Published: 27 February 2022

DirectDemocracyS, calls on the entire world population to join us immediately, to finally give all power into the hands of the sane world population.

We are the first to apologize to the whole world, who unfortunately did not start our activities for fear of making mistakes, and also to avoid becoming like the "other" world political forces, which have practically only private interests. first.

We apologize to the dead, the injured, to those who have lost relatives, friends, family members, to those who have lost their homes, and especially to those who have been afraid. Yes, we apologize to children, to lonely and abandoned elderly people, to refugees, to immigrants, to people who do not have dignified living conditions, to those who are discriminated against, and to all those who suffer or have suffered throughout the country. history of our "humanity".

We have decided on the following measures:

1) The entire world population must have the power to decide, always, for any political choice their political representatives make.

2) All armies with all military ranks change their solemn oath, with only this sentence: I swear to be forever faithful, and to always defend, all the people of the earth, and to base my every action, on the mutual respect of all people.

3) All current politicians and all leaders of all religions must order at this moment, all together, the end of all wars, the end of all violence, the end of all terrorism, the end of all coups d'état, the end of all territorial claims, the end of all kinds of threats, the end of every organization.

4) All the politicians of the earth, the religious leaders, must immediately kneel, apologize for their behavior, and for the behavior of those who preceded them. They will have to document their action to ask for forgiveness, and finally publish on all social networks the reading and unconditional support of all these measures.

5) The UN, before changing its headquarters, and its Statute, and going to settle in a country to be decided in the future, among the countries tormented and destroyed by wars, must decide unanimously, that never and for no reason , military actions against only one country will be accepted or authorized, and no country will ever be able to oppose the sending of UN soldiers to divide possible contenders.

6) Any leader, political, religious, military, or fighter, who orders, executes, approves, supports, or who does not immediately dissociate, doing everything possible to end all forms of violence, will be considered as: criminal against humanity.

7) A neutral group of political analysts, military specialists, is created at this time, who in all parts of the world will analyze all the various activities, and if politicians, religious, military and combatants, who cause death, are noticed, the wounded, but even just the fright of anyone, he will be preventively arrested immediately, and accused of crimes against humanity.

8) Every economic sanction, embargo, of any kind, against any country, will be immediately abolished, and sanctions will never again be invented and applied against defenseless populations. Because the lousy powerful who order wars and terrorism do not run out of food, water, medicine, and do not suffer deprivation in case of sanctions.

9) The World Population Tribunal is created, which will be composed of a person from each country in the world, without any right of veto, of any member, will have the right to order the immediate removal and dismissal, even preventive, by the army, of every politician, of every religious leader, of every fighter or military man, who in some way threatens even a single person on earth.

10) This is the planet of 99.99% of people who love peace, and tranquility, the 0.1% who supported, supports, or will support war and violence, will be immediately expelled from this planet. Talk a lot about threats from space, we will create a place where you are enabled to live a life of hardship, outside our beautiful planet.

It is not a message to be ignored, but it must be put into practice, and shared with as many people as possible.

Only two requests from us for all who will read this message. Please share it, and put it on and put it into practice, making sure it's done right.

We will make a huge world popular demonstration, peaceful, without any march, without any protest, at the same time, all over the world, with the right social distancing, and in cases where it is mandatory by law outdoors, with a mask.

Please do not create gatherings and do so in front of your residences, or in front of workplaces. Without any posters, without any kind of dangerous activity.

We ask anyone who has a drone, the press, TV, radio, internet, to film from above or to comment live on this event, for its entire duration. Which will only take one minute, plus a few minutes to synchronize. We thank all employers, who will help their workers or collaborators, to go out for a few minutes. For those who are in shopping centers, or in public spaces, you can do it very well where you will find yourself at the exact moment. For those who find themselves in cinemas, theaters, spaces that are difficult to manage, sports activities, it will be enough for you for a minute, suspend everything, and then continue.

Please just document what we will do, and we appeal to you not to publish all the videos and audios of these activities together. We do not want to cause blocking of social networks or websites. It is important to keep all communication channels open, and you will need to show maturity and intelligence in this case too.

Keep the materials to yourself, and publish them throughout the day, during the hours in your time zone. We will give you more instructions later. We sincerely ask you to strictly adhere to all of our instructions. We expect many acts of sabotage, but we must be united, attentive, and respect all the rules.

Each person, at the time that we will communicate to you in the next message, each person, from children to the elderly, will have to go out in front of their home, or in front of the workplace, and at the exact moment kneel down, and remain for about a minute in knee. Those who find it hard to kneel can obviously sit or stand.

We must apologize to all the people who suffer or who have suffered throughout history, because we have entrusted power to unscrupulous, or incompetent, or corrupt and manipulable offenders.

In countries where it is dark, at the time of this event, and there are no problems of fire or explosion, have a candle in your hand, which you will blow out after the minute of silence, checking that there is no danger of fire or explosion. .

Sorry for the time zone, but it is essential to do it all together, for once even waking up in the night is useful for the world.

For safety reasons in the areas where you fight, follow the directions of your countries, the rest of the healthy world will take care of everything as soon as possible.

The sick, the people who cannot move, in addition to our embrace, do not have to worry, just look at the TV or listen to the live broadcast on the radio or on the internet.

Who is a believer first of all in this minute, apologize, and then if he wants to pray. In the first place there are the people, and then the Deities.

This demonstration will serve to make everyone understand that the world population wants an immediate end to all kinds of violence and bullying.

We do it now, but for us all the violence and all the suffering of all the history of humanity have the same value, and sadden our hearts.

The time has come to stop all the evil in the world, all together united, and forever.

To politicians or religious leaders who do not immediately and 100% carry out these instructions of ours, you will be immediately considered enemies of humanity. And for every second of delay from putting into practice what we demand, it will be considered an increasingly serious crime against humanity.

If all violence is not stopped immediately, after our peaceful demonstrations, we will organize ourselves in a united way, to ensure that no one can ever order wars, sanctions, terrorism, and violence of all kinds again.

Yes, dear politicians, religious or military, we come to take you one at a time, because even if you respond in a violent way, after the first criminals who will have a bad end, the others will also stop and adapt to the new and just world order. .

These claims come into effect at this time, other data, information, and further instructions, in the next message.

Thank you all, and share. We have an obligation to do something concrete, in a unified way, to change and improve the world. But we must all do it together, otherwise they will not listen to us, because they want us divided.

If you need more information, please visit our website.

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