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News old article

Published: 14 January 2022

DirectDemocracyS is our project, with many components, and infinite activities.

We created it, because we are sure, that it will be very useful for everyone.

DirectDemocracyS NEWS, is our information project, which aims to tell the truth.
The world we live in is full of very serious problems, many injustices, many dangers, many questions without (for now) almost no answers.
We do not make a philosophical discourse, but we want to clarify some points.
History, to improve the present, and foster a happy future for all.
Knowing the truth of what has happened in the past can help us create the best living conditions for all people.
Obviously there is no time to analyze the entire history of humanity, but we can do it, while we create a better present.
Together with our collaborators, we asked ourselves: are we honestly informed, everyone tells us, the whole truth?
The immediate answer was, absolutely not. Anyone who informs us, however moved by a noble purpose, has to deal with many factors, and does not always manage to tell the truth, often forced by others, threatened, or by another factor, which we call "internal", that is he cannot tell a complete truth, which is not "convenient" to his own convictions.
To simplify, we are all a bit 'fans, both politically, ethnic, sports, and so on.
Not to mention the publishers of the mass media, almost all say they are free, but almost all serve their masters.
Now many will ask us, what more do we have that makes us better.
Simple. Our hosts are only our registered users. We are absolutely incorruptible. Before we write, we inform ourselves from various sources, send our "specialists", form an internal debate, and then publish the news.
So we inform in a correct way, without any danger of giving false news. We do not take the news of others, to make them our own, perhaps by modifying their content. We are present in the area, with the people we trust.
Another question they often ask us concerns the possibility that our collaborators (our registered users), get bribed, by "strong powers", or by people with good capital.
Anything is possible, if it's just one person, taking care of anything.
We have devised an almost infallible method for all our activities.
Our 5 teams work independently, and then combine their work to offer correct, safe, and independent information.
Now everyone will say, and if the "hard powers", or the rich, corrupt all your teams, will you become a fake news service too?
The answer is simple with this short example: if before, to bribe 1 person of a team, it took 1000, to bribe 5 people from 5 different teams, it would take 5,000. If the teams are made up of several people? For example 10 per team. We get to 50,000, always with the risk that out of 50 people, only one is an honest person, and has evidence of attempted bribery, or she can say that she was contacted to be bribed. It seems complicated, but we are sure, that in this way, our news will always be true.
We have also devised a very effective method to always be able to test our registered users (collaborators).
It is we, in various ways, who try to bribe, with various promises, or with money, or goods of various kinds, those who have to carry out their "work".
If they accept our "false corruption", they will be immediately removed from this position, and according to our regulations, they will also pay penalties, obviously leaving their place to another registered user, collaborator.
Here, in a few lines, we have explained to you our original method, in order to guarantee transparency, and above all truth.
The same method, of this example on true or false news, is carried out in all our activities, in all our projects, for all our registered users.
Did you know that the greatest fear of the so-called "strong powers" is correct information, of a huge mass of people?
To make life difficult for good people, they have created a network of fake news, some incredible, and in the meantime they continue to do, what we believe they have done throughout history. Take advantage of the personal way, our planet, with all submissive people. Often, almost always, those who are against them are eliminated (almost always physically too), by various means, more or less legal.
For now we are few people, from various parts of the world, under anonymity, with various figureheads, who represent us, in a courageous way, knowing that they do what they do, for a more important good, mutual respect, of all good women. people of the world.
Ours is not an extremist political discourse, we are from all political parties, we are not against the right to property, we are not only in favor of the poor, and defenseless (even if we have various projects in mind for them to improve in their lives), we are also in favor of the middle class, but also of fair and clean finance.
We are and will always be, against the "strong, corrupt and petty powers", against the "occult, illegal, despicable powers" (of many conspiracy theories, which often tell the truth), and in favor of social justice, which does not take away nothing to the rich in an honest way, but that gives hope, and a happier life, to those in difficulty.
DirectDemocracyS NEWS, your news, in every sense!
Join us on this great adventure. You too, join our big family. Help us to make our projects known to as many people as possible.
Share our projects too, with as many people as possible. Thank you.
DirectDemocracyS, your projects, in every sense!

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