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Category: Fundamental questions12 Dec 2022

Let's change and improve ...


Do you want to change, and improve the world?


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Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

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Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

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Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

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Who's in charge here?

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Why were we born?

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Work for others
Category: Fundamental questions02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

We can be trusted

Published: 30 April 2022

We can trust, without question mark, it is a statement.

Can we trust them? With the question mark, it's a question everyone asks themselves when they hear about DirectDemocracyS.

It is an essential question of life. Which will help everyone understand, if they have the patience to read everything, what methods we are using, and will help you understand a small part of our multiple projects.

However, we are pleased that people are starting to talk about all of us, and about our work.

But let's make a premise.

To decide to join us, simply read the DirectDemocracyS article in brief found on our official website.

For politics, all activities take place, on our one official website, which is, and will forever be alone: and to join us, you just need to first read all our information, and then go to the our welcome website, at the only link that will allow you to register, and create a personal profile, according to our rules. The only registration link is: you don't need any more details to decide, if you want, or don't want, join us, to change and improve the world, all together in a united way.

But we, also to avoid too many questions (to which we do not answer if the answer is published in our articles), and to inform you completely, we have published many, and very long articles, in which we explain other very important details, to better understand what are we doing. To see how our whole mechanism works, and how the work is done, and to find out more details, you will need to join us. For that we have created the welcome website, which is a kind of "purgatory", in which our users will show that they trust us, and we will show you that we deserve your trust. We grant you the opportunity to reconsider, and we grant us the right to choose, very carefully, who to let in among the first, in our big family, and in our immense house.

We are confident that mutual trust, along with mutual respect, are essential to obtain the best results. From the first 5 verified registered users, who were simply 5 friends who asked themselves questions, and searched for answers together, after an elegant dinner, to our over 150,000 verified registered users, as of the end of April 2022, every person who has joined with us, it was chosen by our trusted collaborators.

Every person who joined us was invited to find, and add other good, trustworthy and intelligent people to join us.

From the beginning we understood that to change and improve the world, we would have to choose among our first users, only and exclusively "brilliant minds", intelligent, polite, honest, suitable, and compatible with all our projects, with all our strict rules, with all our values and ideals, all of common sense. People we can trust, who in turn trusted us.

One of our secrets, which made us practically perfect, was and will always be, knowing how to choose people. And our family is growing every day, and we are proud and happy about it.

We know that a political organization, a political party, traditional, must have consensus, must attract people, with false promises, with gifts, with lies.

Here, we are not traditional, but innovative, and as we always say: if the world we live in has many negative aspects, the fault is not only of current politics, and not even of those who control it economically. The main fault lies with all of us, with the entire world population, that we have allowed this to happen. Such as? By choosing the worst people, and the worst political parties, he decides in our name. For many, however, it is convenient to be able to complain about politics, in order to justify their failures. We are sorry for those who are looking only for alibis, but we have at the center of every decision, the good of the whole community.

Unlike those who only know how to complain, and those who are against the system, or those who base their temporary success, and their short fame, in creating division, hatred, envy, or revenge, we work concretely, and reliably. , to create something new, and better.

We worked on it for over 14 years, before making it public, and even when in 2021, we began to make it known "around", we always tried to choose with great attention, the people to be informed of our existence.

As from 5 “brilliant minds”, in a short time we have gone to 282, from mid-2021 we were about 500, at the end of 2021 about 75,000, and at the end of April 2022 over 150,000. This small graph demonstrates how selective we are. And we will always be, because if you make a mistake in choosing people, you don't change and nothing improves.

We have received some criticism, because many are convinced that a serious political organization should welcome everyone. And whoever criticizes us is absolutely right, but we accept everyone, but we don't accept everyone at the same time.

Our statisticians, and some of our communication experts, have calculated that if all the media, all over the world, presented our article DirectDemocracys, in short, in less than 6 months, the whole world population would would join us. We do not specify the whole graph, but it is. Because every person who reads what we do will find almost everything perfect. Obviously, to understand our project, you need a little intelligence, an open mind, and above all forget the dividing ideologies, simply knowing how to choose between good and evil.

It seems a utopia, a wonderful world based on trust and mutual respect, our only ideologies are: the common good and common sense. But we make it a reality every day, one verified registered user at a time.

Some don't understand why we have such strict rules, and why it takes time to register, why we verify everyone's identity, why we have a welcome site and one where you work.

Because a political organization without strict rules respected by everyone lasts a short time and does not change anything. Maybe those who say they have more flexible rules get immediate consensus, but they only last until someone tells a bigger lie. Until someone promises something more. With rigid but fair rules, and with the obligation to respect them, we will guarantee the whole world population, with the right local autonomies, the security of joining a project that will last forever. While we have little time, the only real democracy and true freedom, we will always have to make sure that no one returns to "steal" the power to decide on their future, from those who deserve this power: the population. Nobody will ever steal your right to be free and democratic again.

The registration and verification process takes no more than 15 minutes. It takes about 5 minutes to register, and 10 minutes to verify. Maybe to understand the mechanism, it takes another 15 minutes. In half an hour everything is done.

However, the times are getting longer, as regards the guarantee that every user who joins us must give us, to be completely reliable, and compatible, with what we are creating together. In fact, to get to the real job, and go from the welcome website to the official one, you have to pass some tests, in which we will see who is suitable, to carry out the various activities. So after registering, you need at least 15-20 minutes a day of activity, initially free, and later also receiving compensation. It is not something impossible to realize , but for us it is important, indeed fundamental, to put the right people in the right place.

So not only the registration, and the verification, but also the continuity of one's presence, are mandatory. Obviously, no one will be sent away, if for a couple of days he does not show up on our website, but after repeated or too long absences, those who do not show up to do their job, or do not participate in the decisions to be made, do not vote. to say his opinion, or he does not vote in online elections, he will first be suspended, and then eliminated from our projects, and made persona non grata.

For many it will seem too big a request, 15-20 minutes a day of their life, to be devoted to changing and improving their lives, and of the rest of the population of the world.

To those who think that we ask too much, let's just say to calculate, with sincerity, how much time is lost in a day for useless things, for things that are not fundamental.

Deciding together on the rules and on the Laws, in order to have a present and a different future, just, equitable, meritocratic, and above all better, is important and fundamental for everyone. So let's not expect too much from those who join us. After all, all of us are the real culprits of how the current world works, and we all have to fix it together.

Returning to the relationship of mutual trust, which unites all of us, it is something special, which makes us immensely happy to have decided to choose, rigid rules, of selection of people.

We are so innovative, modern, and "strange" that we are the only political organization that chooses its own voters, not the voters who choose us.

As we have already said and we repeat it: we welcome all the good people of the world, but to join us, you need to have an open and innovative mindset, and above all a winning one. Changing people's mindsets and bad behaviors will be difficult, but not impossible. It just takes a little time, a lot of patience, and your own work, on the welcome website.

Nobody prevents even those who do not join us, from voting for our candidates in the royal elections, but it would be a pity, not to be able to give their intellectual contribution, your fundamental help, or decide for themselves, what should or should not do. , what should or should not vote, each of our political representatives.

If you prefer to be uselessly complaining, and without any concrete result, on social networks, or if you prefer to join groups or movements against something, without having any hope of changing and improving things, you are free to do so. But you waste precious time, and you will only be able to vent your repressed anger, your envy towards those who live better than you, without obtaining any advantage. We advise you to channel your revolution into something concrete, useful and that gives you satisfaction.

And now, to conclude this short article, we communicate publicly, that from now on, we will not deal with the past, we will not blame anyone, but we will only talk about the present and the future, communicating only what we do, and how we do it.

Yes, dear friends, after many long premises, we will pass in the next few days to officially present to you, our international political programs, our international statutes, which all our national and local political programs will have to take into account.

And to do all this, as always, we will use very simple, direct, and innovative methods.

There will be great news, so keep following us.

Warning: there are great news for our registered users, on our welcome website, and important appointments and elections, for our verified registered users, on our official website.

We have all decided together to change and improve the world.

So if your question is: can we be trusted?

Our answer is simple, the question is mutual, only with time, knowing each other better, will we prove the truth. We, as long as someone doesn't lie to us, steals from us, and doesn't betray us, we trust everyone.

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