Published: 27 April 2022

11. Eleventh and final part of my interview with GreatReferee, user number 283, of DirectDemocracyS.

Question 50 and later.

Question 50. Does DirectDemocracyS represent the solution to all the problems of the world population?

Answer 50. No, the solution to all the problems of the world population will come from the ability of the whole population to change and improve the world. DirectDemocracyS, is the only method that works, to change world politics, and put true democracy into practice for the first time. The freedom to decide our future all together, without corruption and conflicts of interest.

Question 51. Is the world population ready?

Answer 51. The world population is not ready. Anyone who reads what we are doing, without being inside, sees beautiful ideas, difficult to achieve due to selfishness, stupidity, ignorance, and above all greed, to which we have "accustomed" millennia of evolution, without never find better solutions to the most important thing. Politics can be changed and improved quickly, while the economy can hardly be changed quickly. Social justice, combined with the meritocracy, which are present in each of our projects, will make it possible to speed up the times.

Question 52. Often reading our articles, it seems that we have been able to predict the future, can you anticipate what will happen when the whole world knows, both DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects (money economy finance information radio TV sport)?

Answer 52. The first thing will be the attempt of those who fear us, to stop us, if the first 282 were a few idealists, now that we are more than 150 thousand verified registered users, from all countries of the world, it will be difficult to stop us. At the most they will be able to slow us down a little, with the attempt to discredit us.

Already now, there are those who try to copy all our innovative ideas, and this is one of the reasons why, we have not yet put 100% of our political ideas, and above all we have not explained, if not a small part, the complex mechanism by which everything we present works perfectly.

The old power, united with a "pack" of opportunists who will copy our projects, united, see us as a competitor, and an enemy. We certainly are, because the old power is not right, and it creates so much pain and suffering in the human being. Not only physical but also psychological pain. While the groups of so-called "innovators", seeing in ours an opportunity to be copied, do not know that they are destined to fail. You can't take the genius ideas of others, and create a similar project, for some very simple reasons. I list a few.

First, because if others have had the idea and not you, there is a reason, you are not intelligent enough, and therefore if you steal ideas, you are destined not to be able to realize them, because you do not have all the details, and the purposes. .

Second, because anyone who has a brilliant idea must necessarily have a method to be able to put it into practice. Our mechanism is so complicated that only those who designed it have every project detail.

Third, because we are all very united, and we have chosen the first 150,000 with great care. Do you think that only 2 were fake profiles (sellers of drugs for sexual potency), and only a dozen were blocked for inactivity, and those who gave up (not seeing for now the possibility of earning money and power) can be counted on the fingers of one but no.

Fourth, because we are the original, and a copy, however similar, will never be like the original.

Fifth, because the population between the original that works, and a copy that doesn't work, knows how to choose , and always chooses the original. There is no mercy for those who steal other people's ideas.

Question 53. So you are saying that they are already trying to stop us, and that others are trying to copy our ideas?

Answer 53. Certainly, the current economic power that governs the world, only and exclusively thanks to divisions, seeing a project (like ours) that unites people, knows that the end is near. The world population has grown tired of being made fun of. She got tired of not counting for anything, and of being manipulated.

While those who copy us, and they are many, would like to get money, and power with our ideas, not understanding, that like so many before them, with imperfect ideas, they have failed, and many who will fail after them. Good intentions without a perfect mechanism cannot materialize.

It makes them envious of the fact that they would have liked to have them, our ideas, and it makes them angry every time, to hear and read, that we affirm, with conviction, that we have conceived a practically perfect project. Sorry for them, but that's it. We are considered by many to be presumptuous, narcissistic, obsessive in repeating things, with articles, and very long details, with a website, and a somewhat complicated project, with a logo that is too simple, with little publicity, and little speed in the let everyone know about our activities. Many would like more and more details, to try to understand, how this can work perfectly, and stand up. Obviously even if we wrote all our "magical" ideas, not everyone would have the intelligence, and the acumen, to understand them. All criticisms that we like, because as in the market, those who criticize then buy.

Question 54. But are you sure that DirectDemocracyS cannot fail?

Answer 54. If you have only one doubt, as soon as the interview is finished I recommend that you delete your personal profile, and look for other political projects, and other people to interview. In addition to the conviction of our ideas, one must also have some healthy optimism.

Question 55. To conclude our first part of questions and answers, I would like to know who can join DirectDemocracyS, to be fully compatible with our projects?

Answer 55. Anyone who has “at least 2 functioning neurons” understands that we are the only truly serious, free, and innovative project. We have the doors open for anyone who wants to join us, respecting all our rules, our values, and our ideals. Anyone is convinced that the world must and can, change and improve, and who wants to commit a few tens of minutes a day to do it. If a person bases his life on the mutual respect of all people, he can join us, and he will never be "expelled". In the beginning they will join us, especially those who do not recognize themselves in any political force, or political "character", or those who are disappointed in how representative political power is managed. But then all the people will join us, because we have everything we need to carry out every promise.

Question 56. And who, on the other hand, cannot join us?

Answer 56. We do not exclude anyone if it is compatible with everything we present. We don't need greedy, selfish, cruel, anachronistic, or ideologized people. We do not need divisive people, because by dint of divisions we have reduced the world to total disgust. We do not need saboteurs, or people looking for easy, undeserved, and above all immediate, earnings. We do not need those who do not believe in meritocracy, and those who hate, or envy other people. We do not need those who do not know how to choose between good and evil, between right and wrong, and who get angry if their ideas are discarded. Good ideas will never be discarded, but if they happen, we give everyone a chance to try again. In the end, however, if you decide something together, you must be loyal and honest, and always respect and support the decisions of the majority.

Question 57. So can only "the perfect human being" be united with us?

Answer 57. The human being is perfect, but the events of life transform him. As we have already said, we only divide people into 2 types. Good or bad. With us, they will only be able to enter: the good and good people, who fortunately are at least 99% of the world population, and the minority of bad people, will be forced to change, in order not to be excluded.


Thank you for this long first interview, and I wish you to continue to inspire many people with your culture, and with your modernity.

With the hope of having been useful in making everyone understand, both our ideas and our first important activities.

Question 58. Would you like to make an appeal, a greeting?

Answer 58. I want to conclude with the hope that all those who have read this interview, will want to learn more, inquiring only on our official website. Then if they think they are compatible, they can join us, and help us to introduce our projects and our website to as many people as possible. It has been a pleasure to present to the world our innovation, which we are putting into practice, calmly and with conviction, one user at a time. Let's change and improve the world, all together, united, and not divided as we have been in our long and bewildering history.

Because we are all brothers, of this big family, which is the human being.

To make this important interview published in a simple way, in all languages, we divide it into various parts. See you soon with more interviews. Visit only and exclusively our official groups and presentation pages on social networks, visit our website, always get detailed information, and only then join us. Share everything, with as many people as possible, because it is in everyone's interest to know about the existence of our and your project. Thanks.

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