Published: 24 February 2022

When history teaches us nothing.

When greed and selfishness control the world, thanks to lying politicians, and without a shred of dignity.
Wars begin, causing deaths, injuries, destruction and many suffering people.
Many people who are afraid, and feel helpless, and with no possibility of changing, and improving the world.
And we are not referring to a single political "character", nor to a single political party or group.
We are certainly not referring to any people in the world, because good people are everywhere.
But even 1% of bad people live in all countries of the world.
Yes dear friends, people are only divided into 2 categories, the good ones and the bad ones.
Even if we are a project of peace, friendship and mutual respect of all the people of the world, we are forced to make a decision that will seem strange to many.
We have to take the rotten apples out of the fruit basket forever.
People who have an evil heart to the point of putting their thirst for power first, even making innocent people, good people die, suffer, live in pitiful conditions, destroy and create fear.
Therefore we are obliged to create, the first international tribunal of the human population.
With a few simple rules, which must be common sense.
The bad apples have to be found, and after ascertaining the facts, they will have to pay both physically and morally for the rest of their lives.
They will have to feel the pain caused by wars on their own skin, living a life of terror.
The relatives and friends of these unscrupulous people will have to see what it means to fear for the lives of loved ones.
Only in this way, anyone who has the idea of ​​creating suffering for other beings, will think twice before starting.
We are not sure of the existence of Divine Justice, so we must rely on our own strength.
Many will wonder how can we create a just and peaceful way?
Simple, all together, united in a project that will finally give power to those who must hold it by right, that is, all the good people in the world.
We already have over 102,000 people from all countries of the world, who have from today, from this very moment, the task of supervising and controlling their own countries, and controlling every political move of political parties and their representatives, but also supervising the military, and companies that produce weapons.
Even at the military level, there is no longer an obligation to carry out orders to invade and hit other countries.
Civilians or other military personnel are no longer bombed for the simple reason that the world does not belong to any powerful person, nor to any politician or political party.
Over 102,000 brains that think, that's over 204,000 eyes that see, 204,000 ears that hear, and 204,000 arms and legs that will strike.
We are over 102,000 hearts beating, beating the time, of humanity's revenge against tyranny.
The world belongs to good people, and whoever kills one of us, kills all of us.
Whoever attacks one of us attacks all of us.
Whoever hurts one of us hurts all of us.
Whoever destroys one of our houses destroys all our houses.
Whoever terrifies and threatens one of us terrifies and threatens us all.
Enough selfishness, enough artificially created borders to divide us, because the whole of history is a continuous attempt to create divisions.
For once, let's unite in a project that belongs to all of us, that allows us to live together in peace, in safety, with decent living conditions for all.
It seems utopia, but it is called reality.
It seems impossible, but if we are united it will be possible.
We ask ourselves just one more thing, why do we only hear about economic sanctions, which certainly do not resolve conflicts, instead of hearing about diplomacy and immediate aid to the suffering populations, due to wars decided by a few lying politicians?
This 1% of bad people, which makes 99% of good people suffer and fear, out of selfishness, greed, and thirst for power.
Until we are able to choose new politicians, who always think about the good of all people, we will always find ourselves having to see a rotten world.
And the political project to do all this already exists.
DirectDemocracyS, 99% of good, smart and weak people, will forever eliminate 1% of bad, crafty and powerful people.
Visit our website, choose your preferred language, at the bottom under the main menu, find out, join us, and share with as many people as possible, to change and improve the world forever, with calm, intelligence, one user at a time.
When the various populations, united with ideal rules and common sense values, rightly take power, in each country of the world, we will analyze all the activities that have taken place, and we will make each one pay, based on the pain caused, through their actions. .

We have to do it together now.

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