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Category: Fundamental questions 12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions 29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

Category: Fundamental questions 21 Jan 2023

Who finances you?

Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Thank you


After almost a year of public activity, even without any advertising, without organizing any type of event, without advertising in the media, without official presentations, in newspapers, on radio and TV, without too much advertising on social networks, with the exception of some pages, and presentation groups, on a single social network, in about 30 languages, with various website changes, and with many technical tests, we are proud and proud, to present the first annual report, of DirectDemocracyS, and of all related projects.

First, we want to thank all our supporters, who are practically all our visitors, and our welcome guests, along with all our verified registered users.

We want to thank our 282 creators, who in over 14 years of hard work, as well as having built a beautiful project together, have studied every detail, to make everything work in the best way.

Our official website has been active for a few months, and we want to thank our over 300 administrators, who in the coming days, thanks to many appointments, will become even more numerous, to allow us to take the next step, in our business, and prepare everything, to welcome all the good people, who will join us, after the official opening of our activities, on a continental, national, and then local level.

To prepare us to welcome so many people, our approximately 110,000 verified registered users, if they have not yet done so, are requested to join the groups of specialists, entering at least one, based on their qualifications, or their job specialization, and special security groups, and to apply to become our official representatives, and administrators of the various activities. The requests, and the subsequent selections, and appointments, will be made on our official website, according to our regulations, and the implementing rules. For our verified registered users, and for those who will become verified, special thanks, for your trust, and for the enthusiasm with which you have joined us, and above all for your respect, of all our rules of common sense.

In almost a year of registration, only 2 registered users were not identified as real people but fake profiles, to sell drugs to enhance sexual activities. And fewer than 20 were suspended for inactivity, or because they did not become verified registered users after registration. Only a registered user, has requested the cancellation of his personal profile, automatically becoming persona non grata in our projects and activities, and for now none of our registered verified users has been suspended or expelled. We obviously gave a lot of warning messages, to prevent some small accidents, which could slow down some of our activities. We always prefer to warn, before suspending, or excluding someone. With the passage of time, we will always be careful, and a little more severe, not out of malice, but to prevent any problem, or sabotage, or worse, an attempt to stop us.

As we have often said, it is not only our users who choose us, but we also select our users, with obvious reasons, which we will explain in detail in a future article.

We are not interested in the number, but the quality of those who join us, we are not interested in having many inactive users, but in the initial phase we prefer a few users, who get busy, every day for about 15-20 minutes, to collaborate with all of us, and with each other, based on concrete projects.

Although we are not interested in numbers, we have for some months reached a record, which has allowed us to proceed to the nomination phase, and to vote on the 75% of our official regulation, and we are finalizing the statute, on which all our national political parties. We have registered users, literally from every country in the world, even if out of the 3 registered users, in the Vatican State we are not sure, they could be in Rome, and live near the Vatican, or just tourists, but we will find out when they all become verified registered users.

With the security groups, we do all the checks, not to have on the official website, any "intruder", or any person incompatible with our rules, with our values, and with our ideals.

We have already appointed, and are active, our official representatives, in each country of the world, who will in turn have the task of organizing our national political parties, and making other important appointments. In some cases, for security reasons, we will work in other countries, because not all countries welcome our political organization with pleasure. Not all countries want the population to have the power to decide, and to be able to propose any law.

We do not care what they have done, what they do, or what other political forces will do.

Our working method is simple, all our registered users verified, who hopefully will also be our future voters, will own all our businesses, and will decide freely, but informed, on every decision made by our political parties, and will guide in a total and continuous way every choice and every vote of our political representatives, who for the first time in the world will be at the service of those who give them the power to represent them. Our political representatives, and our political parties, will be the servants of the people, and not the other way around.

With the exception of a single article, or at most 2 or 3, articles of criticism, possibly constructive, of the political situation of each country, we prefer to propose, by saying what we will do, and how we will do it, then to criticize, or worse, to give. blame others. Since we were just born, the only fault we had, as voters, was having voted, and made to take power, to parties, and to people, who did not deserve our trust.

For those interested, we are creating our independent information website, we thank in addition to all our verified registered users, who inform us about what is happening in their territories, also many professional journalists, who anonymously help us to create free, complete, competent and independent information.

We are also creating on our various websites, various business opportunities, banking, own money, finance, business, multimedia, sports, radio and TV, and many other interesting activities.

We are creating public parts, on all our websites, visible to everyone in various languages, for now translations of each part in English, of each of our websites, in over 100 languages, are possible, changing the language from a convenient form, with drop-down menu, from English, to one of the languages presents. Obviously, everything written in English will be published over time, in every language of the world, to allow better collaboration between our verified registered users. For 52 official languages we already have public presentation pages, and categories of blogs and discussions, for over 30 languages we have (reserved for our registered users) language groups with the information office, with questions from our users, and answers from our administrators.

We have already created, in each of our websites, working groups, and presentation pages, public, private, and secret, for each country in the world, and we are starting, the creation of local groups, for a better and complete presence on the territory.

We have already created, and are active, and functioning, all the special groups, security, legality, specialists, business, and we are doing many other important activities.

We have already started many projects, all innovative, which we will tell you about on our websites, at the right moment.

Everything happens quickly, but very attentive to every detail, so we are proud of our work.

We are almost ready, for the next phase, the official opening. We will begin with the presentation, by all possible means, of our activities, and with a worldwide press release, at the international, national and local level. We will communicate to you as always, both the content of the text of the press release, and the people and media to whom we have sent them. We will also tell you who has published our material, and who has not, so you will realize who is informing, and who does not. We will also tell you how we will collaborate, with who will publish our messages, and above all how we will never collaborate, and for any reason, with those who will ignore us.

Who will publish will be our media partner, receiving according to the time of publication, in preview, our information, who will not do so will receive an official warning, from our lawyers, in the name of each of our registered verified users, asking, who never publish, without our official authorization, any of our information, whether it concerns one of them or any of our activities.

With a little word of mouth, and with some users who will help us, we will soon be known all over the world.

Surely many intelligent people will join us, because although we are open to receiving the entire world population, it is essential for us to carefully choose the first registered users, and to make the relative appointments.

Thanks to our more than 100,000 friends, who use our App for Android systems, which works well, and will soon be published, together with those for other operating systems, in their respective App Stores.

In this article of thanks, we must make a special one, to our many donors, who in this difficult period have found some small, and other large sums, to donate to our international political organization. Reminding you to use only and exclusively the donation form on our official website, in the official menu, utilities, donations, because it is the only one that gets the money to us, and not to use other methods, so as not to throw it away your money, or page be scammed by a heartless person. We assure you that every sum received will be used in the best way, to improve all our activities.

We conclude by thanking all those who collaborate with us. For now, you have done it for free, in your free time, but we will soon proceed to the recruitment, with work or collaboration contracts, for workers, students or retirees, of many of our verified registered users, who we have seen that they do a good work, and make themselves useful. The requests will be available on the official website and will be carefully evaluated, choosing the best ones.

In the next article, we will publish several important links, to let you discover our political galaxy, and our universe of innovative projects.

Thanks to all of you, who will read our message, we are sure that you are already starting to be curious about how our great adventure will continue. We have foreseen everything, many things, beautiful, and others, fortunately few, less beautiful. It is not easy to change and improve the world, but it is our obligation to try, for our sake, and for future generations, to whom we do not want to leave a world enslaved by politics, which in turn is a slave to the economy. We will leave them a world where the population decides, politics executes, and the economy adjusts. A world that is just, honest, competent, and based on the merits of each person. A world where everyone will have the same chances, but which will reward those who work harder, leaving no one behind.

Share with as many people as possible, join us, asap.

Best regards, and best wishes, from all our staff.

DirectDemocracyS, your projects, and your politics, in every sense!

P.S. Please carefully follow all our information, for registration, and the creation of your personal profile, and to follow the rules for identity verification, so as not to risk making mistakes. Everything is simple, fast, safe, free, and with the sole commitment on your part not to be just spectators, but protagonists of our and your innovative policy.

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