our policy, and our style, all of which are innovative.

If you notice, in many articles we have written on our website, and throughout our interview, we have talked about logic and common sense.

The story that we analyze every now and then (in many of our articles ed), is looked at and presented at 360 °, without giving too many judgments, and not too many boring details, we do not need to judge it, because every reader already has his own opinion, but each historical passage is presented in a correct way, to make it clear why we have made choices. Our project was born, and has developed, from a historical analysis and research, without preconceptions.

It was all created, looking with an open mind, all of the past, to change and improve the present, and to give a better future, both to us, to our children, to our grandchildren, and to all generations to come.

Because we have decided to have no other ideal than to use common sense in our every decision.

Because we consider dead and buried, all the various failed ideologies of the past, which have created divisions, wars, and suffering, with almost no useful results for the people.

Because for us there are no left or right, republicans and democrats, labor and conservatives, capitalists or communists, but only good or bad people. Intelligent, or stupid, useful or useless.

We are not interested in having any users register on our website, because we are not yet quite ready to receive populations from all over the world. We are interested in having some brilliant minds recorded, especially. That they have truly understood the enormous potential of what we are presenting.

Question 44. Can you explain better, what are fake news, the famous "fake news"?

Answer 44. From the earliest cave drawings of prehistoric times to modern times, anyone who wrote or drew something, whoever said or presented an idea, did it both to inform people and future generations, but also, in some cases, to take advantage of it or to benefit someone. Or to convince someone to make a certain choice. Often it has been done to inform, or communicate something in an honest way. But too many times instead, in a dishonest way.

At DirectDemocracyS, we don't have to convince anyone of anything, everyone has to think for themselves, but we also have to change the wrong mentality of all the people of the earth. And this won't be easy.

Fake news, for some, is mostly news that doesn't say the things they would like to hear.

For others, however, it has become a real disease, they no longer believe in anything, in any information of the present (especially the "official" ones), but above all doubt history, which they consider all based on lies, in part they are right, but almost everything you can verify with the study, you just have to want to. These people make me so sorry, because you can always distinguish between true and false, and as is always possible, choose between good and evil.

The internet has created a real psychosis, making some completely insane.

Just any idiot, who writes on a blog: the great professor X (famous all over the world) said that the earth is flat. Immediately there are millions of brainless people sharing this lie, and billions of people around the world (even some intelligent ones) are beginning to have some doubts about the shape of the earth. Even if the famous professor X has never said that thing, he will never waste his precious time, contradicting all the "avalanche" of false news, and he will put his soul in peace.

The same thing happens with any subject, there is always an imbecile who tells falsehoods around.

But it becomes dangerous, and especially for me it is a crime, when someone receives compensation, for writing lies.

Then there are those who are envious, if someone is just a little richer, or popular, or holds a little power, he must immediately speak ill of it. Doubting is lawful, even investigating, but writing badly about someone, just because they have achieved success, even without being guilty, is deplorable and sneaky. Hating, and envying someone, is for mentally ill people. Instead of wasting time talking badly about someone, someone who is in a pitiful condition should work hard to change and improve their lives.

Very nice, they are instead those who talk about everything, perhaps not understanding anything about a certain topic, they start to give explanations, which do not even have a bit of logic, but which for those who read them could turn out to be true. In order not to make a bad impression, they could study a certain topic well, and then comment. Instead they prefer to cover themselves with ridicule, showing everyone their ignorance in a blatant way.

I hardly ever read the comments, but only the news, for the simple reason that I don't care what everyone thinks about a certain topic, nor do I exchange views, with people who may not have any qualifications, or no competence, to talk about a certain topic.

If I really want to participate in discussions, I study the various topics, and then I contact the real specialists, to ask questions and receive clarifications.

In fact, I proposed on our websites to only do opinion polls for specialists in the various sectors, but without allowing everyone to talk about everything.

However, we have created some free groups, in which each person can write what they think is right, but if the theories or opinions do not make sense, they must remain only in well-defined areas. There may also be a brilliant idea among them, or an interesting project, so it seemed right to give space to all the ideas. But to have excellent results, and avoid the bad figures that other politicians often do, our registered users, our official representatives, and our political representatives, will have to talk and deal with the things they really know well. For the rest, they will always rely on our specialist teams.

As for the official ideas of all of us, they must only be made by established, independent, competent and honest specialists, in groups of specialists that can only be accessed by demonstrating their skills, including through tests, and always checking, that no people enter corrupt or saboteurs.

I deal with history, I would never allow myself to give cooking advice to a housewife.

But even the housewife cannot afford to judge the story if she does not know all the facts.

And so we will do for every topic, if we are sure that reliable people say one thing, we certainly cannot criticize them. While allowing everyone to have their own ideas, in our name, only the experts speak.

Instead on the Internet, every person finds all the theories that interest him, right or wrong it doesn't matter.

And if you notice, each of us loves to hear and read, the things that make him comfortable.

Very amusing, in their absolute distrust, are those who believe that all official information is corrupt, so they comment in a negative way at each news. From their comfortable armchair at home, they know more than who, is in a certain place, and sees things with their own eyes, and therefore can describe the facts well.

This does not mean that all news is true, often, especially in war scenarios, there are propaganda news, which often mislead those who write and those who comment on a piece of news. The important thing is that false news, given involuntarily, should always be corrected, specifying the reasons.

It is logical that certain sources of information, certain newspapers or journalists, who are clearly aligned, with a certain political force, only give the news that is most useful to their favorites. Or that they mislead their followers, with unethical methods, but functional to their purposes. But if one sees that too much tendentious news is given, he has 2 possibilities, either to look for other sources of information, and to make a comparison between the 2, or to inquire with those who do not have too many preferences, even if the latter are extremely difficult to find.

Personally, I feel sorry for those who say: I don't find out about newspapers, radio or traditional TV, but only online. It is true intellectual suicide, because many of those who say it lie (they believe it makes them seem more informed if they say they have given up on radio, TV and official media), and if they did not lie it would be even more serious. Because in every country, there are also radio, TV, and newspapers, which do important cultural, historical, and informative work, but above all because the Internet is like a dangerous jungle, which gives even the less brilliant minds the right dose of disinformation. On the web, many can "inform" and have followers, as long as they say the things that certain people want to hear, see and read. They believe they are intelligent to say that they do not watch TV, they believe they are better than those who read, hear and see everything, and know how to distinguish or get a more or less balanced idea. They compete to prove themselves intellectuals, instead they are just less informed, and more vulnerable to fake news.

But I conclude with the politicians, and here in a certain sense I understand, even if I do not justify, the current political class. We often say that current politics sucks, all in much the same way, for the simple reason, that throughout history, it has only stolen people's decision-making power, and has done little or nothing to return trust. people's hopes and demands. Above all, current politics has not listened to the weakest, but has often attracted the interests of the most powerful.

So no one who joins DirectDemocracyS, does not appreciate or "cheer" for any political party except ours (we will never make alliances or coalitions with other political forces), and no political representative of other parties will never be able to and for any reason, to gain the power to represent politically any of our verified registered user groups.

This is because we want to completely renew world politics, and doing it with those who have already been part of the old "system", would immediately make us less credible, and it would be really bad taste on our part.

But having said that, if current politics, a political party, or a representative of a party, of any party, says or does something intelligent or common sense, we can only appreciate it, applaud it and support it.

On the other hand, the devourers of false news, any decision, any declaration, any position, of those who do not like them, or of those in power, but also in the opposition, is always wrong, always made in bad faith, and always for the evil of people. So whoever is part of those stupid people, and unfortunately there are many, who say "no" to everything, is immediately ready to insult, criticize, or worse, condemn.

If, for example, a person is simply under investigation (for any type of crime), for those who do not sympathize with a party or a politician, or who are envious of a famous person, this is already guilty, even without any trial.

These people are very dangerous, because they create hatred, rancor, and they remind me very much of the despicable people of the witch hunt or the renowned courts of the Inquisition (which had nothing of a saint). And they also remind me of the many sad episodes of revenge, and summary justice, in which it happened to judge, kill, torture, imprison innocent people, especially at the end of wars, revolutions, invasions, and other types of violent events.

And even if they always condemn everyone, they do not apologize when the people condemned by them in advance turn out to be innocent, for justice. Indeed, they often say that because they are famous, rich and powerful, they have corrupted the judges, or they have found dishonest ways, to be innocent.

But of Justice, I know that we will talk in another question, so I do not want to dwell in this moment.

A last chapter, are those very envious of famous people, who at every news of a famous person, say they do not know him and that they do not care about a particular person, or they offend both the person of the news, and anyone who writes articles of " gossip ".

And finally those who in any news say that we should talk about something else.

It's called information, it's called disclosure of all kinds of news. The stupidity lies in the fact of commenting, for things and facts that do not interest them, only to complain of their ignorance, of not knowing certain details of some famous people, or because they would like to discuss only the most "important" news. How unfortunate can one be in life, one who always complains about everything and everyone? I read some comments by mistake, and felt pity, for those who managed to "throw up" so much hatred towards everyone. Instead of thanking those who give the news, and those who do their job of informing, they always criticize everything and everyone, in a useless way. If you are not interested in some topics, or some people, you could simply read, and comment on something else.

It is not mandatory to comment on everything you read, because not everyone is interested in everyone's opinion.

I know I'm very tough, but it's a world that could be so beautiful, and seeing it ruined by someone who expresses themselves in a ridiculous and shameful way makes me angry. How stupidity makes me angry, and the waste of time. Sometimes I thought to myself: do these people deserve all our effort, and our efforts, to change and improve the world? Do we really have to work 18 hours a day even for the sake of idiots? The answer is yes, because fortunately, 99% of the people in this world are good people, and our work to protect and help them, to make them count for more, is fundamental.

Question 45. So you are telling me, that fake news must be fought, but don't you think that in order to do this, people's mentality will have to be changed?

Answer 45. If you reread the interview, you will understand that in order to change and improve the world, it is necessary to change and improve people's mentality, as I have already said on some occasions. Eliminate some stereotypes, and ways of acting, of expressing oneself, and eliminate habits, which only create hatred, and instead insert a winning and professional mentality.

Those who join us must pass from a destructive and polemical relationship with politics, to a constructive relationship and active collaboration, with our innovative political organization.

Some of those who join us, seeing the Community area, with groups, and pages, polls, and lots of news, believe they are in a social network of politics, where everything is talked about, in every place.

Instead, our website is used only and exclusively, for all our projects, and everything must be done according to the rules, and in the right space.

Any opinion is accepted, any opinion that is not against our ideals and values (of common sense), can be expressed, but only in the right way, and in the right space, if you are not sure where to write, there are "free ".

Our verified registered users can always use traditional social networks to have fun, and to keep in touch with relatives, and friends.

Here, the work is organized in an orderly way, based on skills, but also in a way that allows winning ideas to be realized.

In fact, in addition to politics, we will soon start many other activities, all innovative, but we will talk about them at the right time, and above all you will be able to interview our other official representatives, perhaps to get adequate answers, on various topics.

To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the tenth part. Visit only and exclusively our official groups and presentation pages on social networks, visit our website, always find out more in detail, and only then join us. Share everything, with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

Copyright © DirectDemocracyS, projects.

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