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Press release old

Published: 14 January 2022



-To all citizens of the world, who want to change and improve the world.

- To all media, information, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites and web portals.


Having seen how much the history of man has made people suffer, weak and defenseless.

Seeing the difficult situation, from many points of view, of the current world.

Seeing wars and hatred, on an economic, cultural, political and religious basis.

Seeing the uselessness, and the inability of world organizations, to maintain peace, health, the minimum standard of life, of people.

Knowing that this project represents a concrete hope , and with the certainty of being able to change and improve the lives of all people.


On 1 9 May 2021, the activities of DirectDemocracyS, the international political organization created to change and improve the world, officially begin.

We have a unique, innovative, and above all effective method to give a better geopolitical situation, and better governments and rulers, to each country in the world.

All information, official regulations, are presented, through clear and detailed articles, in the public areas of our official web portal.

We inform you in an official way, that every information, every activity, every component, module, and functionality, present on our web portal, in the various forms (public, for registered users, for special users, and above all the administration area), is exclusive property of DirectDemocracys, which controls it through our users, in various forms, administrative, special user, registered user.

Any use, even partial, of our methods, of our published ideas, without our written authorization, will be considered by us to be unfair competition, and will be judged according to the rules and laws on copyright.


Our activities take place at various levels: international, national, state or regional, provincial and local.

Anyone with the necessary qualities (honesty, integrity, IQ, ability, and competence) can apply for us, being elected online, by all our authorized users, and subsequently approved, after the necessary checks.

After the vote and appointment, he officially becomes our political representative.

The only obligation of those who represent us is to respect all our rules.

Among the rules to be respected, there is the mutual respect of all people, the sharing of our ideals, signing a binding contract of responsibility, in which one undertakes, among other things, for absolutely every decision to be taken, to request in acceptable times, the online authorization of all its constituents.

You got it right? From today, our politicians, unlike those who get their votes, and then do what they like, as in representative democracies, will do exactly what the people who elected them tell them.

Since we have already received, through the contact forms on our web portal, some questions, we allow ourselves to expose them, with the relative answers.


Question 1. Who created this project? Answer 1. Top secret. For the safety of the people who conceived this project, the names of our creators are and will always remain secret. We have some representatives, previously authorized by us , and previously elected online, who can give information, speaking on our behalf .

Question 2. Why is your web portal called Answer 2. DirectDemocracyS is our name, which embodies the essence of our work, and .org is the code for organizations. Democracy is the best of the various forms of government, and direct, that is, managed by the population, is undoubtedly better than representative. Voting, electing, and empowering someone can only work if that someone acts in an intelligent, useful, and above all fair manner.

Question 3. And if your political representative does not comply with the obligations of consultation with their constituents? Answer 3. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis, but whoever represents us gets the full support of all our registered users, so if they do not request online voting to decide, they will be removed from all our projects, will lose the support of on the voters and party comrades, and will have to answer in court, with the clauses present in the contract signed with our voters, and with our jurists. We can guarantee you that there will be no people elected by us, who will not respect the agreements.

Question 4. Will you have your own political party in every country in the world? Answer 4. There will be parties in all countries of the world, obviously in some democratic countries, it will be easier, in others semi-dictatorial it will be a little more difficult, but we assure you, that with the support of good people, we will be able to change and improve the world.

Question 5. Where will you get the money from? Answer 5. Advertising is the soul of business. But even here we have rules. To obtain an advertising banner, or to support us, we do not accept contracts with companies that do one or more of these activities: exploit workers, pollute the environment, have poor products or services, we also try to have few spaces occupied by the necessary advertising. . In addition, there are exclusivity contracts with us. We do not advertise to competing companies in the same space, in the same country. In addition to advertising we will start a fundraiser on our web portal, which is our home. Anyone can donate, but we don't accept funding. We don't want obligations, we want to work independently. And then there are other sources of income with our other future innovative projects.

Question 6. Do you have an office? Answer 6. Our web portals are in 7 secret places, on all continents. Those are also our offices. We do not intend to spend money on locations, we prefer to invest it in activities that develop innovation, and the potential of our projects. With our users working from home, we don't need too many offices.

Question 7. Who works with you? Our first registered users, according to our regulations, will be able to decide independently, whether to work with us. In the early stages you work in your free time, on a voluntary basis, then we can hire part-time or continuously, people who want and need to work. We will always try to be an honest, sincere, and loyal employer.

Question 8. Will it take you a long time to do everything? Answer 8. We are not in a hurry, but nowadays with few shares on social networks, and with “word of mouth online”, in less than an hour we could have the whole world connected. But even if it continues to grow, technically it would be a disaster. So we hope to meet all requests in an optimal way.

Question 9. Why don't you use the powerful media of the web giants? Answer 9. We are interested in freedom, and above all independence. If someone gives you something, especially in business, they demand something from you. In order to remain clean, honest and above all to be able to do what is necessary, we cannot have constraints. Also do you think that the giants of the web, or the big companies, or the big parties, or totalitarian politicians, are pleased with the birth of our small, but potentially immense political project? They will try to stop us in all ways. But as long as we were one or a few, it would have been possible, now that we are thousands, in all countries of the world, it is practically impossible for them to stop us.

Question 10. If you have so much power, do you risk having a delusion of omnipotence? Answer 10. Impossible, we have studied a regulation, which guarantees full legality, and does not give too much power to individuals, so no one can do what they want.

Question 11. Are you right, left, center, Conservative or Labor, Democrat or Republican? Answer 11. We are new, we accept all those who share our regulations, and above all who want to change and improve the world. We do not accept extremists, because they are incompatible with our work.

Question 12. Why are there so many difficulties in registering Answer 12. Especially in the beginning, we need to be sure that those who register and create their personal profile know, understand, respect, and share our values, and all our rules. So there are interim workgroups, for new users, where they can prove their worth. It takes time to choose people. This is also the difference between us and other "social networks". We choose users, in order not to risk giving our candidates the right to choose, and people who do not have the skills to do so.

Question 13. Can DirectDemocracys be supported from the outside? Answer 13. No, all activities take place only in our “big house”, so no one can support us from the outside, whoever registers is inside, whoever doesn't register is outside. We have all the management potential, on .

Question 14. Who can register and join you? Answer 14. Anyone who respects and shares our values ​​and regulations. In addition to natural persons, also companies can register, which will have space to present their products or services. But to register a trading company, you must first register a person who has the right to represent the trading company.

Question 15. If you participate in elections, will you form coalitions with other political parties? We will decide on a case by case basis. But in principle no, because we are not willing to have to undergo pressure, or impositions, from other political subjects. A c oalition provides for a shared program, and in the event that our program is fully integrated, we are available to listen and possibly integrate, with the ideas of others .

Question 16. You have foreseen online voting for everything, doesn't it seem to you that if there are quick decisions to be made, it's a bit slow? Answer 16. The method with the online vote, with a click yes or no, or on multiple answers, or with the possibility of inserting your own contribution, is undoubtedly faster than whole days to discuss in the various parliaments, to argue, to postpone. With us for any decision in a few minutes it is analyzed, discussed and voted on.

Question 17. With all the incompetent people, with all the bad people, with all the corrupt people on the net, who tells us that you will always make the best decision? Answer 17. Very simple. Our innovative method, our regulations, and our security measures. Unlike other parties, our ideals, values, and rules have been, are, and will always be respected. The promises to always act in the interest of improving people's lives, having as a basis the mutual respect of people, s have been, are, and will be forever, because with us whoever makes a mistake is suspended, or in the event of a repeat offense project. The decisions to be made are first analyzed by our "group of experts", people with a high intellectual stature, and with the best skills in various sectors, and topics. The group of experts gives an opinion, the "group of politicians" elaborates the data and decides which are the various possibilities (if there are any), if the possibility is only one, it is presented to our registered, specialized users who vote for it. All in a fast, safe way, and with the best results guaranteed.

Question 18. What if your registered users vote for a wrong thing, for example a "declaration of war"? Answer 18. On DirectDemocracys, in addition to the working groups, the groups of experts, there is the security group, which in case of wrong vote (for example in case of possible cyber attacks, block everything) and according to our regulation everyone we must always act in the interest of the people, always according to our regulations. No vote on declarations of war can ever be given, because peace is one of our values. War in the world, strange as it may seem, will no longer exist. In the event that a country in which our political organization will not govern will declare war on a country in which we will govern, of course we will defend ourselves, according to military expert groups, and diplomatic groups. But to avoid this scenario, DirectDemocracys provides for a redefinition of all foreign policies of all countries. We will all oblige to keep the peace.

Question 19. So you will establish a "dictatorship" in all countries, you decide what is right or wrong, and how to achieve the various goals? Answer 19. If to make people decide, what the politicians elected by them should do, on the basis of values, ideals and rules, made exclusively for the good of the people, and always with the contribution of all, eliminating thirst, hunger , war, disease, and developing the planet sustainably is dictatorship, so yes, we are proud to be dictators.

Question 20 . Do you consider religion an evil? Answer 20. Religion, especially when it is understood in the belief of a "Superior Being", who judges us, and determines us to do good deeds, is excellent. But when religion is used, or lends itself to being used, as a means of authorizing or stimulating violence, when it prevents people from being free and expressing their values, when it creates situations of degradation and poverty, when it does not act for the good of humanity has not found, does not find and will never find a place and a role in our activities. We prefer not to have anything to do with religion, we respect them only if they accept and respect us, otherwise, they stay out of politics forever. However, we will never allow any of our projects to impede religious belief and tradition. Provided that religious people do not act in violation of our ideals and our rules. Politics and religion must be independent, and must "endure" and above all respect each other.

Question 21. Do you plan to make the poor, the weak, the defenseless, live better, are you a "communist" party? If helping first those in difficulty, those who have no rights, those who suffer in all ways, investing in their future, means being a communist, yes, we are proudly communists. Of course we joke. Communism was together with fascism, dictatorships, but also with "fake democracies" or " bad democracies ", the worst evil in the world. With political parties, and their representatives, who almost always had, have, or will have internal scandals, often corruption, and almost never thinking about improving people's lives. Obviously there have been exceptions, there are and there will be. Perhaps they have not been able to prevent execrable facts. We will never have these problems, because our DirectDemocracys is based on respecting clear rules, which will not allow unpleasant situations. We will know how to prevent them, we have excellent plans to have only honest and prepared candidates, who always turn to their constituents, for help, to ask what is the right way to go, and not just to ask for the vote in the elections. Our strength lies in the direct and continuous collaboration between politician and voter.

Question 2 2 . Do you have a message for the press, and for the information? Always inform honestly, as you already do, but be open to our huge project, because we have found the solution to all problems. If you like, publish what we send you. Otherwise we will make a reason. Obviously as with our users, as with the first companies that will advertise with us, even for the media, the first who will believe in us, large or small, will be our first partners, in the language, and winding road , which we begin today.

We hope to do it together.


Our activities take place first online (organizational phase), and in real life (participation in elections).

Registration on our web portal takes place in various stages, to prevent users with false profiles, or people who do not know, approve, and share our regulations, presented on our unique web portal, from entering .

For further information, for criticisms (possibly constructive), but also and above all for suggestions, and new ideas, you can use the contact form, " P res s " in the main menu of our web portal, which is reserved for our communications with the media .


We thank you in advance, for the dissemination of this material, and we hope to have you as a partner, for the development of future collaborations.

Do not hesitate to send us criticisms, suggestions, advice, we want to grow and improve, and make DirectDemocracys the international political organization, which with the help of all our registered users, and supporters, will change and make the world a happy and peaceful, in which to live.

Yours sincerely.

DirectDemocracys Administration staff


Only the official media will receive press releases from us. To become our media partner, you must publish this announcement, even within one of your articles, by sending the proof through the contact form, found on the web portal, in the menu item "Contacts", contact page "Press". of the publication in the newspaper or the link to the video, or to the web page, where you published the article.

Our official web portal is   the only one that contains all our information, published in 32 official languages, and where all our activities take place, with public areas, others visible only to our registered users, and others visible to our registered certificates, and some administrative areas, visible only to our official representatives.

We apologize in advance for any translation errors, and for some articles, not completely finished, we are actively working on them.

Our presentation pages on Facebook, recently opened for a small social presence. 1124 people who follow us from all over the world. 935 people who follow us from all over the world. 759 people who follow us from Italy. 441 people who follow us from Italy.

© DirectDemocracyS

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