Published: 01 March 2022

We have received some messages, in this last period, in which some people ask themselves questions, and as always, we also answer in a public way, so we avoid having to repeat ourselves.

Some questions or requests for clarification on our positions were made by people who do not use logic, or in bad faith, or people accustomed to the old politics, in which one only thinks about their own interests.

DirectDemocracyS, accepts all criticisms, but that they are at least logical and motivated, and not only by hatred against our innovative policy. You can choose between good politics or bad politics.

Question 01. Who decided that DirectDemocracyS is against the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine?

Reply. 01. Decisions in DirectDemocracyS are all taken in the most democratic and free way in the world.

In the specific case, since we are against any type of violence, and against any action of war, invasion, or terrorism, we did not have to make any discussion or vote.

We have stipulated in our regulation that we clearly oppose any violent action that causes death or pain, even to a single person, or even that simply frightens, or creates discomfort, one or more people.

Unlike current politics, we don't change our minds based on convenience, or based on liking.

Question 02. Yes, but why didn't you condemn NATO and allies, when it bombed and attacked, sovereign countries?

Answer 02. Because we didn't exist. We couldn't act, but if we had existed, we would have protested and acted the same way. Read our articles, and you will realize that with the real risk of being hated by everyone, we condemn all forms of violence, or intimidation, without any distinction.

We prefer to place mutual respect and the interest of the whole population at the center of all our actions. And as we often write: we are against all forms of violence, and we do not condone it, or accept it, condemning it in the same way.

We consider that the stupid ideas of some, which justify the attack of one country on another, looking for reasons of all kinds, are unacceptable.

Reading about people saying, NATO has been doing it for years, so the Russians are good, shows that not only current world politics, and not just the systems of economic interests that have guided politics for centuries, are the real culprits.

The main culprits are us simple men, because we follow stupid ideas, without logical sense, in order to assert our "power".

Here friends you have this power: you can continue to support violence, you can continue to be divided on the basis of ideologies of 100 years ago. You can continue to complain about your political representatives, but remember that you voters, and we up to now were too, are the main culprits of every evil on earth.

You justify violence in response to violence, in a spirit of hatred that has continued since the invention of the wheel.

World politics shouldn't work like that.

No calculations are made on the basis of the violence caused, and no more must be authorized or justified. Otherwise the world will never change and will never improve.

Our aim is to change and improve the world, with intelligence, and without any violence.

Question 03. You of DirectDemocracyS, are you jackals, who take advantage of people's pain, and these terrible situations, to advertise you?

Answer 03. Please re-read exactly all of our information, rules, ideals and values.

All articles that present our activities, and our intentions.

If after reading them once all, from the first to the last rule, you believe that we, with such a project, will ever need to advertise, it means that you are not a person who thinks.

Our project has just been born, it is logical that the more people know us, the better it is for us.

But we are also obliged, to grow a little at a time, so even if on the one hand we like that people know us, on the other hand, we sincerely sometimes pray that they don't join so many, so quickly.

We are not stupid, nor hypocritical, success and fame make us happy, but we prefer to welcome at the beginning, only intelligent people, who understand well the potential of what we present, and who can make an intellectual and specialized contribution, in every area of life.

The great mass will join later, because we know the real value and immense innovation of our ideas.

So we hope to grow, gradually, but continue.

So, no, we are not interested in profiting from anyone's misfortunes.

We are not jackals, but like differently intelligent people, they have the guaranteed and just right to be in favor of wars and suffering, or against individual and collective freedom, we too have the right, and no one can deny it, to to express our opinion, and to protest against all forms of violence, whoever commits it.

We know that what we write touches the consciences of some, makes others ashamed of their ideas, but we do not apologize for it.

If even one person changes his mind about war, about all wars, we will be satisfied with our work.

Conclusions: in the world there are people with a heart of gold, and they are 99% (approximately), and with a heart rotten with hatred and they are 1% (approximately).

If you are part of the 1% who hate, and who do not understand the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong, between logic and lack of logic, stay away from us, and from our projects, because you represent yourself, and you will always be incompatible with all our values, ideals, and rules.

We know that you are all used to politics that attracts people, that follows consent at any cost, politics that often involves lying, or hiding true goals.

We are instead convinced that speaking to everyone's face, not creating illusions or promises impossible to keep, even being verbally harsh, strict with anyone who makes mistakes, is the only way to help people, always starting with those in difficulty.

Making people's mentality change is right, if it improves it, and makes it more human.

That's why we are like that, at first everyone considers us crazy, they tell us that we are a beautiful utopia.

That people are bad, and they will not follow our rules, our values and common sense ideals.

We tell them that time will prove us right, we'll talk about it in a few years.

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