Published: 14 January 2022

DirectdemocracyS, is the most innovative international political organization, based on direct democracy, which will found a political party in each country of the world, which, by ensuring continental, national and even local autonomy, will have important values ​​and shared ideals, based on absolute respect. and reciprocal, of all the people of the world. Our regulations have been studied and designed over many years of hard work by our creators, who are the main creators of our projects.

In this short article, we present some articles of our official regulation, which concern economic activities.
Control of economic activities.
The control of all the economic activities of all our projects is entrusted to our special groups, which are "-Security-" (for the control and verification of all our activities), "-Specialist-" (with the special group of experts in economics, accounting and business), the special group “-Legality-“ (which monitors compliance with all international, continental, national, and local laws), and finally the special group of administrators. For each sum that enters or leaves, all of our groups require the authorization of all groups, which decide on the basis of official regulations. Each verified registered user can request in his own name, in the groups of which he is a member, a verification, for all the sums concerning the groups of which he belongs. In this way, there will be many controllers, which will allow us to be transparent, and precise, as regards economic activities.
Come in.
The income is of various kinds: voluntary donations, by individuals, individuals, commercial companies, various associations, who can always request a detailed account of how their donations were spent, through the special group "- Answers- “which is responsible for giving all the answers to all those who collaborate, in various ways, with us.
The advertisements on our web portal, and in all our activities, are governed by contracts with various international, continental, national, and local entities, which are based, as far as possible, on exclusivity. In fact, we will have, at every level: international, continental, national, and local, “official” products or services which, for the duration of each contract, will be based on exclusive possibilities. We will try never to compete with those who are the first to sign a contract with us.
Voluntary donations from our elected politicians. There is no obligation for those who will be elected to donate any sum to our political organization.
DirectdemocracyS does not accept, and will never accept, funding, which includes obligations on our part, or the exchange of favors.
DirectdemocracyS is an international political organization, therefore all the sums that enter will be entered into a single bank account, in all currencies in the world. In this way, all income and expenses will be easily controlled, from each current account.
DirectdemocracyS does not, and will never accept, direct funding to our national parties, or to our political representatives. All monies collected will be centrally managed, and distributed as needed.
All people, or commercial companies, and anyone who wants to make a donation, can make it only and exclusively through the donation forms, present on our websites. Fundraising in public spaces must be organized, and published, only and exclusively on our official website. In addition to our representatives, representatives of all control groups must be present at each fundraising, and at each activity. All sums collected will be paid only and exclusively, in our single current accounts, for each currency.
Donations from intermediaries are not accepted, nor are fundraising from other sites.
Advertising contracts from advertising agencies are not accepted, we work solely and exclusively with the beneficiary of each advertisement.
Our official advertising agency can be contacted only and exclusively, on our official website, through the contact forms.
Sales, product and service activities.
On our official website, and on our sites dedicated to various topics and activities, products or services of various kinds can be sold, and as for all our activities they will be managed centrally, but at various levels: international, continental, national , and local.
Each product or service must be sold by DirectdemocracyS or by our official sites, directly by the manufacturer, or by whoever offers a service, without any kind of intermediary. In this way, you will have: services, and products, at the best prices. The commissions from us, and from our associated sites, will be minimal, calculated and decided in order to always have the best offers, according to the possibilities.
We have decided, as in the case of the first registered users, to reward and favor, even the first who decide to make a donation, and the first who decide to sign advertising contracts, or who decide to sell their goods, and their services, through our site, or through our associated sites.
The list of our associated sites is present in the main menu, under the menu item: projects.
The list of our contacts is available with contact forms for each activity.
Financial outflows.
All our activities will be funded, as needed. All sums will be requested, by means of projects of various kinds, decided, organized, and managed only and exclusively, in our official groups.
Funding will always be checked, and approved, by special groups, according to our regulations.
Our basic rules are only three: they don't, and they will never get into debt. Funding of any kind will never be requested, either at central or local level. They will never, for any reason, ask for loans to banks or financing institutions.
We will only do the activities that we can self-finance, and for each activity, you will have to prove that you have the financial coverage.
All the income from each of our activities will always be used for all our projects, rewarding those who commit the most.
For all information, always consult our official website, and our associated sites, present under the main menu item: projects.
Our official regulation, and the various articles, are clear, but for any request, use only and exclusively our contact forms, in the main menu, no person, no body, no other site or social network, can give advice, or speak in our name.
The decisions of all our projects are made only and exclusively in groups, in the "Community" area, which is only visible to our registered users.
Thanks for reading this article.
After you are informed, if you like our project, join us, registering, creating a personal profile.
Many information, and many parts of our sites, are visible only to our registered users, other information is visible only to our registered users whose identity is verified, and certified by our administrators via video call (with identity document), always only on our official website.
We have to select our users, to allow our project to work in the best way.
Help us and make our projects known, and as many people as possible.
DirectdemocracyS, your projects, truly in every sense!

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