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History doesn't always repeat itself

Published: 28 February 2022

History does not always repeat itself.

And luckily we say.

DirectDemocracyS, in almost every article on our website, says and no one can contradict us, that there are only 2 types of people in the world, good or bad.

As in the whole world, even in Putin's Russia, there have existed, and there are good people, in exactly the same percentage as in any other country.

DirectDemocracyS, from its recent conception, because officially we are not yet born, has always said, that even the choices people make can be just or right or wrong.

For our birth dates, we are planning well.

We await our first participation in elections in each country of the world, to have many dates of birth, according to the various countries. We are innovative in this too.

There are political ideologies, invented to divide people, not only with languages, religions, cultures, races.

In the last century, fascism and communism have left small metastases in the differently intelligent minds, and fortunately of a few, which over time will become incurable tumors of hatred.

Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin, but in this case there is no good side, and no bad side. They are both grossly bad.

In summary, but if you want more details, read our long articles, fascism: it makes you hate those who are different, and it makes you divide people into right or wrong. Communism tells you that people are equal, but party members, leaders, are more equal than others and have power and wealth, and the people are worth nothing.

A fascist Nazi ideology hates and makes people suffer in indecent ways, communism makes its people suffer in the same ways. And no one is allowed to say that one is better than the other, because you cannot choose between Hitler and Stalin, to say the first two, but we could write for hours, about so many beautiful little people who have created death and pain, about both. false ideologies, but those who are curious should re-read recent history.

Maybe with a critical eye, and not according to one's own liking.

We have therefore decided to distinguish between capitalism and communism, and as in the example above, also in this case they are both more or less similar. In one case the 1%, not always in an ethical, just and deserved way, controls the riches of half the world, and whoever falls behind, or does not keep up, is left to starve, due to selfishness and miserly people. In the second case, the communists say that everyone is equal, and whoever belongs to the party (which is often more stupid and without merit), is richer and more powerful than whoever is intelligent and with merits, but does not believe in communism.

Now that we have been hated by everyone from right to left, let us also be hated by the center.

We have said that people are either good or bad.

This means that they are not all the same. In rights and duties, ideals and values, all people on earth are equal.

But as intelligence, merit, inventiveness, culture, ability, unfortunately or fortunately, we are not all the same, otherwise we would have a flat, boring world to live in, with the same music, the same art, the same innovation. There would be no evolution either, if we were all the same.

So we decided to be capitalists with a human face, or communists on the basis of real merits.

For those who believe we are joking read our articles, and we say it for the second time, we must be succinct here.

Many world leaders think that by saying fascist or communist, people get scared. For some it is an offense. But you know, every person is afraid of his nightmares. Every person living in certain historical situations, or having ancestors who have suffered there, fears one of the 2 ideologies, based on personal events.

The invasion of Russia on Ukraine at the end of February 2022 will remain for us at DirectDemocracyS, the starting point for creating the new and better world, in which to make our children, grandchildren, and future generations live.

We have been working on it for years, based on history, to ensure that the negative parts do not repeat itself.

We have explained how the facts went in other articles, this time we want to analyze, and comment on, some aspects of the story.

Putin had the best cards in hand, he could try to win the game honestly.

The West and Russia have both caused, in recent history, human tragedies for which the various leaders, and those who performed certain heinous deeds, are unlikely to pay.

But we will also talk about Justice in the future, have patience.

If we had to choose between the West and Russia, we could say that both the wolf and the shepherds always bring the sheep to the slaughter, exactly the same way.

We can only choose the best way to die. If bombed by NATO, or by Russia.

The disgusting thing, however, is to see, to read and to hear, that someone truly believes that one is better than the other. May the wickedness and pain caused on one side justify the pain and suffering caused on the other side. It is like saying: if I give myself a hammer in one foot, I also give it to the other so we can balance the score.

But if people weren't even 99% stupid and biased, we would have 99% of the votes in each country in the world in the first elections.

Instead, we will struggle to make the world understand that ours are the only normal, balanced and fair solutions. But soon everyone will understand, and everyone will join us.

And then let's say clearly, if there were intelligent and brave people in the world, we wouldn't have the world so badly. It is clear that we do not know who to be guided by. Take a look at the politics of each country. That is why we have decided to give power to the informed people in a neutral way, and not to politicians who do not always serve people's interests. And our political representatives, we keep them in check.

And even in this case we, who know how to be loved by everyone, we say, we are ashamed of the West and of Russia in the same way. They are almost identical, except that the West has made a few more numerically. In fact, not all the hammering, which we continuously give ourselves on the feet, have the same strength and intensity.

But there is a difference for everyone, and we "pundits" want to underline it.

If a person goes to the streets in a city in the United States, and shouts: Biden is a killer (we apologize to the American President is just to give an example), or Biden you have to retire (in this case we do not apologize because he has a certain age and certain wrong choices of his country had to oppose more vigorously). So if one protests in the United States and does not create unrest and violence, no one touches him. Nobody stops him 8 if he organizes himself peacefully and according to the rules.

If the same person or any person does it in Russia, obviously saying the same phrases, but with Putin instead of Biden, things would get complicated, because beaten, jail, if all goes well. Otherwise physical elimination if it gets worse.

So in this case, we at DirectDemocracyS know exactly which side to stand on. We know that even those who use their brains a little, not just to fill the skull, understand who is right and who is wrong.

For us, a politician who lies must be immediately forced by his own people to resign.

And we work like this, it seems utopia, but if ours say something common sense, they do it.

Putin said: I will never invade Ukraine. And all of us, albeit with some fear, given the precedents of both Putin and the West, were not entirely convinced that he would keep his promise. Especially knowing that Putin is a current politician, so more or less everyone is lying or compromising, or getting bribed, or incompetent, or controlled by a larger system based on economic interests.

After a few days, deciding to invade Ukraine, he fell into the trap of the West, and perhaps badly advised (perhaps intentionally) by his collaborators, and military experts, he decided, as often happens to politicians, to say a thing and do another.

From that moment on, Putin no longer exists politically, he no longer has any credibility. Neither abroad, but above all at home. He attacked Ukraine saying they are led by fascists, creating almost all false evidence, with supporters of Zelenskyi, with Nazi symbols.

We know well that Nazi fascist and communist ideologies, thank God are dead and buried forever, all over the world. But to charge with hatred, a former Communist country, which suffered enormously from the fascist Nazis, but even more numerically because of the Communists, used the phrase that suited it at the time. Unfortunately for him and hopefully not for us, he got his calculations wrong.

He believed that Ukraine and its citizens bowed to his commands, to his terror, and out of fear, they surrendered immediately. David versus Goliath. Bullies who can often become bullied. Hitler in World War II. No friends, history repeats itself, but it teaches us nothing.

In Europe in September 1939, they let an unclean being, absolute evil, under any pretext, more or less false, invade Poland. They said: after all Poland is not all of Europe, it is not all of the world.

We all know how it turned out.

This time, however, the world is different, there is the Internet, mobile phones, which even if they ruin our lives in some cases, allow us to see things differently. They also show us many false things, but those who are even slightly intelligent can distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil.

The countries of the world, with the exception of a few dictatorships, have known for once which side to take.

Perhaps also helped by Putin's irresponsible behavior.

That instead of apologizing to the world, having its soldiers withdraw, stop everything, and have a slim chance of staying alive, has decided to continue the invasion.

When a crazy person turns against the whole world, he is dangerous for himself and for others.

Although we have the Internet, however, Mr. Putin, unlike Hitler, has the atomic bomb.

And in his situation as a hunted animal he threatens to use it. He said: I make a targeted intervention (invasion), and if anyone opposes it, Russia will react.

It quickly became clear that no Ukrainian, but also many Russians in Ukraine, cannot support Putin's death, destruction, and bullying.

And we will not approve and fight, even against other bullies, at any time.

After a few days of battles with so much pain for everyone, there were small glimmers of hope.

Maybe a truce, a little diplomacy.

But no, better to seriously threaten the world, to use atomic weapons.

In addition to death and destruction, and perhaps the extinction of mankind, there are also people with common sense in Russia, even among the military, who never start a war without any hope of victory.

Since in the event of a nuclear attack, the disadvantage is who initiates it, the chances of this attack occurring are minimal.

Putin has a chance to save his skin. Politically it ended when he ordered the attack and the Ukrainians resisted. Such a war costs about $ 30 billion a day. The Russian reserves provide perhaps a month of struggle and guerrilla warfare. But do you really believe that the 99% Russians who are for peace, and have a difficult life, accept the sanctions, knowing that they have the rest of the world against?

Again Putin miscalculated.

Here we have come here, we will see how this sad story will continue.

Every country attacked by a strong and powerful country, even if it is small and weak, finds the incredible courage and strength to fight for its identity, for its freedom, for its independence, and usually, if not found there. the support of the military, or of the population, is unlikely to win the invader.

Perhaps some battles can also be won, but in the long run, the war is won by those who believe in freedom. There is no shortage of examples in history, and history almost always repeats itself.

We must all hope that common sense wins.

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