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Interview part 1

06 March 2022

All disclosed material is the exclusive property of DirectDemocracyS, any total or partial use of this material is strictly prohibited. This material will only be published where it has been approved.

Exclusive interview with “GreatReferee”, user number 283. I am a little excited to be able to speak and see for myself, a person I have always respected, even without knowing his identity. A “brilliant mind”, chosen by those who created DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, to start all activities.

Due to many of his modern ideas, I was expecting a middle-aged person, dressed casually, instead he is an elderly person, very elegant, with glasses, a lot of hair, but not a single hair that is not in its place.

I start the interview after a year of stay in DirectDemocracyS, during which I was told that most of the articles were conceived and written by this man. I am a little afraid, because I would not want to create any kind of discomfort with my questions. But the curiosity is great. We cannot tell you which city we are in, for obvious safety reasons.

He makes me sit at his home, in an office full of books, documents, all of them impeccably cataloged.

An old PC, which immediately made me ask, "Does it work or does it not work?". He made me sit down, and waited for me with you and pastries, he must have known that I'm used to certain things. He had a cup of coffee, I think strong-smelling espresso, brewed in a very large cup. I was expecting the smell of smoke, but nothing makes me think that you smoke, at least not indoors.

After "good morning, thank you for being here, very punctual", and the even more classic "sit down, feel at home", I want to describe her voice. As a young person, as a person who might work on the radio, on old night broadcasts, which put you in a position to fall asleep, but you know he will say interesting things, and it would be a shame to fall asleep.

Let's start the interview.

Question 01. We have established that I can ask you any question, with the exception of details that could make known your identity and the 282. The reason is normal, but I wonder, why 282?

Answer 01. At some point, whoever conceived all this, and I was not part of it initially, decided that it would be unfair, that all of them actively participate in all activities. So they had to choose a person, to start the job, and to my surprise they chose me. There were exactly 282 people, who had worked on such an important project, so I became the registered verified user 283. Obviously I didn't accept immediately, but already after reading the first lines, I understood the real potential of what they were proposing to me. I accepted before the 5 day deadline, which they gave me to make my decision.

Question 02. So you know at least one of the 282?

Answer 02. Yes, one of them is a great friend of mine, I've known him for many years, and I think he mentioned my name.

Question 03. How do you know I'm 282, and it's not just your friend?

Answer 03. Because my friend has never lied to me in so many years, and therefore it seems unlikely that he will do it now, he would have no reason. You know, dear friend, our project is based on trust, in fact we have the habit of telling the truth, and playing with our cards exposed. It's not a sign of stupidity, but it makes you unassailable.

Question 04. The person in front of you plays hole cards, so he could bluff, isn't that risky?

Answer 04. For that one simply has to wait, see the small facial expressions. Time, and even minimal movements, make you understand exactly the situation. We prefer to give those who join us the opportunity to lie to us, because we have foreseen it. But playing with their cards face up, we can decide whether to raise or not.

If you read all of our projects carefully, you will understand that they cannot have been created by one person alone. It is a team effort. A united team, which knows how to do its job well. With the right people, in the right place.

Question 05. After accepting what did you do?

Answer 05. I followed the instructions, which were very simple, to find 4 people I trust. I found them, giving them the same instructions, and the same details about the project that I had, with a few little things of my added. I was also told to be patient, to seek only reliable people, and to give some useful ideas, without distorting them in the slightest, but integrating the project I had received with my ideas. Obviously these rules apply to everyone, and forever.

Question 06. So a real person, gave her the project in hand, and told her to do the same. Why 4? Don't you think that if you focus on the person who contacted you, and you and the new 4 members around, and draw lines, a pentagon comes out?

Answer 06. Now that you make me think about it, you are right. Kidding, I'd already thought about it. It would be a fascinating theory, that over time many pentagons will form, which are esoteric signs.

But the thing has a less interesting meaning. Since our project will annoy practically all the powerful in the world, especially at the beginning it was dangerous to be part of DirectDemocracyS.

It was dangerous at first for the 282s, then it was dangerous for me, and for my 4 friends, then it became dangerous for our 25 friends, then for our 125 friends and so on.

Number 5 was chosen for a very simple reason. The numerical phase of our project, in which, based on the user number, one is inserted into groups: 1 2 3 4 5 combined in turn with the number 6 7 8 9 0. This, based on the final number of the user number during the registration, guaranteed a random order, to enter people in the various groups, not only on a geographical basis.

In DirectDemocracyS, and in all of our projects, one of the strengths is to insert trustworthy people of the utmost competence in special working groups on various topics, but also chosen randomly, and not on the basis of nationality. I know it sounds a bit complex, but it's simple, functional and most of all fair.

Already from the first groups formed, "different" populations, often in competition and conflict, found themselves having to work together. Jews and Palestinians, blacks and whites, straight to gays, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and other religions along with atheists, rich together with the poor, civilians and military and so on. An incredible mix, which gave us the conviction, that our work together was exceptional. But with great attention from everyone, to exclude bad and unreliable people.

Question 07. But some people will think about the devil. Don't you think there will be exalted ones who will say that we are a sign of the Apocalypse?

Answer 07. For a few crazy, we could not change our projects, and then other numbers do not have this simple but perfect functionality. It is mathematics, it is not religion. The "empty pumpkins", which fortunately are a minority, cannot decide for people with reasoning. Superstitions are things from people who don't understand anything about the universe, but try to find explanations that exist only in their own head. Unfortunately, there will be more like-minded people, and in a way we're glad to know, they definitely won't join us. Better to select well, especially our first users.

Question 08. With the new people added, did you contribute to the project, did you modify it?

Answer 08. Nothing is changed, if not small details, the basic setting, the rules, the methodology, the ideals and the values, cannot be touched. Because our project only works this way. It is not out of malice, but because we have calculated everything.

Question 09. However, many people would like to change some aspects, especially with regard to rigidity. If they are so fixed with the rules, will it risk making us lose users?

Answer 09. We are innovative. In the history of mankind, a better project than ours has never been created. We know this, and everyone who visits our website knows it. Those who would like to change something are greedy people, with a huge ego, and who are looking for ways to earn, in an easy way. They want to lead, and have the power to decide. They look for ways to be able to decide, to then serve their own interests. In our projects the power to decide, informed in a neutral and complete way, belongs only to the population of the earth. Being fair does not mean being rigid.

To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with the second part. Find out, visit our website, find out in detail, and only then join us. Share everything with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thank you.

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